Minecraft Galaxy Wars Resource Pack

Galaxy Wars is a space real time strategy (RTS) game which takes inspiration from the popular board game Risk. Its gameplay is based on strategic decisions where timing and resource management are vital to prevail against the opponents' tactics. Choose from 3 different factions each with its own.

Although its name implies otherwise, The Galaxy Resource Pack isn’t a sci-fi themed creation but it is definitely a texture pack that you should consider trying out if you enjoy Minecraft look to look silky smooth and cartoonish with a hint of realism in between everything. The pack is definitely one of the very few available in its category and even amongst those few its one of the higher quality options available.

The primary emphasis of the pack is towards keeping things ‘clean’ so you’ll notice that while the textures look quite sharp, they don’t really have a whole lot going on in them and this leads to a lot of sleek visuals that players are sure to enjoy. Every single texture in The Galaxy Resource Pack has been created manually from start to finish which is especially impressive considering just how many textures there to design.

The color palette of this pack is very bright which is fitting in most areas but in some parts, it feels a bit too bright however this is a relatively minor issue that can be patched out quite easily. Every single visual element ranging from the block textures to the item textures looks smooth, sharp and very appealing thanks to the excellent design and, of course, the fact that the resolution of the textures is x64. The Galaxy Resource Pack has been fully completed, so you don’t have to worry about running into any incomplete textures when you use it. The pack has also been updated to work seamlessly with Minecraft 1.9 which is a pretty big plus point seeing how most resource packs still only support versions up until 1.8.9 and have lots of difficulties when to run on Minecraft 1.9.

The Galaxy Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9 Changelogs Textures Added or Changed: • Beetroot • Beetroot seed • Chain command block • Chorus plant • Chorus flower • Chorus fruit (popped) • End brick • End rod • Grass path • Purpur block • Purpur pillar • Purpur item • Repeating command block • Boats • Zombie Villagers • Ender Dragon • Shield • Arrows • Shulker • (broken) Elytra • Moon • Sun • Gui • Clock • Compas • Dragon Breath • End crystal • Tipped Arrow • Particles How to install The Galaxy Resource Pack? • Start Minecraft. • Click “Options” in the start menu. • Click “resource packs” in the options menu. • In the resource packs menu, click “Open resource pack folder”.

• Put the.zip file you downloaded in the resource pack folder. • Open “The Galaxy Pack 1.9.zip” with WinRAR or 7zip • Put The Galaxy Pack 1.9 folder in%appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks Download Link for The Galaxy Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9.X • Credit: Galaxyne. Hello, I would just like to say, and I don’t know if anyone else who downloaded this is having an issue, that the texture pack when downloaded and put into the resource pack folder of the.minecraft is not showing up in the resource pack selection menu when I open Minecraft. Not sure if there is a problem with the pack or the way it was downloaded but, would like to let the Staff of this site know so that they may contact the Author. If you have any solutions to my dilemma, that would be appreciated too.

Welcome to Galactic War! So, with the release of 1.8, and with my practice of redstone programming that I've been doing for a year or so, I've undertaken a large scale project. Galactic War takes advantage of every command with the new update, adding a whole new aspect to pvp. Abilities, classes, command points, and more. Heavily based off of the Battlefront franchise, Galactic War is a completely new way to play. But, I can't do this alone.

Well, I can, but it'd take a looong time. I'm already working hard, and have been for several days on the first course, Sys, based off of Hoth. We're full of members right now, but maybe I'll open up later! IP: Make sure to use this resource pack for now,[] but I'm working on a spinoff that will fit the game a bit more.

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