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Top Comment As a former resident of both Fairbanks, and Anchorage, I can attest that this works. Some other hints are: Never set the emergency brake when it is below freezing, never bend any metal that is already bent as it will snap off, and if you can plug in your car, do it. Those in Alaska know a thing or two about cold weather! The shot is Laird Hot Springs in the Yukon Territory. The water is about 103 degrees in the summer and about 89-95 in the winter. This shot is from a day that was about -50. October 2, 2006 1 found this helpful I found a great use for those old flannel lined plastic tablecloths (although and unlined one or used shower curtain would probably work).

Aug 16, 2012 I have a 2011 Silverado 4WD Ext Cab purchased new in February 2011. It currently has under 10,000 miles and has never been in an accident. Recently I'm. HOW DO I HAUL MY GOLF CART? It is possible to load by backing up to a ditch where the wheels of the. Will most likely crack or damage the windshield.

I live in the Northeast and we have had a lot of snow recently. I have been following some snow-shields for the car's windshield on Ebay (because I could not find any in the stores at all) and they have been really expensive. I had several old, faded, plastic tablecloths that I had not thrown out (because I figured there must be a use for them). You just put it across your windshield, covering wiper blades so they don't freeze.

Open one front door and put it inside the car, and then stretch it and do the same on the other side. This has saved so much time trying to get the snow and ice off the windshields you wouldn't believe and the best part is it is FREE. I just shake off snow, fold the tablecloth and leave it in the car - replacing it on the windshield when I get home.

ATTENTION - HOLIDAY RETAIL HOURS: Both retail locations of Cunningham Golf and Utility Vehicles will be closed for our holiday vacation Saturday, December 23rd through Monday, January 1st. We look forward to getting back into the store and seeing you on Tuesday, January 2nd. ATTENTION - HOLIDAY WEB ORDER PROCESSING: All orders placed after 2:00pm Central Time on 12/22 through 12/25 will be processed on 12/26. Items ordered between 12/26 and 12/28 will be processed on 12/29.

Items ordered 12/29 to 1/1 will be processed on 1/2/2018. As we stated above, we strongly recommend securing your cart with at least two nylon packing straps, ratcheted down tightly. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN GOLF CART WINDSHIELDS? All windshields are not alike! Folding windshields, in particular, are made with varying materials and assembly techniques. Here's a brief explanation to help you as a consumer understand the various windshields available.

One interesting point: They all look alike! Your only assurance is to do business with an organization you trust.

Materials used in windshields: Acrylic. This is your basic material, often known by manufacturer trade names such as Plexiglas. Acrylic is the hardest of the three materials we will review, which has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: Cost: Acrylic is the least expensive material. Scratch resistance: All plastics will scratch, but acrylic, being the hardest material, is more scratch resistant than the other materials. Disadvantages: Shatter resistance.

The harder the material, the easier it is to break. A golf ball or any abject striking a standard acrylic windshield will cause it to break, and if the force is sufficient it will shatter. Impact-modified Acrylic. This is the material most often used on Factory fleets. Standard acrylic is 'modified' during its manufacture by adding rubber to the plastic. This makes the windshield more resistant to impact, hence the term impact modified.

A golf ball or other object striking an impact modified windshield (sometimes called 'high impact') will most likely crack or damage the windshield, but will not shatter, providing a safer windshield. Since this material is softened somewhat by the addition of rubber, it is less scratch resistant than standard acrylic and more care has to be taken when cleaning impact-modified windshields.

Impact modified acrylics cost more than plain acrylics, and are the middle product price-wise. This is the Cadillac of materials cost wise, and is the only material that can take a significant direct hit from a golf ball or other object and not break. This is possible since the material is softer, and it actually gives when hit by an object. Poly-carbonate thus provides the safest windshield. Poly-carbonate is also often known by manufacturer trade names, the most common being Lexan. However, since it is the softest of the three materials it is the least scratch resistant and greatest care must be taken when cleaning to avoid scratching. Starting with 2017 models, Yamaha is now offering a Polycarbonite windshield as standard on its new carts.

All of the above are typically available in clear or gray tint, which doesn't affect the above advantages and disadvantages, other than that gray tinted windshields cost a little more than the clear. Hinge Materials: There are two materials factors to be considered: the plastic, already discussed, it's thickness, and the hinge materials. The materials discussed are offered in varying windshield thicknesses.

Hinges are the source of many customer satisfaction problems. Some manufacturers use PVC for the folding seam. This material is not resistant to ultra-violet rays, so the more time the windshield is exposed to sunlight the more brittle it becomes. As it becomes brittle, it tends to crack at the seam. Price: Acrylic is the least expensive, and Poly-carbonate is the most expensive. Thinner windshields are less expensive that thicker ones. Good hinges are more expensive than ones that will rapidly deteriorate.

Like so many things, you tend to get what you pay for. And remember that they all look alike. You get what you pay for. Buy from a trusted vendor. CAN I USE MY GOLF CAR ON THE STREET? This is a complex question, because the laws on this subject vary widely, not just state by state but in many cases municipality by municipality.

So first rule is: CHECK YOUR LOCAL LAWS. There is a federal standard for street legal use of golf carts. (not always used by state and local) This standard requires: Headlights; tail lights; brake lights; reflectors; max speed of 25MPH; Seat belts; hardened windshield; Used on streets where posted speed limit is 35MPH or less. There is a special category of golf carts called 'Low Speed Vehicles' which usually meet the street legal requirements. To be an LSV the vehicle must also has a 17 digit VIN number. Many states will allow this type of golf cart to be registered as motor vehicles and used on streets with posted speed limits of 35MPH or less. Finally, there are often residential neighborhoods where local authorities simply don't enforce laws and ignore golf carts in a particular neighborhood.

Use this option at our own risk! WHAT IS PROPER WAY TO WATER GOLF CART BATTERIES Keeping electric cart batteries with proper level is critical to life of the batteries. The cardinal rule is: NEVER LET WATER LEVEL GO BELOW TOP OF THE PLATES. Battery plates exposed to air rapidly become useless. The proper time to add water is right AFTER charging, not BEFORE.

Adding water before charging may cause the acid to bubble over spewing acid onto the connectors and the frame of the vehicle. After charging, add water to about 1/2 inch from the top of the battery. Be sure to leave a little air space for expansion. MORE FAQ DISCUSSIONS COMING SOON.(CHECK BACK WITH US) AREN'T ALL GOLF CARS ALIKE? HOW MUCH SHOULD I PAY FOR A GOOD USED GOLF CART?

Called corporate and I was assigned a case manager. Well they were no help.

They basically said 'you don't have warranty on the vehicle so we can't help!' Dealer quoted approximately 4500.00 for a blown head gasket (not sure how that happened), a bad intake manifold, and ECU needs to be reflashed. Take into consideration that this vehicle has never been abused, I use it as my commuter vehicle. Also there are many people that have had the same issue with the CT200H and the Prius (both basically have the same engine/components). Anyway I'm on the same boat with others on here, I will never buy another Toyota/Lexus.

Will move into better vehicles. I highly suggest doing research before investing in a glorified shiny **.

Happy holidays.;). I will never buy another Lexus or Toyota and I recommend anybody thinking about buying a Lexus to buy something else. Lexus does not stand behind their product or their 'relentless pursuit of perfection.' Be aware, I was told by Lexus that once the warranty is up they will not cover a manufacturer's defect. No matter how bad the defect as long as it not a safety issue, no matter how many hundreds of thousand of their cars have the exact same defect, no matter how well you have maintained your car.

During a recent oil change at the Lexus dealership I was told my 2006 Lexus IS 350 is leaking oil from the front engine cover and Lexus will charge $3,000 to repair the leak. My car only has 80,000 miles and have only had the oil changed by the dealer every 5000 miles. If you Google 'Lexus leaks oil from front engine cover' you will see this is a widespread problem with various Lexus models. I contacted Lexus USA to request they cover the cost of the repair and was told today by their representative Eric that Lexus would only cover $1,000 of the $3,000 repair. This is after Lexus has had about 10 recalls for safety related issues, so my car has practically lived at the dealership.

In addition like many other people in the warm sunny states, the dashboard and door sills became sticky and began deteriorating when the car was only a few years old, and it took Lexus about 7 years to finally replace the dashboard and door sills after they had a class action lawsuit brought against them, and you had to ask Lexus about to get them replaced since it was not technically a recall. I will never buy another Lexus or Toyota product again. The last Lexus ES350 I owned, is the last. I do not know how in the world Lexus could call a Lexus ES 350 “Bulletproof” when the heads blew on the one I had at 145,000 miles, not mention the failing computer, the alternator, the Vehicle Stability Control, and let’s not forget their melting dash, the allegedly lethal Takata airbag system, and years earlier that accelerator problem. I do not understand how anyone who had problems I had could possibly call it reliable. The whole experience was shameful. We purchased a used ES350 series in August 2017.

In September, we noticed a sticky substance forming on the driver's side of the dashboard and then it spread to the passenger's side. I later read that it's being called 'melting dashboard', due to heat, and this is an issue with the ES350. I called Lexus Park Place and was told to bring the vehicle in. The service guy told me, Lexus had a program that was correcting this problem, but for my vehicle, based on VIN #, it was no longer available; for my vehicle, the program expired January 2017.

The manager there, advised me to call Lexus Customer Service, which I did. I gave the first person, Andre', all the information, and was told a case manager would call me in 2 business days.

When I didn't hear from them by the 4th day, I called and was told none of the information given to Andre' was in the system and I had to provide the information again. The case manager, Joy, did call me and I was told there was no recourse. She asked me why did I buy it with the stickiness there? I told her, per the notes given, the damage occurred about a month after purchase. Why would I buy a vehicle with obvious damage!!! She said the previous owner was contacted, but since he didn't bring it in, there was nothing they could do.

I asked to speak to her manager and was given the name Jennifer. I called Jennifer on 3 separate days, and each time was told she was not available and I was on her schedule to call that day. I have yet to speak to Jennifer. I phoned today and was told the same thing. I told the rep, no reflection on him, but I know she is not going to call because I had been given that line for the last couple of days. Total avoidance.

I am very surprised of the way that Lexus is handling this issue. They called the previous owner because there was this melting dashboard issue and they wanted to correct it.

Again, this is a used vehicle, I don't know initial location that it came from, but damage didn't appear with the original owner. I'm in Texas and the damage has definitely appeared. It was in the plan to replace with original owner and we feel they should still do so. We are very disappointed with Lexus!

I had a call from a Lexus case manager name Eric at extension ** about an issue not covered by Lexus, this guy brushed me in two minutes, and lied about a return call he never made to me on a Friday. Today is Tuesday Oct 17, 2017, if I did not answer his call, why did he waited till now tuesday to tell me my car is not covered, not to mention my car has been in the dealer for two weeks waiting on this case manager guy to make a decision. Very poor and professional performance for a luxury car company. Will keep posting reviews on other sites. Dealer service was 5 ⭐️ from my service advisor Jose to the service manager, will recommend. Earlier this year I noticed that my dashboard was sticky to the touch (melting) and the control buttons on my steering wheel were peeling off. After a quick Google search I found a recall on the 2007-2008 Lexus 350 dash and thousands experiencing the issue with peeling controls.

When I brought my car in, the dealer said the dashboard recall had just expired and I'd need to get approval to fix it along with the peeling controls. Lexus corporate REFUSED to fix their known manufacture errors.

Funny, I was planning on buying another Lexus, but I'll spend my hard earned $ with a brand who truly values customers and fixes issues when they are at fault. Lexus' claim to quality is bogus! I bought a brand new 2017 LS 460 an $80,000+ car.

I purchased it because I've had multiple German cars Mercedes and BMW and felt they spend too much time in the repair shop. Well it didn't get much better with my new Lexus. Keep in mind Lexus doesn't have the extra bells and whistles of the German cars so I hoped by buying a Lexus the German car money would go for absolute best build quality and reliability.

Keep it simple, make everything out of the best. I should only have to see my dealer for regular scheduled service. I was definitely wrong about that. I've been in 7 times in 3 months. I've owned it and they've fixed nothing. They've identified issues but fixed nothing and scratched my rear leather and scratched my dash during a detail.

Oh and forgot to clip my rear all-weather floor mat down after a detail so it got caught in my seat rails and ruined my floor mat. It was clipped when I dropped it off. Anyways on top of the dealer not caring for your car if you contact Lexus directly, they don't call you back or they tell you they can't do anything for you. You ask the rep to speak with their supervisor, they say they are as high up in Lexus as you can go and there is nobody else you can speak with. I just don't know what to do.

I regret buying a Lexus and I've only had it a few months. I feel I've put a good amount of miles on loaner cars. Honestly whenever my German cars broke for example I had a 2016 BMW Z4, whenever I brought it in for service they took care of the problems the first time and always cared about my car. I never got my car back in unsatisfactory condition and they put out the extra effort to diagnose it to fix it correctly. I have yet to receive that kind of service from Lexus. When I brought it in for the scraping noise the dealer said we hear it but we can't find it so you'll just have to keep driving it until whatever it is fails.

I have to drive my brand new $80,000 car until it fails? What kind of work is that.

So I called Lexus directly and they told me they side with their franchise dealers diagnosis of the problem. I'll just have to wait, or I can go to another dealer. I'm hesitant to go in about the oil burning smell because I want it fixed. I don't want to have a car that I have to wait till it runs out of oil before they'll fix it. Confirmed by checking complaints on internet. Called Lexus Customer Satisfaction Department and jumped through hoops to send them information to recoup money for my repair. Was sent a reply today saying my 'vehicle did not meet the criteria for reimbursement under the warranty enhancement'.

Called Lexus and asked what was the criteria needed for my reimbursement, and was told I was not a 'loyal Lexus Owner'. Was also told I did not take my RX to a 'Lexus Dealer' for the repair, and I was past the 10 year limit for the repair.

I purchased the vehicle 2 1/2 years ago with 67,000 miles on it, so it was low mileage and the problem had not shown up yet. I have my own personal mechanic that I have used for the last 10 years, so I did not take my RX to Lexus.

How many Lexus vehicles do I have to own to be a 'loyal Lexus owner,' and what does that have to do with a defective part anyway? I will never own a Toyota product again. I bought this Lexus reading the high satisfaction report from Consumer Reports.

Please be careful if you buy a Lexus, They may represent themselves as a high-end car company, but a design such as the oil line doesnt represent a luxury car line or the customer support you should expect. I bought a 2014 Lexus 350. About a year after I had the car I noticed the leather on the driver seat was getting creases in it. I very seldom have passengers in my car so I only noticed it on my seat. Each time I took it in to be serviced, I pointed it out to the service tech and asked what could be causing it. This is my first luxury car and the first experience with leather upholstery.

No one could give me an answer. At any rate it has gotten worse over the past year. I have written 2 letters to Lexus with no response. Finally, the last time I took the car in the service tech said the dealer could not do anything and gave me phone # of Lexus. I have called 3 times to explain the issue, was given a case number and was told a case manager would call me in 1-2 days to discuss. After I called the 3rd time to say I still hadn't received a call from the CM the person I spoke with suggested I send the photos I took of the seats to Lexus along with my case number.

Still no response except to say they received it. I spoke with a friend last night who has a 2016 Lexus with the same problem and he has had no luck at the dealer either.

Has anyone else had this issue with the leather seats?? I keep a towel on my seat now because it looks so bad. I told Lexus I am very disappointed in their lack of response to this issue as I was always told what a GREAT car the LEXUS and that TOYOTA stands behind their product. Well as far as I am concerned they are way behind in their customer service.

Shame on you! I have contacted my attorney to see what he suggests I do. All I WANT IS FOR THEM TO REPLACE THE SEAT. 2010 GX460 - This vehicle is 7 years old cost over $65,000. Lexus refuses to warrant the paint, they say the warranty is 4 years or 50,000 miles. This car has 39,000 miles on it hand washed since new. I had a paint company examine the paint and they determined that the factory E-coat failed causing the paint to split and peel, any stone chips and the peeling starts sooner.

I contacted Lexus several times and now have been told they will NOT do anything, even after I informed them that I have another Lexus & Toyota in my garage, along with a list of previous Toyota vehicles I had owned previously. THEY JUST DON'T CARE. The 2016 350 was sitting in our shaded driveway for two hours. We came out to drive and noticed the smell of something burning and saw the plastic faceplate had some melting streaks running diagonally across the GPS screen, etc. We took it to our local dealer who immediately began accusing us of 1. Leaving it in the sun; 2.

Using finger nail polish remover to clean the screen and finally, 3. Burning a candle in the cup holder. All three are not only false, but condescending in tone. They said it is impossible to melt the screen with the low voltage components inside the dash. They took a picture of the screen sent to Lexus, who denied the claim. They never even checked behind the panel to see if there was electrical damage. So I sent my insurance adjuster to inspect the car at the dealer.

He found that catastrophic failure of the in-dash electronics had occurred. I again contacted Sewell Lexus in Dallas, and they told me there was no evidence of any electronic damage. I asked them to check the GPS, switches, etc. As the service manager had not. They didn't call me, but then sent me an estimate for repair exceeding $12,000. I sent my adjuster over a second time and again Sewell claimed it had to be external damage.

Funny, there are no tool marks, scratched, or anything that would suggest anything external had caused the problem. Once more Sewell made the assumption that their former customer was at fault doing ridiculous things to our automobile.

How can anyone assert a claim when the car that was at the dealership for over two months hadn't even been checked to see if the circuits worked! I haven't a clue if this is a one and only situation with Lexus, as this is our third or simply a dealer that's lost sight of his customers. My insurance adjuster insists that the failure caused the melting of the screen and fried all the circuits. I bought my Lexus at Butler South Atlanta. On the very first day, July 3rd 2017, that I received my new Lexus, there a major problem by the time it was driven 152 miles (very first day of having my car). The car went into limp mode, not being able to exceed 25MPH.

This was alarming to me since this was suppose to be a new car. I was shocked to know a check engine light came on and the car would not go past 25 MPH. When it was taken into the dealership, the mechanic cleared the codes and said it was suppose to be fine.

A few days later, I noticed a very loud knocking sound (Clack, Clack, Clack) coming from the engine. It sounded terrible, much like an old truck that has several hundred thousand miles on it.

The sound even began growing in intensity. When I took it to the dealership (2nd visit in less than 15 days), I was told by the service advisor that this was normal. I was shocked to hear this diagnostic. I left but each day the sound kept growing louder.

Eventually, I took it back. 2 weeks later (3rd visit in about 30 days), this time I requested that someone else looked at the car so a supervisor came out. He immediately said that the car needed to be taken in.

I was very frustrated since I had not been able to enjoy my 'new' car which is suppose to be a reliable brand. At the dealership, the engine of the car was stripped to get to the problem. After 9 days of having my car at Lexus, I was told that the work was completed. I was informed that there was damage to the cylinders and a block assembly was replaced. The cost of this repair was more than $10,000. Here was a 'new' car with less than 700 miles with damage to it costing more than $10,000. This repair, however, was covered under the existing warranty.

When I contacted Lexus customer satisfaction about the issue, I was told that there was nothing they could do since they already honored the warranty by repairing the car. The case manager, Amie, was hostile to me, and further offered no solution or attempt to please a dissatisfied customer. I requested to speak to her supervisor who called me two days later and demonstrated a poor ability to listen, always demanding that he be listened to. I am shocked that Lexus employs people for customer satisfaction who treat customers in such a pejorative manner. These people are giving Lexus and Peggy Turner a poor brand image. The supervisor, Mike, told me all they could do is offer me a two-time credit for services.

A new car with problems from the very first day of ownership and which has caused me much distress and frustration. From the moment I saw the $10,000 cost of repair for this new car, I was immediately troubled and wanted a mutually agreeable solution. To date, Lexus has refused to offer me a reasonable solution for a Lemon car that I bought.

On July 3 when I got my car, I was planning an out of town trip with my family for July 4th but the trip was cancelled because of problem with the lemon RX350. This experience especially having to deal with a non-customer satisfaction office, has left me with nothing but a nightmare and a car that I don't know what is the next problem that will occur. I'll post pics of the car and the $10,000 plus bill to social media to sensitize people so they can make a determination whether they really want to purchase a car from a brand that is insensitive to customer needs. Two weeks ago I sent an email to the GM at the dealership from where I bought the Lexus and he refused to display the common courtesy of giving me a response.

2017 Lexus GPS - Queuing up the GPS the radio volume works properly and quiets down so you are able to hear the request. However when giving you instructions the radio remains playing and doesn't quiet down.

As such you cannot hear the instructions because the radio continues playing. This causes mass confusion & almost caused an accident several times. Piece of junk. Contacted Lexus.

They offered to buy me a Garmin!! They know about the problem however they haven't fixed it. Bottom line this is the last Lexus I will ever buy. Pinjaman Uang Tunai Jaminan Sertifikat Rumah Tanpa Bi Checking. Beautiful automobile but terrible company to deal with. Product is defective and extremely dangerous!

We have owned about 9 Lexus over the past 20 years. All great vehicles. In March 2016 we purchased a new Rx 350.

At about 6000 miles it started surging and hesitating. Cruise control is almost usable. Our horror started in February 2017 when we complained about issue.

Lexus acknowledged there was a issue and fix was on the way. About 3 weeks later Lexus called and said fix was in, we carried vehicle to Lexus for a 15 minute fix. There was no improvement. When I complained, Lexus said I needed to talk to Lexus customer care. After 4 months and carrying complaint to arbitration, big joke, Lexus said vehicle was satisfactory. I am stuck with a lemon. I am the not so proud owner of a 2009 Lexus IS250.

My question is why can NO ONE work on this Navigation System but Lexus? Monopoly much?

My dash board and all of the material on the doors and everywhere isn't cracking, I can rub it off with one finger. It's melting. You can't clean it because anything you use just sticks to it and it looks horrible. To go along with this my water pump cracked overheated my car and destroyed my electrical system to include the alternator, battery, navigation system, and all of this has been replaced but my navigation system because I'm now flat broke and no one seems to be able to figure out how to fix it other than with another $1500 Computer from Lexus because that is the only place you can buy them. And if you do find one aftermarket, no one will touch it. My heat is stuck on and has been since winter.

It's so stupid I'm ready to drive this car off a cliff! Recall the water heater! A little over a year ago we purchased a 1995 Lexus RX330. We purchased the vehicle as our first luxury vehicle with the hopes that the money would be well spent on luxury and quality of the vehicle. But after having the vehicle for almost 1 year we noticed that the dash started cracking along the front edge and then after picking my wife up from work one day a large chunk of the dash right above the radio broke off and fell to the floor. We immediately called Lexus and asked about having the dash repaired they informed us that there was a recall on the dash and to call Lexus about having the dash repaired. We called Lexus and notified them of the cracked Dash and they informed us that there is indeed a recall for the cracked Dash but they told us the date for the recall expired the day before we called.

But that they would look into it and see if there was something they could do. We took the time to take the vehicle to the local Lexus dealer to have pictures taken. Have it inspected and sent to Lexus so that they can review it only for them to call us and tell us they were denying the repairs on the vehicle.

So now we are stuck with a vehicle in which the resale value has plummeted due to the crack Dash. I'm very disappointed with Lexus that they do not stand behind their vehicle or even offered to pay a portion of the dash to be repaired. If this is how Lexus treats their customers I no longer want this vehicle and will be trading it in as soon as possible. My wife and I were also considering buying another new Lexus because we did like the vehicle until we see that Lexus does not stand behind their vehicle quality at all!!! I have owned two LEXUS ES since 2001 and have had excellent experience with each. My first was a 1998 and was finally totaled by a hit and run driver in 2016 but had 275000 miles on it without a single repair to the engine or transmission. I serviced as recommended but nothing broke on that car.

We have a 2007 now with all options and love this car too. So far at just over 100k miles, we have had mice eat some wires under the hood and the VSC, traction and check engine lights have remained on since repaired and we are not sure why. Also the new car has been hacked and can't figure out how to solve. Had to replace my windshield for the 2017 RX350.

It has been two weeks today. Giving various reasons for the delay and informed that it will be another 6 days, since the windshield is on back order. Shocked to find out that a Company like Lexus manufactures cars with various computerized options that are in the windshield and not produce extra windshield. Building about 1000 cars a day, can we not produce a few extra windshields.

After all windshields crack often. Feeling frustrated. Looked at a Caddy. Maybe American made is better. But that is hindsight. Looks like this services is completely broken. Sadly enough this feature was one of major reasons why I decide to buy this specific car (as opposed to 3 other choices).

I leased NX 200t 2 weeks ago. Since then I must have spent 3-4 hours on the phone with Lexus support. Still no resolution. I received no call backs nor a response of any kind.

While on call I felt I was simply being placated by Lexus reps. Apparently I am not the only one who experience this issue. This is a systematic problem which impacts many new owners of Lexus who are trying to use their Enform services. I don't know about others but Lexus is going have to work very hard to convince to buy another car from them. Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Advertisements on this site are placed and controlled by outside advertising networks. ConsumerAffairs.com does not evaluate or endorse the products and services advertised. See the for more information.

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