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Welcome to CamBam CamBam is an application to create CAM files (gcode) from CAD source files or its own internal geometry editor. CamBam has many users worldwide, from CNC hobbyists to professional machinists and engineers. CamBam currently supports the following: • Reading from and writing to 2D DXF files. • 2.5D profiling machine operations with auto-tab support • 2.5D pocketing operations with auto island detection • Drilling (Normal,Peck,Spiral Milling and Custom Scripts) • Engraving • True Type Font (TTF) text manipulation and outline (glyph) extraction. • Conversion of bitmaps to heightmaps • 3D geometry import from STL, 3DS and RAW files • 3D waterline and scanline machining operations • Extensible through user written plugins and scripts Getting started with CamBam to provide 40 free and fully functional evaluation sessions.

After this time CamBam will still produce around 1000 lines of gcode so you can continue to evaluate and run small jobs. To get a quick overview of working with CamBam. The CamBam plus Introduction and Styles Overview are a good place to start. Read through the.

The and sections are particularly recommended Polaris Keygen Generator. . The documentation is also available offline from the Help - Contents menu within CamBam. The documentation also contains a tutorials section and a number of sample files are provided in the CamBam installer. Need help or want to report a problem? Got a feature request? The forum has many talented and friendly users on board. Check out a wide variety of amazing members projects, from watch making to airplane builders..

CamBam provides an unmatched level of features at extremely good value. As well as supporting future development, a CamBam license also entitles you to free upgrades. Thank you very much for your support and happy machining!

Still in development, a preview release of our next CamBam version is and includes. • Printing support. • Bitmap vectorization. • New scripting drawing objects. • Spline drawing and editing. • Exporting toolpaths to DXF (useful for laser cutters) • Improved drawing and editing modes For more details, see V1.0 is also and offers improved stability. CamBam for Linux can now also be run on a Raspberry Pi.