Configurar Router Linksys Wrt54g Repetidor Wifi Worten

Veremos como configurar un puente inalambrico con un router WRT54GS, actualizado con firmware DD-WRT.Missing.

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Hi, i`m wondering what the best option is for expanding our WiFi Network. We now have 1 WAP54G access point setup.

This works great, but we need to expand the range. I`m in between two setups, which i don`t know what`s the best choice to choose. Option 1: 3x WAP54G Wireless Repeater setup WAP54G----WAP54G----WAP54G Option 2: 1x WAP54G, 2x WRE54G WRE54G----WAP54G----WRE54G In total i need a range of max. 100m in a building with thick concrete floors and walls. I read that i can only use WEP security with the WAP54G's in repeater mode? This is then a no go because it needs to be secure as with WPA. Message Edited by Larson on 08:13 PM.

If you read the note on the AP mode page on this AP you will find that it can connect to only another WAP54G or WRT54G in repeater mode. SO by default it does not support your router for repeater mode. Still connect this AP directly to the router and configure it from a Hard Wired computer. Make sure you first set up this AP into repeater mode and then configure the other wireless settings. After configuration, disconnect it and move it to some other location and power cycle the entire network.

You should be able to connect to it and go online as well. I'm trying to locate updated firmware for my WAP54G that is suffering from frequently dropped connection (with the laptop and AP in the same room). Using the download advisor I was directed to download the file from the linksys site. However checking the release notes I note the comment 'This firmware is not compatible with version 2 of the WAP54G.'

Is there an updated firmware for WAP54G v2? I'm currently running v2.08, dated Jan 24, 2005. Thanks in advance for your consideration. Im having a WAP54G Access Point at my office. The access point is connected to a ADSL modem in order to surf net. All the PC in my office are running wireless networking.

Currently, i've purchased a new Toshiba Estudio 232 Multi Functional Printer with a Allied Telesyn AT-WAT7400 wireless access point. The problem is, i cant setup wireless bridging between WAP54G and AT-WAT7400 in order to wireless online and printing at the same time. I would like to know whether the Linksys WAP54G can only do wireless bridging with the same model?

Because i found out below note on my WAP54G. 'Note: When set to 'AP Client' and 'Wireless Bridge' mode, this device will only communicate with another Linksys Access Point (WAP54G). When set to 'Wireless Repeater' mode, this device will only communicate with another Linksys Access Point (WAP54G) and Linksys Wireless-G Router (WRT54G).' This would be a typical setup for your scenario. For AP connected to printer: IP= Default gateway = the IP of your router AP Mode=AP Client For AP that is an AP IP= Default gateway = the IP of your router AP Mode=AP A word on security: You may or may not have access to WPA in AP Client mode.

I haven't tested it so I am not sure. If in bout use WPA and if it doesn't work use WEP.

File Scavenger 4 3 Keygen Crack more. All devices, that is both the WAP54Gs and your Router will have to have the same security settings or nothing will work. To get things started setup your network without any security. Once it is going you can turn it on. You shouldn't need any MAC filtering. Regards Fred. I am extending the signal from one end to the other end wirelessly. WRT54G router has internet connection.

The wireless infrastructure config is like this: (1) WRT54G --- (2) WAP54G (repeater mode) --- (3) WAP54G (unknown mode) Now I am stuck with the last WAP54G. I couldn't make the 1st WAP54G to talk to the last WAP54G (repeater mode). Which mode should I use for the last WAP54G so that my colleagues using wireless laptop can access internet.

Notes: (1) WRT54G -- (2) WAP54G (repeater mode) can communicate alright. Internet connection from WAP54G works ok. (2) WAP54G (repeater mode) -- (3) WAP54G (repeater mode) doesn't talk. Can't even ping each other. Please help guru.I'll worship you!!

I'm a little confused from wncpc's post concerning the MAC addresses. When you did the 'AP client survey', which MAC address was identified, the wireless or non-wireless MAC. When you switch over to wireless repeater mode from AP client, which MAC address is allowing the wireless repeater function to work for you?

Also, same question as I posted for do you perform the 'survey' and 'restart' functions? Also, is the SES button on the left front of the WAP unit useful for the setup? Yes it will work. You need to be sure the Wireless Settings which you have set on your Router it should be the same on your AP. When you setup your WAP in a 'Wireless Bridge' Mode you need to input the 'Wireless MAC address of your Router, which you can get it by loggin into the Router setup page, and click on the Status Tab, and below you will find the Sub tab 'Wireless Network' click on it and below you will find the MAC address, Note down the MAC address and Login to your WAP and when you select 'Wireless Bridge' input that MAC address in that box and click on Save Settings. This will make your WAP talk to your Router and make all your Computer go Online.

Hello,I installed a wifi network outside and I met some issues with an WAP54G.The configuration is:Router WRT54GS --Wifi --- WAP54G --Wifi -- WAP54GThe first WAP54G is configured as a repeater connecting to the router without cable.The second WAP54G is connected to the previous without cable. It is configured as a repeater.The problem concerns the second WAP54G. It works during a lot of time and I must reconfigure it because the users received a message Connectivity limited.Is there someone to confirm that configuration will work and how configure the second WAP54G:ie Access point, wireless bridge or repeater?ThanksAlain. Hi, I am currently using a linksys wireless router WRT54G I believe (wireless G router), and this works fine.Purchased a WAP54G and connected it via an RJ45 cable to a switch that is also connected to the WRT54G.

I can go to the IP and configure that WAP54G, that works fine.My question is this, for wireless devices located near the WAP54G, how will they connect to it? Do I have to change the wireless config on these laptops to go to the SSID/channel of the WAP54G?

Previously they were connecting directly to the WRT54G and thus have those wireless settings on their machine.I thought it would the laptops would automatically detect the WAP54G I didn't realize the WAP54G would have it's own SSID and channel, I thought it was just an extension of the exisiting wireless network (WRT54G)Thanks. Are you able to ping the ip address of the WAP.?

What is the model no of the Router.? What settings you have done on the WAP.? Hard-reset the WAP for 30 seconds,power cycle it and try to re-configure the WAP.If you are using linksys router then,follow the given steps to configure the Acess Point. Connect your WAP to a computer, click on the Start button Settings Control Panel Network Connections - Right click on the icon for Local area connection and go to properties- On the 'General' tab select 'Internet Protocol TCP/IP' and click on the Properties button- Select 'Use the following IP address'- Provide IP Address -, Subnet Mask - on Ok button to Save and Click on 'Close' on main Properties window. Now open an Internet Explorer browser page on your wired computer(desktop).In the address bar type - Leave the Username blank in Password use admin in lower case.It should open your Expander set-up. Once you get to the set-up page you can change the settings of the Acess Point.

While changing the WAP settings you have to make sure that the Wireless Settings(SSID/Network Name and WEP/WPA Key) are identical on both the devices(Router and Expander).Also make sure to change the AP's default IP to match your network and Gateway Address should be your Router's address.ex.AP's IP Address: your router's default IP Address is,Subnet Mask:, Default Gateway: After configuring the WAP you should disconnect it from the Computer and go into Local Area Connection TCP/IP Properties and set it back to Obtain IP Address Automatically.Disconnect the Expander from the computer and power cycle both the devices(WAP and Router).Your WAP should be configured. Muchas Gracias pero ya lo he conseguido!!

Mi idea era esta: Conectar un Pc a un acces Point -- y al -- otro lado otro access Point con una impresora con tarjeta Lan. He configurado los acces Point en modo Bridge, los he puesto en el mismo rango de IP'S el pc los 2 bridge y la impresora y listos ya puedo hacer ping del pc a la impresora Ahora solo me falla que la impresora me imprime caracteres raros, supongo que esta mal configurada, si veo gente interesada ya explicare mas a fondo como lo he echo. I have a two story houseOn the first floor I installed a WRT600N.from there I wired several rooms on the second floor.I need to install several WAP54G (actually one on each room for a total of three WAP54G) I already installed one WAP54G on one room and works great.I need to install two more WAP54G.because having two or more WAP54G with the same IP address will have a conflict, so looks like I need to configure those two extra WAP54G but I do not know if I need to configured those as a Access Point Client, as a Wireless Bridge or as a Wireless repeater? Which one should I set them? I have two wap54g access points that I am trying to use to share a connection. The first wap54g has a external antenna connected to it that is mounted outside my home.

It connects to the wireless router just fine in client mode and all works fine. The 2nd wap54g is placed into AP mode and the two wap54g are bridged via cable.

All works fine other then that I am losing 75% of my bandwidth between the two wap54g. If my laptop is connected to the wap54g that is in client mode via cable I get fully bandwidth. Is this large amount of band width loss a hardware limition or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help or advice. Hi Jeroman, The WAP54G is not yet fully supported. The plan is to add support for it in a future release.

In the current release it will show up as a 'Other' device, and assuming it is properly connected to your network,it should get an IP address correctly and work fine. Your mystery device could be the HP printer, or the WAP access point. If that is not the case, please let us know.

You can always identify a device by turning it off and do a refresh of the network map (Ctrl+R). The device that disappeared is the one you just turned off. Let us know how it works out, and thanks for the feedback.

ELA Team Message Edited by EasyLink_Team on 09:23 AM. We just shifted to a new office which consists of 2 separate units.

We currently use a WAP54G as access point for our wireless needs, and we needed to extend the wireless range from 1 unit to the other. So I got a WAP4410N to replace the WAP54G as the AP, and intended to use the WAP54G as a wireless repeater. After loads of testing and switching of roles (WAP4410N as AP, WAP54G as repeater and vice versa), I was finally able to configure the WAP54G as the repeater and to communicate with the WAP4410N as the AP. Thing is, this config only worked when I tried WEP 128bit, and doesn't seem to do so with WPA (both TKIP and AES). Has anyone had success in using WAP54G as wireless repeater using WPA for security?

Hi Fredz thanks for the info. I'll try 3.04.03 and see how it goes. I have seen that message, but I assumed that when the device was manufactured, the purpose of this message was to warn users not to try repeater mode with older linksys hardware, or other brands of hardware.

I also made the assumption that WAP4110N was designed to be able to work with WAP54G on repeater modes. Having said that, although WAP54G is functioning as a repeater now, I get intermittent connectivity problems between the 2 devices ie. I am connected to WAP54G, but not to the internet. WAP4110N is connected to the internet as there are no complaints from users connected to it directly, so the problem lies with the link between WAP54G and WAP4110N. This is only resolved when WAP4110N is rebooted, sometimes, WAP54G first, then WAP4110N. The 2 devices are separated by a glass panel and a glass door, over about 5 meters.

There is probably 80% line of sight between the devices. Could the reason root from the fact that WAP54G can only be in repeater mode with WAP54G/WRT54G? Or are there some config settings which I can tweak to stablise the connection? Also, has anyone tested using repeater mode using 2 WAP4110Ns and have a stable connection?

Message Edited by bingyeo on 07:36 PM. Okay folks, here's what I've done: Reflashed the firmware on the AP and the router. Same thing happened as before. Connection dropped. I swapped wireless network adaptors (WUSB54G ver 4) with another PC.

That PC, I plugged ethernet directly into the AP. Same thing happened as before. Connection dropped. I noticed that the connection dropped around 1 hr after reconnection. I think there's some sort of issue with the 'handshake.' When I unplug the AP, then reconnect straight to the router, I get connected.

Then I have to plug the AP back in and restore the connection through the AP to get it all to work properly again. But, the computer that was wired directly into the AP never lost connection, for at least two hours.

So, I'm beginning to think that the problem may lie with the network adaptors. I plugged this computer I'm using right now directly into the AP and I'm waiting to see what happens. I had the idea of having the AP use DHCP to get an IP address, but I wasn't sure that would make any difference. I'd already used WEP with the same hardware and it worked properly then and now.

Hola amigo; asi de fabrica el WRT54G no tiene la facultad de repetidor inalambrico, solo modificando el firmware que dicho sea de paso anula tu garantia. Por otro lado puedes configurarlo como AP cableandolo al router por uno de los puertos 1~4 del linksys a otro de los mismos de tu router, quitas DHCP como ya apuntaste, pones una IP fija que este fuera del rango que usas en el DHCP del router y como gateway pones la IP del router. Configura el wireless con SSID, seguridad y pass de las mismas que usas en el router.