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Shade Professional provides advanced modeling, lighting and rendering tools for architecture and design professionals. This version of Shade provides all of the features of Shade standard and much more! Key Features: Design Tools: Bezier curves with on-line and tangent control points allow for quick visualization and tailoring of designs. Use Alpha Blending, UV Mapping Editor, and the Solid Texture Shader to apply custom materials. Advanced Modeling: Use Boolean modeling, Polygon mesh modeling, Auto-smoothing of curves and more to add amazing detail to your projects. Precise numerical modeling and IGES5.3 format support integration into a CAD-based environment.

Animation: All versions of Shade include automatic key frame creation with interpolation to automatically animate objects. Shade professional includes joint settings, motion settings, and BVH motion support for 3D character animation. Productivity Toolkit: PoserFusion enables in-product integration of Poser 3D figures in all versions of Shade. With RoomPlanner, drag and drop walls, doors and windows for prototype architectural designs.

TextEffectorPro includes TrueType and PostScript Type 1 font support, extrude, bevelling and more to create free-flowing 3D text. Rendering: With the powerful render engine capable of Global Illumination, you can use Photon Mapping, Path Tracing, Raytracing and Radiosity to render photorealistic imagery with amazing lighting, reflection, and refraction effects, soft shadows and natural color bleeding on surfaces. CALLISTO speeds up your render and automatically smoothes curves for supple shapes. New Lasso and Trace selection tools provide even more convenient methods of selecting polygons and other objects. Pan and Zoom tools have been added to the Toolbox for keyboard-free navigation.

Continuous mode allows for multiple tool operations without the hassle of re-selecting tools each time. Brand new mesh editing tools provide an easy way to modify your polygon mesh data, all accessable from the new Mesh Toolbox New ToonRenderer for cartoon or sketch-style images.

New ShadowCatcher makes it possible to render shadows separately from the objects upon which they rest. • Publisher: e-frontier, Inc. • Last updated: September 16th, 2012.

Welcome To The Software Download Section. Below You Will Find Direct Links To Software Downloadable For Free. These Are All Programs I've backed Up Off My Hard Drive Into My. More Software Will Be Added Often So Check Back Frequently. Want Something Added?

Well, Feel Free To Tell Me What You Want & If I Can Get It, I Will Add It! The Software Download Section Currently Has 1,035 (103GB) Programs In Stock! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The software tagged ' [Appz-Portable]' Requires no cracks and/or serials & runs without installation. The software tagged ' [Appz-Freeware]' is free but requires installation.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Report All Broken/Misnamed Links To Me All these files have been suspended and the account banned by Mediafire. I still have all of them though if anyone wants them. Here's a list of my files for people to pick from.

No point in wasting 2 days re uploading them when they will just get taken down again. All of these are non-h4(k1n9 programs, correct? Yes but some could be used for 'hacking' purposes if you wished. For example: [Appz-Portable] Tor Browser Torbrowser FF is a Firefox web browser using the encrypted Tor Network to stay anonymous (They have an Opera version too). So what you do while you're on it is up to you.

The Tor network also has it's own internet sites using the.onion extension. You can find a lot of underground stuff there. Hell, Child pornography sites are hosted there in the open. I have ran across some during my travels on the network. You never know what site you're gonna end up at since they don't use web names. Just random characters and numbers +.onion.

EDIT: Well, they do have places trying to make a list of sites and their addresses but its still not all that mapped out yet.