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Amel Larrieux. Cnh Est Keygen Softwares on this page. Wave she helped create with the Groove Theory and Infinite Possibilities records, Larrieux opted to do a second record that was decidedly. Artist: Amel Larrieux Title. Amel Larrieux – Discography [5 Albums] (2000-2013). Infinite Possibilities. 02 I N I 03 Sweet Misery.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • Life and career [ ] Early life [ ] Larrieux was born Amel Eliza Stowell on March 8, 1973 in. She was raised an only child in the neighborhood of. Her African-American mother,, is a critic, author, and college instructor. Her father is of,, and descent. Larrieux was raised in an artistic environment and was surrounded by talented and inspirational artists. Larrieux attended.

She attended the with. Many of her influences are drawn from rhythm and blues, soul,,,, and with flashes of,, and ethnic styles. She has often been documented for describing her music as 'Amel's music'. Larrieux currently resides in New York City with her husband, Laru, and their two daughters, Sanji Rei and Sky. Her forename Amel means 'hope' in. Groove Theory [ ] In 1991, Larrieux met member at Rondor Music.

Wilson, who wanted to begin his solo career as producer and musician, was looking for a vocalist to work with. Wilson and Larrieux began to produce demos together and subsequently formed the duo. Their debut release,, spawned several radio hits such as 'Tell Me', 'Keep Tryin', and 'Baby Luv'. The duo were also featured in successful motion picture soundtracks such as 1996's and 1997's. Larrieux, pursuing a solo career, would not be involved in the duo's eventually-shelved second album The Answer.

Makeda Davis would step in as lead singer in 1999 until Groove Theory officially disbanded in 2001. Larrieux said of leaving the group, 'You have to make a bunch of compromises and. You know, I just couldn't go on forever. We wanted different things and a combination of that and the label wanting different things from us just made me decide that it was time to move on.'

Solo career [ ] In 1996, Larrieux guested on the self-titled debut album of 's backing band, yielding the single 'You Will Rise', which reached number 42 on the chart. Larrieux co-wrote and co-produced her debut solo album, released in February 2000 on, along with husband Laru Larrieux; the album reached number 79 on the and number 21 on the, and produced the hit 'Get Up', her highest-charting solo hit to date.

Larrieux parted ways with Epic Records after this CD. 'I was asked to tone it down as a solo artist, which is one of the reasons why I was really glad to leave the major label where I was signed', she said. Husband Laru Larrieux, who had been co-writing and producing most of Amel's material, started the independent label BlissLife Records with her to distribute her music. In 2001, Larrieux covered ' with artist for the 's compilation album, a tribute to, which raised money for various charities devoted to increasing awareness and fighting the disease.

On November 10, 2010, Larrieux spoke about going independent, saying, 'This is the right time [to be independent]. People are more hip to the internet. People are more open to what independent means.' She went on to say that black independent artists are too under the radar.

Her second album was released under Larrieux's independent label Blisslife Records label on January 20, 2004. While it underperformed on the Billboard 200, it peaked at number 28 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and number five on. It spawned the midtempo radio single 'For Real', which showcases her ability to utilize the and inspired magazine to rave about her 'ethereal high-octave vocals that bring to mind. A portion of the album's seventh track, 'Giving Something Up', could be heard in the commercial for 's / awareness campaign Rap-It-Up, in which Larrieux participated in September 2003. Larrieux's collaboration with and, a of and 's 1972 song ' from Clarke's 2003 album 1, 2, To the Bass, received a nomination for at the. Larrieux's third album was released in April 2006 and features the single 'Weary', which reached number 29 on the Billboard Hot Adult R&B Airplay chart in May 2006.

Morning is her highest-charting album to date, peaking at number 74. The song 'No One Else', written for Mike Shaunessy, was featured on the soundtrack to 's 2007 film. In May 2007, Larrieux released an album of covers titled. It broke into the top five of the Top Jazz Albums and sold 3,700 units in its first week of release. Larrieux was featured on 's 2007 greatest hits album, on the previously unreleased song 'Resist the Temptation'. On February 4, 2010, announced that Larrieux is currently in the studio with working on 's second official album. The duo had their first live show together in years on October 7, 2010 in, Japan.

Larrieux said of the show, 'Tokyo was too fly, as usual. The audiences just got better and better.' Larrieux said in a November 2010 interview that she and Wilson are currently looking for a label they feel comfortable with. As of August 2011 Larrieux stated Groove Theory have not recorded any new material. In March 2009, Larrieux released the songs 'Orange Glow' and 'Don't Let Me Down' from her fifth studio album, Ice Cream Every Day, to iTunes and other online music stores. Larrieux also contributed 'Don't Let Me Down' to the.

Proceeds from the compilation fund efforts to make the protection and empowerment of Congo's women a priority, as well as inspire individuals around the world to raise their voice for peace in Congo. Larrieux said on Oct 19, 2010 that she was 'dutifully' trying new things for her fifth studio album. In August 2011, Larrieux confirmed through Power Player Magazine the release date for her new album to be late January 2012. When asked about the five-year delay on her fifth album, Larrieux said she wanted to add and delete more songs to perfect the final product. 'I stay on the road a lot', she said. 'My experiences inform me as a writer, so then I come back and I have more songs to write, and I keep adding and subtracting, so the editing process made this album take a little bit longer than I expected.' Larrieux's song 'Don't Let Me Down' was used in the 2014 film.

Discography [ ] Studio albums [ ] Title Album details Peak chart positions • Released: February 15, 2000 • Label:, • Formats:, 79 21 — — • Released: January 20, 2004 • Label: Blisslife • Formats: CD, digital download 166 28 5 — • Released: April 25, 2006 • Label: Blisslife • Formats: CD, digital download 74 8 5 — • Released: May 22, 2007 • Label: Blisslife • Formats: CD, digital download 195 32 22 3 • Released: October 22, 2013 • Label: Blisslife • Formats: CD, digital download — 43 — — '—' denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory. Singles [ ] Title Year Peak chart positions Album 'You Will Rise' ( featuring Amel Larrieux) 1996 — 42 Sweetback 'Get Up' 1999 97 37 Infinite Possibilities 'Sweet Misery' 2000 — 81 'I N I' — — 'Make Me Whole' — — 'Now You Know Better' ( featuring Amel Larrieux) — — MG4 'For Real' 2004 — 45 Bravebird 'Weary' 2006 — — Morning ' 2007 — — Lovely Standards 'Orange Glow' 2009 — — Ice Cream Every Day 'Don't Let Me Down' — — Raise Hope for Congo 'Afraid' 2013 — — Ice Cream Every Day '—' denotes a recording that did not chart or was not released in that territory. Promotional singles [ ] Title Year Album 'Glitches (The Skin You're In)' (with ) 2001 Red Star Sounds Volume One: Soul Searching Guest appearances [ ] Title Year Other artist(s) Album 'Time After Time' 1997, Viv 'Guidance' 2000 'Glitches' 2001 ' 'Believe in Love' N/A Epic Records: A Season of Soul and Sounds 'I Don't Know' 2002 'What's Come Over Me?'

' 2003, Glenn Lewis 1, 2, To the Bass 'No One Else' 2007 N/A 'Resist the Temptation' Music videos [ ] Title Year Director(s) 'You Will Rise' (Sweetback featuring Amel Larrieux) 1996 Polish Brothers 'Get Up' 1999 'Sweet Misery' 2000 Earle Sebastian 'Glitches (The Skin You're In)' (with The Roots) 2001 Nzingha Stewart 'For Real' 2004 'Weary' 2006 Jon Menefee and 8 Hertz Notes [ ]. January 30, 2004. Archived from on February 15, 2013. Retrieved December 6, 2006. Archived from on January 10, 2016. Retrieved January 31, 2013.

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