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If you contact the Office of Inspector General, you may ask that your identity not be revealed. However, it may be necessary to reveal your identity if it is unavoidable to effectively investigate the alleged matter or it is otherwise required by law.* Please note that if you contact the Office of Inspector General via electronic mail, your confidentiality cannot be assured due to the non-secure nature of electronic mail systems. To contact the Office of Inpector General anonymously, use the webform below. * The Inspector General Act of 1978 provides that, after receipt of a complaint or information from a PRC employee, the Inspector General shall not disclose that employee's identity without the employee's consent, unless the Inspector General determines such disclosure is unavoidable during the course of the investigation. To report waste, fraud, abuse or mismanagement at the Postal Service, please contact the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General (). To report a crime involving a threat to the safety or integrity of the mail (such as suspicious mail, identity theft or mail fraud), please contact the Postal Inspection Service (). For a directory of inspectors general at other federal agencies, and for more information about inspectors general please visit IGNet ().

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General Information Hours: Tollfree Postal Complaint Helpline: 24/7 Intake Process: File Complaint Online: choose File a Claim or Find Missing Mail under the header, Quick Tools, on the left side of the screen. Customers may also just email the USPS from this website about general postal issues. Customers have the option to file a complaint about mail theft, mail fraud and identity theft. If they cannot file online and need to call, call the 24 hour number 877-876-2455 and state the reason for the call as either mail theft, mail fraud or identity theft. They will then be directed to the appropriate operator who will take their complaint. Program Fees: No Fee Eligibility: US Postal Service customers with complaints about mail Handicap Accessible? Yes Is Shelter?

Investigations Mail Theft If you have previously reported a problem and have received a reference number, and you can add. Report a new problem: Mail Not Received Mail Tampering/Vandalism Mail Received Without Contents Complainant/Victim Information *First Name Middle *Last Company *Address *City *State Country *ZIP *Home Phone ex. 555-555-5555 Work Phone *E-Mail How is your mail delivered (choose one)? Article was mailed from: Same as Complainant/Victim Information First Name Middle Last Company Address City State Country ZIP Home Phone Work Phone Article was address to: First Name Middle Last Company Address City State Country ZIP Home Phone Work Phone Type of Mail: Type Date Mailed Class Tracking Number (if applicable) Contents of Mail Click on the Add Content button below for each piece of mail.

Self-Service Kiosks Self-Service Kiosks are located in Post Office lobbies. They are available even when the Post Office counter is closed. Finding After-Hours Locations. Go to Finding Locations. Under Location Types, select the provider or service you want to find. Seal Maker Crack Serial Keygen Free on this page. In the search results, click a location to see its services and hours.

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