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IBM ViaVoice for Windows Pro USB 10.0 costs a bundle: $190 for new users; $90 for a ViaVoice upgrade; and until February 15, 2003, $115 for an upgrade from competing speech apps, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. But if you want the best that money can buy in speech recognition, ViaVoice is it. The program's improved speech-recognition engine records dictation accurately more than 96 percent of the time and reacts to voice commands faster than the competition does. So if you're serious about consumer-targeted voice recognition, upgrade now. If you're new to speech recognition, plunk down the bucks for this best-of-breed speech engine.

It's worth every penny. IBM's ViaVoice has always been a breeze to install and set up, and version 10.0 is no exception. All you have to do is put the software on your PC, plug in the included USB microphone (the excellent noise-canceling Plantronics DSP 300, a $90 value), and talk your way through a 15-minute training session. ViaVoice 10.0's VoiceCenter control bar can now be set in Floating mode so that you can drag it into position anywhere on the desktop.

Since version 9.0, ViaVoice's interface, called VoiceCenter, hasn't changed. This thin, toolbarlike strip features just one menu (to access the program's commands and options) and one button (to turn the microphone on or off). There's only one new feature here: you may now opt to float the VoiceCenter rather than docking it to one of the screen edges, letting you position the VoiceCenter anywhere on the screen.

ViaVoice's disk space appetite is as hearty as ever, too; you'll still need half a gigabyte for this program--510MB in our test installations. But that's par for the course among speech-rec apps. Like most consumer-priced voice-recognition applications, ViaVoice 10.0 offers the usual complement of tools and functions, including voice dictation, a text-to-speech engine, and voice-enabled applications control. This year, version 10.0 also lets you create voice macros--voice-activated shortcuts, in essence--that work with any Windows application that's installed on your machine.

IBM ViaVoice for Windows: IBM ViaVoice 10 Pro USB Edition User's Guide (2.19 MB) IBM ViaVoice 10 Advanced Edition User's Guide (2.13 MB) IBM ViaVoice 10. Viavoice Windows 7 - Free Download Windows 7 viavoice - Windows 7 Download. IBM ViaVoice speech recognition software, Spanish grammar.

We created one of these always-active macros to pop up any program's Help window whenever we said 'show help.' When we dictated with ViaVoice 10.0, our accuracy rate was higher than 96 percent. (Errors in red; words dictated in blue.) ViaVoice isn't perfect, of course--no speech-recognition program is--and its errors can rate high on the Unintentional Comedy meter. When we dictated the phrase 'thousands of queries I receive annually' several times, it once came up with this howler: 'thousands of Koreans received annually.' In addition to its improved accuracy, ViaVoice 10.0's dictation speeds have increased significantly. The lag between saying a word and seeing it on the screen is much shorter than in earlier editions. In our tests, ViaVoice 10.0 generally kept pace with our voice, and when it didn't, words appeared within a second at most.

It also recognizes and implements commands more quickly. Of course, we tested ViaVoice on an 800MHz Pentium III system with 256MB of RAM. Slower systems will get slower results. Version 10.0 also makes it easy to navigate and control your PC and its applications with your voice.

ViaVoice pauses only slightly as it recognizes that you're switching from dictation to application control. A little hint: In our tests, we got faster results by prefacing such commands with the code word computer, as in 'Computer, file open,' which popped up the open file dialog.

There's a good chance that you'll never need ViaVoice's tech support; the program is amazingly straightforward. Audi Radio Code Keygen Generator Torrent there. But if you do, you can scan the extensive online FAQ, submit questions via e-mail, or call the help desk weekdays from 9 a.m. Phone support is a free toll call for the first 30 days, after which you'll have to pay $35 per incident or $3 per minute. When we called to ask about ways to improve our recognition rate, we got through to a tech almost immediately, and he gave us several smart suggestions.

From IBM ViaVoice for Mac OS X brings natural, continuous speech voice dictation to Apple's Mac OS X. Optimized to work with this cutting-edge UNIX-based operating system, IBM ViaVoice for Mac OS X brings a new level of accuracy and ease-of-use to voice recognition on the Apple Macintosh computer platform. All aspects of Mac OS X, including Command Center and re-designed Voice Center, use the Aqua OS X look and feel. Mac OS X Edition is also optimized for use with G4 and multiprocessors.

Support is also available for specialized vocabularies such as legal and medical. Full Specifications What's new in version 3.0.2 This download is intended as an update for ViaVoice for Mac OS X Edition and ViaVoice for Mac Simply Dictation and is only suitable for installation on Mac OS 10.2.2. This download is not intended for use with any other operating systems or IBM ViaVoice products. • Fixed issue related to audio quality at 22kHz, by recording at 44kHz.

This improves recognition accuracy as well as text playback in 10.2.2. Note: Applies to VV3 and Simply Dictation running under Mac OS 10.2.2 • Speakpad - Fixed issue related to Analyzing Docs when Saving: SetupAssistant failed to display the Found New Words Training window and instead a message was displayed saying that SetupAssistant did not launch. Note: Applies to VV3 and Simply Dictation running under Mac OS 10.2.2 • IEControler - Fixed issue related to long VC launch times caused by excessive IE favorite websites.

Fix will now limit the number of 'Jump-To-s' to 100. Note: Applies to VV3 and Simply Dictation running under Mac OS 10.2.2 General Publisher Publisher web site Release Date March 03, 2008 Date Added March 03, 2008 Version 3.0.2 Category Category Subcategory Operating Systems Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.1/10.2 Additional Requirements None Download Information File Size 630.77KB File Name Popularity Total Downloads 42,968 Downloads Last Week 2 Pricing License Model Free to try Limitations Not available Price $171.