Far West Pc Game

Far West This real-time strategy title, jointly developerd by Greenwood Entertainment and Kritzelkratz 3000, challenges you to tame the Wild West by becoming a cattle baron. Start off by hiring cowboys from the local saloon to manage your herd and defend your property. Breed cattle and trade them with other resources to purchase additions to your ranch such as storage areas and living space for your cowhands. Having plenty of cowboys on hand is essential to defend your ranch against rustlers and hostile Native Americans. Far West features a plot-driven campaign mode as well as a full multiplayer option.

Far West is a mixture of action and real-time strategy in which we will take care of the construction and maintenance of ranches located somewhere on the wild prairies of North America, at a time when there was lawlessness there and armed robbery. As part of our core responsibilities included cattle farming, trade, skillful management of financial resources and, of course, fight and defend their possessions against the Indians and bandits. The primary good cows are in the game (though they can still be horses or sheep), to defend and grazing to hire mounted Cowboys, and this, in turn, should provide enough-that is, washing and wikt beans, coffee and whiskey, as well as a place to sleep. The whole game revolves around the Far West Ranch to be constantly improve and expand (with eg: houses for employees, warehouses and pastures), in order to accommodate a larger number of cows and bring the same larger profits. We also need to visit the nearby town as the center of trade in goods. There are, among others: all kinds of shops, a lounge, a dealer of cows, the bank and the Sheriff.

Note: The Demo allows you to move a training mission, and one mission in the campaign.

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