Cara Setting Wifi Linksys Wap54g Reset

Cara Setting LinkSys WRT54G: • Pasang kabel power ke listrik, dan colokin ke LinkSys WRT54G • Tekan tombol reset di LinkSys WRT54G untuk membuat setingan jadi default, caranya adalah menekan tombol reset di belakang LinkSys WRT54G dengan menggunakan klik ato korek api kayu ato apapun. Tekan selama 1 jam ( tekan selama 10 detik aja • Pasang kabel LAN ke LinkSys WRT54G.

Kabel Lan ini adalah kabel yang menghubungkan HUB dengan PC (kalo cara manual). Asumsi ini adalah LAN sudah berjalan, dan anda cuman menjadikan wireless sebagai alternatif tuk koneksi LAN. • Siapkan 1 komputer yang juga terhubung dengan jaringan yang sama, untuk mensetting LinkSys WRT54G. • Default IP address dari LinkSys WRT54G adalah, maka buka saja web browser, dan ketik • Setelah anda masuk ke halaman setting, username kosongi saja, password anda isi admin.

• Setelah anda login, silahkan pilih Wireless, dan pastikan kepilih MIXED • Klik Wireless-Security, pilih security mode dengan WEP, gunakan encryption 40/64, isi pharaphrase, dan klik Generate. Untuk TX Key pilih angka 1 aja • Setelah anda generate, maka akan muncul 4 macam password, bila anda pilih TX Key = 1, maka password yang anda perlukan adalah Key 1. Setting password disini sangatlah penting, agar LAN anda tidak di acak2 oleh orang yang gak berkepentingan. • Save setting, selesai.

Linksys WAP54G is product of Linksys-A division of Cisco System, Inc. It's compatible with Wireless-B (802.11b) and Wireless-G (802.11g). Just change anything you want, click save, wait while the 'Linksys' Logo' will blink to white color and go back to its original color after the setup has done. I have just been given a WAP54G Version 2 Linksys Access Point. A way that I can reset the WAP54G back to its original factory setting? It's Highly Recommended. Wireless Access Point Linksys WAP54G v2 User Manual. Wireless-g (70. Hello, I purchased a used WRT54G router that has DD-WRT.

Cara menggunakan WIFI • Hidupkan laptop anda, dan aktivkan wirelessnya, atau bila anda menggunakan PC, hidupkan wireless dongle dan aktifkan wifi nya • Akan terlihat WIFI connenction bernama LinkSys, • Pilih koneksi itu, dan klik CONNECT • Anda akan ditanyai password, isilah dengan password 1 tadi (KEY 1) • Anda akan otomatis terkonek dengan LAN dengan WIFI Bila Lan anda tersebut terhubung dengan SPEEDY, maka akan otomatis Laptop anda bisa untuk mengakses Internet pula Mudah kan?? Selamat Mencoba. Anonymous January 23, 2011 at 7:09 PM saya mau tanya sama admin, di kantor saya coba reset linksys nya gara2 lupa username sama password,maksudnya mau masang password wifi. Nah tapi setelah direset dan disetting berdasarkan panduan yg ada di CD justru muncul masalah dengan wifi nya,apabila wifi dihidupkan LAN nya justru tidak mau jalan meski statusnya connected.

Itu pun tidak lancar wifi nya,terkadang putus walau statusnya connected sehingga harus di disconnect lalu connect lagi. Apa saya salah pada saat setting ya? Mohon bantuannya admin, terima kasih.

Contents • • • • • • [] Hard Reset ('30 reset') A hard reset sets the router back to the firmware's defaults, thus it will clear all the settings you have configured in the router. Here are some of the different ways that users are doing hard resets.

Those methods will not unflash your router to the default firmware. They will reset to defaults such settings as IP address or password. After a hard reset the router will take a few minutes to boot • Press and hold the button while the router is on, and keep holding it about 30 seconds. On different models you may see rapid flashing of an LED, or a red error or diagnostic LED. Wait for it to return to normal operation (typically power-LED on solid).

Normal behaviour here is for it to not actually clear the nvram, although many people think of it and phrase it that way. What it is supposed to do is return all settings to factory state, or to say it another way, to firmware defaults. If you added new non-factory variables they should still be there after this type of reset. One way of tracking the status of what's happening while holding in the reset button is to leave a network cable plugged in to your computer and the router, then watch the screen on your computer. After the network has lost a connection for the second time, the router is usually reset back to firmware defaults.

If above method did not work at all it probably means resetbuttond is set to disabled. [] Hard Reset ('30/30/30 reset') Holding down the reset-button while plugging in the router achieves a different goal than the thirty second reset. Here the bootloader is in charge, so getting it to clear the memory for you may have different results.

Some platforms will completely empty the nvram and depend on another stage of the bootloader or firmware to repopulate it. On some less-supported hardware this may have unpleasant results, so use the following two reset methods cautiously. Note: On some routers, in particular a lot of Atheros based routers (and Asus), this may cause the router to go into recovery mode, instead of resetting the settings. It is often better to do a GUI reset, Admin tab, then factory defaults. Click apply and wait 5 min.

The router is now reset and should ask for a password when you log into it at To do a 'hard reset for anyone not knowing OP or otherwise, hold the reset button with the power on, for 30 seconds, then while continuing to hold the reset button, unplug the linksys router, continuing to hold the red button in the back for 30 seconds, and while still holding it in, plug in the power again and keep holding the reset button for an additional 30 seconds. This will wipe the nvram out. Keep in mind with hard resets the linksys routers can be touchy I had to do it three times till it fully cleared out the nvram on mine' I think this forum poster actually meant that it will reset back to firmware/factory defaults, but as stated above, it could have unpleasant results 'on some less-supported hardware'. [] Cold Boot A cold boot is when one remove power from a device, for a long enough period of time to ensure that all ram/chip registers are fully cleared.

Ram has been known to be readable for minutes after a power off, and methods can be used to read said ram for hacking purposes. Wxtoimg Keygen Software Download. Chips have been known to maintain state for minutes as well. Regardless, ram is supposed to be entirely cleared on boot, yet there are various reasons why you can not be positive that this is the case. Design flaws, low cost design methodology, bugs in ram chips, can all result in ram or logic gates in chips, not being cleared on boot. A cold boot ensures that the ram and other various chips are all at zero state upon boot.

Again, while the state of logic gates should be cleared on boot, this may not be the case. For a cold boot, leave hardware off. Unplugged from any power source, for 30 seconds.

It should be noted that this will not clear the nvram or set the router back to factory/firmware defaults. [] Clearing The nvram 'To clear or wipe out the nvram' is a term commonly used to indicate 'reset the router back to the firmware's defaults', although the two terms do not mean exactly the same thing. Many users refer to 'factory defaults', but in reality it's 'firmware defaults' because you'll revert to DD-WRT's defaults if you have DD-WRT installed.

[] Power Cycling Some users refer to 'power cycling' a router. Power cycling is simply rebooting the router, but usually by unplugging the router and then plugging the it back in.

Some users claim to get different results by leaving the router 'unplugged for a while'. [] Login (password) after Reset After a reset of DD-WRT, the firmware should ask for you to change the username and password. If it does not the reset was not successful.

I bought Linksys because the price is not too expensive and I’ve seen my friend use it with Linux. I choose Linksys WAP54G because that it was displayed at the store. There is no explanation that it can be run with Linux. The installation CD is only available for Windows.

I though it’s ok, my friend use it so I’m sure that there will be no problem with me. Then I called him, he said, “You can set it up using Web browser with IP address”. This is the default IP for most Linksys products. I turned on the device, plugged the network cable to my laptop, changed my IP address to, and test the connection with ping and got this message: taufanlubis@toshiba:~$ ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable Mean that the default IP is different.

The only way to see the default IP is run with its CD installer and which I have to run it on windows. Lucky I still have my old PC that use XP. Finally, I found that the default IP is Set your IP address in the same subnet with Linksys IP. First you set your have to set IP address in the same subnet with Linksys. If Linksys uses then you can use from or

To change the IP, open System >Administration >Network >Wired Connection >Properties >Disable ‘enable roaming mode’, Static IP address >Fill (at IP address) and (at subnet mask). Or you can temporary change through Linux terminal, open Application >Accessories >Terminal type: taufanlubis@toshiba:~$ sudo ifconfig eth0 netmask taufanlubis@toshiba:~$ ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. On taufanlubis Prinsipnya, selama bisa di set via web browser nggak jadi masalah. Karena hubungan antara Modem ADSL ke Ubuntunya kan jadi seperti LAN biasa. Saya sendiri dirumah make Speedy dengan 2 PC dan satu Access Point.

Jadi bentuknya seperti ini: Internet (speedy) Modem ADSL (D-link High speed ADSL2 + router 24Mbps) Switch (D-Link 8 port 100Mbps) -1.Laptop -2.PC Anak -3.Access Point (Linksys WAP54G) Jadi kalo lagi pengen chatting atau browsing dimana aja di dalam rumah sekarang udah bisa. On taufanlubis Jika ada 2 laptop, mungkin salah satunya ada problem di setting networknya. Coba test seperti ini: – Koneksi dengan laptop A, apakah berhasil? Jika berhasil, putuskan koneksinya. Lalu coba – Koneksi dengan laptop B, apakah berhasil? Jika dua2nya berhasil, sekarang coba bersamaan, jika salah nggak jalan, mungkin ada problem di DHCP server yang ada di Linksys. Sekarang coba set IPnya jadi static.

Apakah jalan. Pada prinsipnya seharusnya nggak ada problem dan Linksys merupakan salah satu merek yang paling banyak dipakai di cafe internet dan hotspot2 kecil.