Cara Mengedit Guitar Hero Ps2 Controller

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Join us at Android Emulator accuracy tests: • • • • • Are you an emulator developer? If you'd like a user flair reflecting that. So, I have my old ps2 guitar hero controllers and they should still work, and I wanna use them for guitar hero on pc with pcsx2. I know I'll need a PS2 controller to USB adapter.

I'm wondering which one I should get? Also I would like it to work flawlessly without any input lag or anything like that. If it's not possible, I understand but I won't be doing it then. I want the controller to work like it would on a ps2 console, no problems/lag/whatever after setup.

Price isn't really an option but the cheaper is always better. Another thing will I need any programs to get it to work properly like motionjoy or something, if so, which one and will stuff like the whammy bar and star power by lifting the controller work? That's not as big of a deal but would like that to work too.

Someplace, I think I still have my original wired controller too but both the ones I have are wireless but that shouldn't make a difference correct? I miss guitar hero and I really want to play it again. I was actually really good.

I still have my actual ps2 and games someplace but all I have is an HDTV and I did research on this years ago and there is some sort of lag dealing with the HDTV and composite connection with the ps2 and there is no way to fix it easily (and no the ingame lag adjuster thing doesn't work and it's only really noticeable with rhythm/timing games) and plus I don't feel like using my actual tv in the other room and would rather just use my computer for convenience. If anyone can help with this or if you actually have this working I would like some help. BONUS POINTS if it also works on linux (but not needed) cause I may eventually get a raspberry pi and turn it into a portable emulation machine but not needed. Thank you for any help you give -Tal- • • • • •. I have the xbox360 GH guitar controller (so its already usb, and also windows actually has drivers for it which download automatically lmao). Im not sure about the ps2 one, but mine works perfectly fine.

Jsut plug and play. To use it you have to use the pokopom ( ) controller plugin for it to work on the emulator. I havent tried playing it in quite some time now, so maybe things work better now. Most GH games either crash or have a lot of graphical glitches using the hardware rendering of gsdx plugin. Most of them will work properly in software rendering mode. But im using a 4.5ghz overclocked i7-4770k, and using mtvu multi-thread speedhack, vu cycle stealing at 1 or 2, and 8 extra rendering threads at native resolution.

I barely get full speed play-ability. I get an occasional lag spike lasting only a split second, but its enough to completely break the gameplay of the game, as it will cause you to miss notes and etc. So yeah unless you plan on overclocking an i5/i7 to 4.5ghz+, probably not going to work out well. (i have not tried using dolphin for this yet, its likely a better option, but im not sure if the guitar would naively work) a rasperry pi will definitely NOT be capable of ps2 emulation lol • • • •.

1.untuk bikin notnya 2. (Guitar Hero Explorer) untuk masukin lagu dan chart 3. Untuk edit daftar lagu dan tulisan-tulisan lain 4.

Untuk ganti gambar 5. Untuk buat file IML 6. Untuk buat file ISO PS2 7..Net Framework 2.0 keatas untuk menjalankan aplikasi GHEX & Feedback 8. Winhiip untuk copy ISO game PS2 ke HDD Sebelum memulai langkah demi langkah menjalankankan program pengeditan Guitar Hero disarankan untuk menginstall program.Net framework karena apabila program tersebut belum terinstall pada komputer maka ada beberapa program yang tidak bisa dijalankan karena membutuhkan kompatibel dari software tersebut. Langkah pertama Copykan Isi guitar hero DVD ke HDD Windows simpan pada folder ynag mudah kita ingat, awas jangan sampai binun nantinya.

La Voce Di Giulia Loquendo Tts 7. Setelah pengcopy-an selesai buka GHEX pilih Archive lalu Add lalu browse dimana data Guitar Hero tadi di kopi Buka Gen lalu Main.HDR Maka isi dari Main.HDR akan terload. Langkah Kedua Buka Program Feedback, maka tampilan awal yang didapat adalah Menu bantuan tekan tombol Esc untuk menghilangkan menu tersebut lalu Esc lagi untuk memilih lagu yang akan dibuat not-nya tetapi sebelumnya copykan lagu yang ingin dibuat not-nya pada folder song yang ada di folder Feedback lalu pilih New Chart dan pilih lagu yang akan kamu buat not-nya, terus cocokan not-notnya sesuai dengan bunyi guitar. Setelah selesai membuat not-nya sekarang kita siap untuk memasukkan lagu yang baru kita buat kedata Guitar Hero tersebut. Langkah Ketiga Lihat kembali Guitar Hero Explorer (GHEX) pilih Song terus klik folder lagu yang ingin diganti lagunya lalu pertama-tama kita masukkan chartnya dulu caranya klik kanan file xxxx.mid pilih import lalu browse ke folder Ghex terus ke song dan pilih chart yang baru kaita buat tadi maka akan muncul jendela informasi bahwa lagu yang akan kita ganti tersebut maka pilih OK selanjutnya kita mengganti lagunya yaitu file mp3 klik kanan pada file xxxx.vgs lalu pilih import maka akan terbuka jendela dari GHEX mengenai import.vgs. Klik kanan pada area kosong pilih add lalu browse dimana file mp3 yang akan kita ganti. Ket: file mp3-nya harus sama yang kita buat chartnya tadi agar tidak keliru buat folder masing-masing lahu & chart agar memdahkan kita walaupun chart tersebut sudah diberi nama yang sama antara file mp3 dan chart yang kita buat. Setelah terload file mp3 tadi pilih vhanelnya dengan left atau right (vhanel kiri dan kanan) lalu klik OK.

Selesai deh kita mengganti lagu Guitar hero dengan kreasi kita sendiri. Langkah Keempat Mengganti Daftar lagu yang baru kita buat sesuai dengan judul lagu dan nama band-nya caranya Buka GH2NE tetapi sebelumnya kita harus mengextrac file song.dtb yang ada pada data Main.HDR caranya kembali ke GHEX klik config lalu gen lalu klik mouse kanan song.dtb pilih extract lalu browse dimana kita akan menyimpannya file song.dtb tersebut.

Agar tidak bingung kumpulkan jeroan-jeroannya pada folder tersendiri misalnya EDIT GH.