Havok Worse Than War Guitar Pro Tab 5

Spike: Hey, has anyone seen Tory? He's got a review going on and nothing got burned down yet. Kai: Shocking!

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He's normally on time if not early with this crap. He said he was doing a top 11 list but he didn't tell me. *As he eyes get bigger.* Spike, what was that top 11 list, please tell me it wasn't anything. Worth a parody? (Spike looks at the clipboard.) Spike: Aw, yes his top 10 Naruto Characters!

Everyone pauses for a minute then screams out of fear from the top of their lungs and cause havok. Kai: I'll get the cannons! Spike: Wait Cannons! Spike: Whatever, that idiot is gonna kill us any minute now for his stupid parody get them right. Tory: Hey guys! Spike: What did you do now?

Stole a tailed Beast spirit? Serena: Stole another eye so you can have a Byakugan, Shiringan, Rinnegan! Flogger: You caused the pointless Mediorite in the Last Naruto Movie!

Leni: Broke up Hinata and Naruto? No, none of those stupid things, I would never say yes to. Kai, why do you have cannons? Muffin Button! Spike: So wait, your not gonna hurt us, do something stupid, cause hell, open the gates of hell? I have no gag to start it off. Oh, except this headband I got for the review.

*He ties it around his head.* Serena: Oh crap, here we go! Tory: Ninja Art: Shadow Clone Juitsu! As a puff of smoke appears and there are clones from hundreds surrounding everyone. Clone: Refferences! Clone 2: Abbriged Series jokes! Clone 3: Did someone say fun? Kai: Screw that!

*Fires one of the cannons, but 5 clones end up catching the cannon ball.* Well. EFFF me in the ass! As the clones charge right for everyone and they run off to chase them. All the clones: Fun! Tory: Huh, that's gonna come back to bit me in the ass isn't it?

Havok Worse Than War Guitar Pro Tab 5

Aw screw it, I'm talking about one of my favorite anime's, no not my all time favorite but still something I wanted to talk more about for a while. With this show, I left it on the back burner even though I really wanted to talk about it. Now before you rage in the comments, yes I will do a Dragonball list too, I just wanna do this too.

Now here are the rules, these's are my top 10 favorite Characters from Naruto. I can choose any of them from the original to Shippuden. I only have one big rule, I can not choose Boruto characters. Let me word this better so I do not get trolled, 'I can not use any Boruto characters that we're not from the previous series. Meaning I can add characters like Naruto, Sakura, Kiba, or people like that, but i can't add their kids.'

Okay, also, if you hate or like any characters on the list even more, that's great. It's just in my opinion. So let us begin with. Uh, what should I do for the opening? As 4 clones bring in some musical interments, A guitar, a bass, a drum set, and a Microphone.

Clone with Bass: We got you back dude. Tory: Awww, you guys are the best. But why aren't you attacking the town. Clone with drums: Why didn't you use us for stealing the journal? Tory: Made your point, anyways, onto the countdown with my Weeaboo clones. _________________________________ this song for all my entries. #10: Choji akimichi Yeah, a lot of people kind of didn't think much of him at first, and I was kind of in that same area.

However, Choji is one of those characters who kind of just likes being fat, and is proud of it. That's what I kind of like with Choji, despite him being fat, he's still proud of who he is and really, no one should change him at all. Also, who can forget his Iconic line. 'CHUBBIES RULE!'

So, why is he so high on the list. Well, I feel like he hasn't gotten a finale character in the series. Which isn't a big deal or anything since a lot of people didn't get their final character, but I feel like they had an idea for him, that they did not use. But, with how funny his character was, how he bonded with everyone, how much likablity he had, I feel like he deserves a spot on the list.

#9: Madara Uchiha One thing I gotta give DBZ that is better then Naruto for sure, is that the villains are better and more memborable. But, that doesn't mean the Naruto Villains aren't. Madara, is one of those examples. The way he was bult up from his backstory was very well done, from a guy wanting respect from his brother to a guy wanting revenge on the world. He just screams 'Fear Me Bitches, I'm an Uchiha.' Just from the design of him looking like it's about to break off, just makes him all that cooler.

So, with me praising him this much, why isn't he any higher on the list? Simple, there is one more Uchiha on the list.

But, by the design alone, it would be stupid to let not put him on the list. Also, I wish he was the main villain in the end of the war, other then the last minute 'Mother Of Chakra.' Coming out of no where. Meaning, he died to soon.

#8: Kiba Inuzuka A guy that has a giant dog that can become another one of him, that is really creative. I mean, I'm kind of like Kiba, Having a small dog that grows into a giant monster. Oh who am I kidding look at the size of that thing. Clone (Bass): It is huge good sir. Clone (Drums): Oh yes dear sir, how could you not even see the size of that. Clone (Bass): Well I take offence that that remark.

Clone (Drums.): I take offence to you taking offence to that remark. (Arguing in the background.) Tory: So, yeah I have a Bull masive is real life and it's fully grown. So I can understand having a huge thing like that. Then again, that's already a bigger dog then mine. But, Kiba as a character is kind of just alright cause nothing big came from his finale character, but I find him really relatable to me, seeing how far he's grown at the very least.

Also, he has one of the most badass named moves ever. 'FANG OVER FANG!' I don't know why, that just sounds awesome to me. So, I guess you can say, don't let this dawg out!

Clone (Singer): Oh you are so smart Tory. Tory: Why thank you Tory. Your just as smart. #7: Zabuza Momochi One of the main villains of his saga, he makes us feel for him every second.

I would also Include Haku but. Wait, why not? The make us feel for the both of them. I maybe cheating on this number, but they are their best characters. The creators never forgot about them cause it did help out everyone for team 7.

They even threw in their grave in the most memborable way possible. Having his sword as their tombstone. Everything about this guy is gift wrapped for the creators to make them whatever they want.

As long as they don't make them funny, which thank god they didn't. That's Deviant Arts job!

Clones: OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! #6: Garra of the Desert! Guys, you ever wanted a member of Green Day to look emo and badass at the same time? Well this show did. With him having one of the other 9 tailed beasts.

Or 10 it you consider the wars Tailed beat, but I consider it more just as a fused tailed beast, but I'll let you guys debate in the comments. Either way, this guys makes using sand as the primary weapon look awesome and epic in the same way. Even making his skin have sand for some body armor kind of thing. Everything about this guy can make people fear in terror, even with his first kill being his own mother. When he was born. Wow, 5 seconds in the world and already a kill under his belt.

No one forgets this scene either cause it also makes his character relatable to the audience. With him having to become a monster wanting to feed his hunger of killing, to becoming Kazekage and killing his evil zombie like dad in the end. Long story, don't ask.

We really do see the struggles he goes through, and how he goes through it, which makes him a clear spot on the list. #5: Hinata Hyuga/ Uzumaki Yeah, alot of people hate her, I don't see why really. I mean, okay she's not the greatest or most likable but she has the most pointless hatedom ever. Clone (Singer): And she made NaruHina cannon! Tory: She also can take alot of punishment for an enemy just from Pain alone. Clone (Bass): And she made NaruHina cannon!

Tory: She's got one of the best voice actresses of the series in my opinion. I find Stephanie Sheh to voice her spot on, know that she has a great cairrer aside from Voicing Hinata. Clone (drums): And she made NaruHina cannon! Tory: Just to name a few, Bleach, DC Superhero Girls, Kill la Kill, Zach Bell. Clone (Guntar): And NaruHina is cannon!

Tory: But she was also. Naruhina is Cannon.*Him and the clones do a fanboy scream.* Okay, now let's look at her as a character. She's developed from a character who stalks a crush of hers to being inspired by the crush to push even more forward, and even help the main character push forward. Now don't get me wrong, she's not perfect and they also had to try and make her funny like the time when Naruto came back in Shippuden and after meeting her for the first time, that was funny, and they also did the joke again in the same episode, that was funny. However, they didn't make it into a running joke, and kind of only focused on her crush. Which, was paced very well, and it did show how far they came from being a stalker kind of thing, to an actually couple at the end of 'The Last Naruto Movie.'

Oh and something about a Meator heading for earth in the movie or the moon or something like that. But who cares, they kissed at the end and had two kids. *More fanboy screams.* #4: Naruto Uzumaki Come on, who didn't see this one coming. Naruto is the main character, you would think he would be on this list. I mean, it's called Naruto for a reason.

But, unlike Watchmojo. Com, I don't put the main character on the list just because he's the main character. No, I have 3 more characters I like more then him. But, yes growing up with this show, I liked his backstory and how he was protrayed. I mean, his dad died after trying to seal the tailed beast inside him, and he isn't scared for life, he still is the fun loving trouble maker when he started the series.

But, as the episodes go on, we see him getting more mature and serious as the battles progress. It also shows how far he can get from being a trouble maker to a hero and someone to look up to in the end. From him uncontroling Kurama, to his sage mode, to Kurama finally accepting him as a friend and his finale form, we saw him all the way through. So, who can top Naruto other then Hinata?

(Drummer clone does this sound effect.) #3: Shikamaru Nara Growing up, this was my favorite character. I just loved how funny he was just being bored with everything, yet still everyone wanted kind of treated him like he knew what he was doing in a battle, when most the times, he kind of did. The best way to describe his character is imagine an emo person wanted to be a ninja, then ended up getting shadow powers like killing people with it, then you get Shikamaru! Asphalt 4 Elite Racing Dsi Rom Games Online there. He's a real fun character and knows when to be serious and when to be bored of everything.

They know how to balance his emotions very well where he's not such a duche like say. Yusei from 5D's, seriously crack a smile asshole. But, if you wanna know how to do a character that can get bored easily and don't wanna rip off Satiama, I suggest taking a look at Shikamaru, and learn a thing or two from him. #2: Kakashi Hatake Yeah, to be honest I would have put Kakashi on the list, but much lower like number 10 or 9, if it wasn't for one thing, his backstory. Which is the second best, but I'll get to the best latter.

Anyways, after fighting with rival Obito, him and Kakashi figure out that their other team mate, Rin has been taken away so they put their differences aside to save her, and even after Obito gotten his sharingan eyes, he still manages to mess up and even get himself killed. Except that he was saved and was just considered D.I.A.

But, when Kakashi thought he was dead and even Obito thought he was gonna die even, he gave Kakashi his only good eye. That was giving mythos to Kakashi and his eye, and filling in plot points in the story. But it also motavates his character, showing that Obito's lose wouldn't go unnoticed. Oh boy, did Kakashi show that big time, leading a team, becoming Obito's dream of Hokage (Sorry for the spoiler there.), and so much more. Even though Obito really dieing and giving up his other eye to Kakashi wasn't really a big stepping point in his character, it was finalization for the best.

I would also include Obito, but. He wasn't as developed as Kakashi and the way they built him up could have been played out a little better. Oh well, just consider him an honorable mention, in fact let's see those's before I get to my number 1!

Honorable Mentions: ________________ #11: Neji Hyuga (Him and choji was a coin flip, sorry.) #12: Obito Uchiha (Wasn't built up good enough for this list, but still an honorable mention.) #13: Might Guy (If he would have died in the way he attacked Madra, he would have taken #5 hands down.) #14: Temari Nara (other then Hocking up with Shikamaru, nothing big comes from her.) #15: Sasuke Uchiha (Even though a good rival, was flawed in a few places and not as good as Vegeta.) #16: Sai (Even though was cool with his idea for fighting, wasn't a great character.). And the Number 1 best Naruto character of all time is. Itachi Uchiha!

Yeah, this guy is the best in my opinion. He has everything I want to see in a character.

A great voice actor who fits them spot on, an awesome design, emotions that everyone can feel for, a look that says.' I'm here ladies, either fear me, or do me!' , character development, character interactions, being an epic bad ass every scene that he is in, and finally motivations. That is the key word here, motivations. He was the reason that he killed his family, and spared his younger brother Sasuke.

In fact, here's his backstory. He wanted to become Hokage, At age 8 he unlocked his Sharingan, then at age 11 begins in the ANBU, at 13 he became the captain, awakened his new Mangekyou Sharingan, and became a wanted criminal by not only killing his family, but also becoming in the Akatsuki, at age 17 he was strong enough to beat Kakashi without moving, and he died at the young age of 21.

Everyone will remember his last scene with his brother, it will never be forgoten. With this scene and everything I just said, I can't put Itachi any lower then number 1! I'm Tory green and I thank everyone for waiting this long for a review to come out. I was working on this and I wanted to finish before the week ended and I also had other stuff going on.

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope my clones won't invade your home toady, right guys?. *as he turns around to see the clones have poofed away TGS angry at him, Tory looks around and puts on glasses.* You wouldn't hurt a guy with glasses now, would you? Serena takes off the glasses then breaks them in half. Leni then takes off the hat exposing his bald spot, and stopping the hat on the ground. No hat, no glasses,*Turns SSJ2* no rules! Tory: I'm Tory Green, thanks for watching!

As they all jump him and painful sound effects go off. Next good review: Avengers: EMH series Premiere Next Bad Review: Keep Beach City Weird! Next Top 10 list: Top 10 worst 4kids One Piece changes. My unsorted top 10 favorites are Deidara, Naruto, Jiraiya, Sakura, Hinata, Itachi, Kakashi, Gaara, Shikamaru, and Tsunade. Sasuke would be on my honorable list if he had not suffered from Kishimoto's inability to go back and review all the rules he had made for the Narutoverse (his battle with Deidara was a big offender as no chakra is not supposed to equal big freakin' Manda). Not only that, his revenge streak got annoying. I don't mind a bit of revenge, but ya gotta know how to keep is justifiable.

Sure, Danzo was an ass, but the entire village did not need to share the same fate. Sorry to all of the Sasuke fans, until he does something that I can respect, he is my most disliked character, up there with William Lewis from Law and Order: SVU, and that show is FULL of characters that I just cannot stand.

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We’d be missing something. And that’s the big ugh. I’m just being as honest as I can. It would be different.” “I’d do anything to have that back—family and all that kind of stuff. I never say ‘never’ on that kind of thing, and I’m tired of saying, you know, ‘hell freezes over,’ or whatever, but at the same time, life is getting too short and you never know But I’m not saying there’s been any talks at all.

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