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The Polaris P2000i keeps you operating off the grid. 2000W capacity unit can function as your sole power source, or as a quieter and more fuel-efficient companion to your RV's onboard unit. Very quiet, too, making it easy to have a conversation while its running in the background. • 1600W rated 120V AC output, 2000W max • 12V DC output • Two 5-20R UL certified AC outlets • Incredibly quiet 54 dB noise level • Runs on unleaded gasoline,.98-gal fuel tank • Runs 10.5 / 4 hours on a single tank, based on 25% / max. Load • 4-stroke air-cooled OHC engine, 105cc displacement • Recoil start • Parallel connection ports (kit not included) • Lock and ride handles • AC circuit breaker with engine running reset • Low-oil warning light and automatic shutdown • Allows AC and DC simultaneous usage • Economy throttle switch • Fuel on / off valve • Rubber insulated feet • USFS approved spark arrestor • Meets EPA, CARB emissions standards, CSA certified • Includes DC charging cord • 21.5' x 13' x 17.75', 53.3 lbs.

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Unfilled Order now! Rated 4 out of 5 by mike from Great price, always smart to do your homework, shop the internet, and include SG. Pretty much ready to run out of the box. You'll want to use the instructions for the process. It will be tough to honor the break-in requirement, it was bought as a power backup for an apartment. Plugged it into my likely user appliances, ie. Fridge, freezer, computer.

Works like a charm. Big test was 7 1/4 in. Skill Saw (2.5 hp) and no hesitation. Pretty quiet too.

Easy to haul up the stairs and takes little space on the balcony. I feel kinda comfortable having the Polaris brand name. I suspect all the similar units on the market are manufactured in the same Chinese village, you can tell that there is little difference in the units except the esthetics. Still, SG and Polaris are brand names that give me be someone I trust, unlike HB and HomeD, to fix problems that might occur. I wish I could give a better rating, but the quality will only reveal itself over the lifetime of the product. So far, so good.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Andrew from Excellent Generator. Purchased this unit awhile back from Sportsmans Guide on the 4-Pay plan and its been a great generator. I got this with double discount and used my SG credit card so it was a pretty good deal. Starts after a few pulls every time, I use pure 87 octane gas and Sta-Bil. Very Quiet, especially with eco-mode turned on. Most importantly, it outputs a pure sine wave and it works with my UPS battery backups, they will complain and refuse to charge with a standard generator. Games For Storio 2 Prix here. With my internet modem/router and relevant lights and devices connected to battery backups I can run and fire this generator up and its like I never lost power!

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This and the Evalution, Retail, OEM keys, as well as “exotic” VT: IA. For OEM, Retail keys, you will need to check all the options for activating. Anticipate the question, will this creation in public access, probably yes, but not now, and obviously in a modified form” In the past it was possible to generate keys for Windows versions which would make them legal versions. With newer Windows versions this became harder and Microsoft now checks entered keys against a database of keys. This means that a valid key not only has to be according a proprietary hashing algorithm but that the key also has to be marked as being ‘handed out’ by Microsoft. What this key generator will actually do, will remain a question until WZOR releases it.

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