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Sep 17, 2013 2D Fighter Maker 2002 #1 December 18, 2011, 10:17:25 pm. Portrait Prodigy EX+. There arent any english.

I'm curious about this. Personally, Mugen is my creation tool of choice, but my brother was showing me a few things he made using this Fighter Maker. In my head, I was like 'why is he using this when Mugen is so much better??' When he was demonstrating a simple character in Guile's SF2 stage. He claims he wants to test the waters before getting into Mugen.

I say he should dive right into stage creation. Yet he doesn't listen. Anyone else ever use this program??

It looks odd to me. Who would that be?? LOL As he is showing me his 8-bit Jason Voorhees (which was pretty cool) I was thinking to myself 'why not Mugen!?'

I've also been telling him for the longest time he should get into creating stuff as he is talented with pixel editing and he's just as obsessed with geekery as I am. He is also an avid gamer and loves the classics as he grew up with me during the 16-bit era. His response?? 'I want to get more comfortable with this first before getting into Mugen.'

I see his choice as learning twice as much as he needs to. And Fighter Maker looks a bit too similar to Fighter Factory. I myself would dive right into stage making but I have plenty of high quality portraits to make first. Thanks for the tips guys!! I appreciate it.

I'll send him the links as he isn't a member here. I gotta change that. Yes, fighter maker is more suitable for full games. Is possible to do fileswapping and use characters from other games in a full game. But it have several unexpected compatibility issues and bugs since characters from different sources can't be compatible with each other. Just see bugs which happens if you add characters from Magical Chaser (for example) in Vanguard Princess.

The bugs are also caused by the effects as well. So, the best thing is to relly on mugen, unless you manage to understand how Fighter Factory 2k2 works first.

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Find more information on.

What is Vanguard Princess? Vanguard Princess is a FULLY FREEWARE Doujin (Homebrew/Indie) 2D fighting game created by a single guy called Sugeno (who was released on June 30 2009. The style of the game is a wacky combination between 'old skool mechanism' and assist support, all combined with the 'all-loved by SRK' loli characters!

VP was created on Fighting Maker 2nd, a Japanese 'fighting engine' just like MUGEN but with a lot of more support and possibilities. You can read the Readme.txt of the game translated to English here ((thx jumpAlice!). Screenies plz?: Offical Flyer Holy mother of f***, this game is f***ing beautiful!

Indeed!, this game got a lot of attention because of his pretty awesome sprite work and backgrounds. According to Canned Dogs (Sugeno was 'supposedly an ex-capcom employee as according to what people have managed to dug up about him', this hasn’t confirmed yet anyway, but still. So what requirements i need? Very, VERY low specs: OS: MS - Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Japanese Edition (or Japanese Locale). CPU : Pentium III 400MHz.

Memory: 128MB. HDD: 400MB Free Space, DirectX 7 required. (thx jumpAlice!) So this s*** is Freeware? URL plz!!111 You got it: LATEST VERSION: - 1.03b (- Unofficial 1.03b 'english' version ((thx Saikyou) Older versions: - Version 1.02 (- Patch for 1.02 that corrects Natalia bugs ((thx someAZdude (- Unofficial version 1.02 without need for Japanese support ((thx Saikyou (- Version 1.01 (- Unofficial version 1.01 without need for Japanese support ((thx Saikyou (for this). - Unofficial version 1.01 with Hilda unlocked for play ((thx Garzahd (for this). - Version 1.00 (Help!

The game doesn’t start on my PC Vanguard Princess NEEDS your Windows regional configuration for non-unicode programs in Japanese. For change that go to Control Panel ->Regional and Language Settings ->Administrative ->Change the Unicode language to Japanese (thx Lolerskates (for this). Some people also tested the game with AppLocale (or NTLEA (and some times it’s seems to work but with some bugs, like unreadable fonts or no music. Also running the game on the root of C: seems to work to some random people. Every name in this game is in Japanese (Hiragana), who is who?

Characters: Main character: Yui Kutuna Girl with magic stick: Haruka Kutuna Loli grappler: Lilith Boobs+Guns: Luna Himeki Loli on yellow clothes: Kurumi Mirumati Sword girl with blue hair: Saki Mitonoya Sort-of-Ninja girl with dwelled clothes: Kaede Hioh Mecha girl: Natalia Glinka Loli with fighting sticks: Eri Hasumi Bow girl: Ayane Ikuse Final Boss: Hilda Assists: Magical assist girl: Kanae Robot assist girl: Ciela Boxer assist girl: Eko Ball-and-chain assist girl: Juliet Has Vanguard Princess 'Online Mode'? Believe it or not someone is now working on a netplay program: LunaPort. Format Factory V7 2013 Gmc. Official Site (Download ((version R45) After a lot of research LunaPort finally works decent, still with some issues, but works just fine. Thx emoshunzzz for the original link.

Has Vanguard Princess 'Training Mode'? When you are on a fight in VS Mode press the P button and them the E button, bizarre method but it was the only way to do a training mode on Fighting Maker.

Is there a hitbox display mode? Sort of: You need to edit the game.ini parameter 'Editor.TestPlay.HitJudge=0', change 0 to 1. Thanks Rikimtasu (for this. What is the 'latest version' of this game? Latest version of Vanguard Princess is 1.03b, released on August 21.

Its seems that is more a 'bugfix' of 1.02. The soundtrack is awesome! Where i can get it? Here ((Thx lipucd for this rip!) Is there are more info about the game or characters somewhere? Yup: - Mizuumi has started a Wiki for the game (there are command list, combos and more poverty stuff. - There is also a Japanese Wiki for Vanguard Princess ((thx Esker for the news (- Also, just in case, there is a Wikipedia entry (about the game.

Yeah that's not that impressive next to VP, especially with how smooth VP runs with all the detail and everything. That's not a very good picture I admit. This one is much better: As for running smoothly, my computer, which is by no means top of the line, can handle GSB at 1400x900, all settings turned up in the largest battles just fine. This is a game where I'd be surprised if there wasn't in excess of a hundred different missiles alone on screen, not to mention the lasers tracking and destroying them, the pieces of other ships being blown off, and fighters even being blown off course by missiles exploding into their target.

Plus, as previously mentioned, GSB might be a gratuitous male power fantasy, but at least it isn't mysogenistic. Also the audio doesn't rape my eardrums.