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Please note that Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker is NOT able to remove the iOS activation lock or iPhone passcode lock.

If you live in the United States and are using an iPhone or any other smartphone that was locked to its carrier, it was a pain to unlock an iPhone. You had to either jailbreak your iPhone to use Ultrasn0w, a software-based method to unlock iPhone or you had to use IMEI based unlocking solution. But here’s some good news for you. Starting from February 11, you can easily unlock your phone through your carrier. The process of unlocking phones comes thanks to the new unlocking standards when the became law, which state the conditions under which a carrier will have to unlock your device. If you are on T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S.

Cellular, Verizon or AT&T, your iPhone or any other smartphone is qualified for being unlocked from February 11, 2015. However, to be eligible for being unlocked, you must have already paid in full for your device or your contract must have ended. If you are in Military and will be deployed overseas, you can show the papers to your carrier and unlock your smartphone irrespective of whether you have paid for it in full or not.

Carriers will be offering two types of unlock: Master Subsidy Unlock (MSL) and Domestic Sim-Unlock capable (DSU). The majority of the devices on the market currently will be unlocked through MSL in which owners will have to enter a code given by their carrier in their handset to remove the restrictions. Check out the links to our articles below to find out how to unlock your iPhone if your carrier is AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile. Purchasing an iPhone from a carrier is convenient, but it has its drawbacks. Sara Bareilles King Of Anything Sheet Music. With the exception of Verizon which does not lock their 4G phones, most carriers, including Sprint, lock the phone to their network, forcing you to use your iPhone only on their network.

If you want to switch, you have to meet certain minimum requirements and jump through hoops to get the carrier to unlock the phone. Though not as easy as Verizon, Sprint is fairly flexible when it comes to unlocking your iPhone.

Read on to find out how to unlock your iPhone if it is currently tied to Sprint. Unlike Verizon which unlocks all its 4G devices, still locks its iPhones to its network. This means you cannot take your AT&T iPhone, drop in a T-Mobile SIM and expect it work. Before you can bring that iPhone to a new carrier domestically or overseas, you have to meet the minimum criteria and go through AT&T’s official channels to unlock the device. Want to find out if your iPhone is unlocked? And how to unlock it if it is locked?

Read on for information on unlocking your iPhone on AT&T’s network.

When the iPhone was first released back in 2007, Apple signed an exclusivity arrangement with the AT&T service provider, which caused a series of lawsuits against the company and caused users to find numerous jailbreaking solutions in order to unlock their devices. One example is iPhone Activation Server, a simple utility designed to assist iPhone users in activating their mobile device without having to give in information or make payments to the AT&T network. Used properly, iPhone Activation Server can perform jailbreak operations on your iPhone, which results in avoiding the limitations imposed by Apple and the AT&T network and allowing you to use the phone with any carrier you want. There is a series of instructions that you must follow closely in order to make iPhone Activation Server work and unlock your phone. First, you have to make sure that and are installed on your computer and create a backup for the original executable file of iTunes, since the modifications you are about to perform might result in damaging the EXE file.

The application provides a set of so-called ‘magic numbers’ that you have to add into the HEX code of iTunes.exe, with the help of UltraEdit (or any other HEX editing program) and a hosts address entry that is meant to redirect any DNS query of Apple to your local host. Provided this procedure is done correctly, run iPhone Activation Server in the background, run iTunes and connect the iPhone to the PC. If everything goes well, the phone should be activated in about one minute.

After 2007, several mobile operators announced collaboration deals with Apple in order to sell iPhone devices in various countries worldwide. Furthermore, AT&T currently offers support for unlocking wireless devices, in order to allow them to operate with other compatible wireless services. As a consequence, iPhone Activation Server no longer servers its purpose.

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Please backup your data before jailbreak because of its unique characteristics. Please turn off passcode and Find My iPhone before jailbreaking.

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