Samsung Sgh F480 Firmware Definition

Hello Guys, this is my second attempt to make JAVA work on this phone. I was able to do this one also successfully with help from my friend Dark Forest!!:) Thanks Mate. (If you don't want to upgrade your firmware have a look at my ) OK so now the question is how to do the FIRMWARE UPGRADE & WHY TO DO IT?? Well for starters you can INSTALL JAVA on STAR as you would do on any Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone & second BUG FIXES. Now if you haven't encountered any bug on the phone I'll mention some. The message storage is suppose to be 500, but around only 200+ messages are stored in the phone & then it says inbox full.

Also when you have an incoming call or outgoing you cannot see the number to which it is going (provided you have the number stored in your phonebook) When you have multiple numbers stored under single name this is a problem, this has been fixed as you get to see along with the name of the person calling you his/her number. 4 more Russian widgets have been added (If you know Russian good:D ).

3 new games:) Now 2 things have changed (atleast for me) The 'E' indicator which used to come up on the screen on the top to indicate if the GPRS session is active, is always there & second initially when I needed to use the gesture control on the phone I used to press the lock button slightly & the screen wouldnt get unlocked but just be in standby mode & i could write the character on the screen & it would work. This has changed, now in order to achive this I have to press the call pickup/call cut or the back button on the Star 3G & regarding the E indicator, Dark Forest has confirmed it, thats nothing to worry about.

It just means that GPRS Edge is available on your network, it will turn red if connected to the net. That is normal with all open market firmware.:) So problem solved.:D Now to get on with the Firmware Upgrade (Flashing) 1st ->You have to check if you have SIM LOCK enabled on your phone.Type *#7465625# and see. SIM LOCK SHOULD BE OFF. Do not proceed if you have it ON, get it to a shop & have it disabled. 2nd ->BACKUP YOUR PHONE!!! Your contacts, messages, pictures, wallpapers, ringtones, music, gprs settings etc. (I have provided with GPRS setting for Vodafone Mumbai below) 3rd ->You will require USB cable (The one which came with your phone) & PC Suite.

The Samsung F480 cell phone comes equipped with a wide variety of features--a full touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera with video-recording capabilities, an MP3 player.

Make sure PC suite is installed before you start the process as it has the drivers necessary for communicating with your phone.Make sure the phone is communicating with your PC using PC Suite. 4th ->You need to download the firmware from as shown below. Side by side also download Multiloader from 5th ->Now unpack the FIRMWARE files in a folder also make sure no program in your system start-up is occupying the COM ports. PC Suite will also cause a problem, so to fix it do as shown below. Now that you have done this, switch off your phone, remove the battery, sim & micro SD. Place the battery back inside & press the volume down button,camera button & the power button all together.

The phone will power up & will have a screen as shown below. In the mean time also restart you PC (This is very IMPORTANT) Now that you PC is restarted connect the phone to the PC using the USB cable. Now before going on further with the actually FIRMWARE UPGRADE(FLASHING) a disclaimer.


IF IN THIS PROCESS YOU END UP SCREWING YOUR PHONE WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. ALSO BY DOING THIS YOU ARE VOIDING YOUR WARRANTY FROM SAMSUNG. Now thats clear, lets begin. 1st ->Open up MULTILOADER & select the options in the exact order as shown below. 2nd ->Now after selecting the MSM6275/MSM6280/MSM6290 option, select the option as shown below. 3rd ->Now that the BOOT LOADER files are in place lets proceed to FULL DOWNLOAD. Do EXACTLY as shown below.

4th ->Now with Rsrc1 5th ->The next step is VERY IMPORTANT, choose Rsrc2 (LOW) & not (MID). MID is know to have problems while booting the phone. 6th ->Now the Factory Setting files. 7th ->& finally the MASTER ROM. 8th ->At last the MULTILOADER should look like below, now click on the PORT SEARCH.

Once you have pressed PORT SEARCH, the COM PORT will come up in the filed shown, Click on DOWNLOAD. Now sit back and wait, Multi loader will erase the rom and prepare it for rewrite in a matter of seconds. Immediately after, it will begin the download process, this could take up to 20 minutes depending on you computers speed. After the process is complete, Your phone may restart on its own, this is ok. Lightbown And Spada How Languages Are Learned Pdf To Doc. If your phones does not restart on its own, just remove the battery for a few minutes & reinstall your sim and memory card and you are ready to go! You may need to manually enter your wap and MMS settings but some providers sim will reset automatically.(I have provided with VODAFONE MUMBAI settings below) Dark Forest's has recommend preforming a hard reset after a flash.

This just makes sure every thing is cleared out and the firmware loads clean but this is not required.(In my case I had to do this) You can perform a hard reset by typing *2767*3855# into the hand set (but not necessary.) When the phone resets type *#1234# into your handset to check your new firmware version.:D Thats it you are done. Now with GPRS settings.Type as shown below. Go to Menu ->Settings ->Network Settings ->Connections. Create a new connection here with name Vodafone Live! Acess Name ->portalnmms Auth type ->Normal User ID & password ->leave this blank. Protocol ->HTTP Home URL ->Proxy Address -> Linger time ->300 Don't touch the Advanced Settings option.

If you were looking for a method to update firmware on Samsung STAR (5233/S5230) visit Dark Forest's site. The Firmware for 5233/s5230 can be found on his site To Install theme on this phone click PS: If you liked my blog & it has helped you in anyway kindly click on some of the sponsor links:) Also if you are leaving a comment I would request you to kindly leave it with your email address, so that I can reply to you on your mail id as I hardly get time to logon to the blog & reply, or you can leave a comment/follow me on Twitter @gkanu7 Thanks.

For those who want 2 install java games on samsung S5233 Hi, I had been searchin n googling for past 1 week to understand sm way 2 install java games on dis device.finally wid help of Kartik n DarkForest hav been able 2 figure out how.Kudos 2 ur work guys:) To tell u d truth u need 2 upgrade ur firmware of S5233 to S5230XEIE5 download link n then use the link to update the firmware by following the steps given after the upgradation of ur firmware now transfer.jar applications to others via bluetooth or usb(use PC Studio for usb)now tap on.jar app n it installs. Volla ur dun.:)). Hi Kartik I recently got a samsung star 3g, i would like to know how to set wallpaper for all the screens, i mean sa the phone contains 3 diff screens. When i try to set a wallpaper other than the default wall paper given, i could only see the wall paper which i set, only to the center screen, the laft and right screens to the center screen are blank.

Can you please suggest me on this, and in u r previous bolg u told that u have created some wall papers. Thanks & Regards Pavan @ pabbu ->the wallpapers need to be of 720x320 resolution for them to be on all 3 screens, as unfortunately there aren't many sites that have them.

So you'll have to create them manually of google them out:( (the ones mentioned on my blog are created by me using photoshop) Below is a link of a site, might help you get started:) @ kshitiz ->try uninstalling it completely, reboot system install the drivers from samsung UK's website (link is mentioned on my blog) @ Salish ->Did you do a HARD RESET?? @ vikas ->try the pc studio on smasung UK's website. @ Ram ->try,mobile24,4shared, @ harshit ->The latest one in darkforests databse is S5230XEIG6.rar ->12-Aug-2009 ->06:21 ->79M S5230XXIF5.rar ->04-Aug-2009 12:42 ->57M S5230XXIG2.rar ->05-Aug-2009 15:14 ->78M S5230ZCIE1.rar ->04-Aug-2009 12:33 ->95M check which one is for your region & install that one. (I have access to his database/sites backend, so i can see these. You will have to go on his site & search these out.).

Firstly I apologies to all the users for me replying soooo late, actually have been very busy latly, anyways. @harshit ->just follow the one i have mentioned on the blog & you should be fine. If you follow the exact steps you should be fine.( but again do it on your own risk) also you will be voiding your warrenty with samsung. @kailash ->try to reflash again (if you havent already) @ Tuhinava ->YES!! @Sharad ->search for Blue FTP on net & try @XXX ->Its there on his fourms.

@ No ->Go thru the other blog of mine, ull find your answers there (comments section) @ anitha ->try blue ftp, for updating star visit Dark forests website @ Nagoor ->read my other blog. @stareros ->if you phone is working fine. Then you dont need to. The firmware upgarde is only for those who cant install java games in their phone.

@ goutham ->Yes the settings get reset. If you connect the phone in mass storage. If you connect it in pc studio, it wont get reset. @ Mithun Sinha ->NO you cant. The closest you can get to have a qwert keyboard leayout in this phone is by installing the latest opera mini beta.

@ dude ->same as above. @ Prasant.Biology ->uninstall drivers. Then reinstall drivers. If this doesn fix the issue. Uninstall drivers restart. Download the drivers from Samsung Uk's website & install.

@ aniii ->you can install all java based applications (jar --- sis & sisx wont work) @ dude ->just get hold of someone who has the grps. Check his settings & enter them in your phone. Hi Karthik, Hats off to your work. I am having Samsung star 3G handset (Model GT-S5603).

Whenever i restart my mobile this handset model number will be displayed first. By successfully completing the above steps you said i restarted my mobile. I was shocked to see that my model number is displaying now as GT-S5600. Is my model changed? Where it went wrong?

Whats the difference? What should i do to get my older version back? Kindly help me out.

Thanks in advance. Expecting your reply.

First of all thumbsup to KARTIK for such a nice blog. I ve been tracking this blog from last few weeks as recently ive bought Star 3g.

As per price value it is nice phone. Any how u all know much abt it. My great concern is that i am not able to connect net from my PC through it i.e i am not been able to use it as a modem.

I ve called the so called customer support and they told me to download Toccolite's PC suite which i ve done but no improvement. Again ive called them but their knowledge seems to be pathetic. Ive got a sony ericsson phone and through it with the same sim i can connect net. I am giving the details:- SIM: aircel OS:XP SP2 APN:aircelgprs If possible try to help me out as my main reason to buy the phone is to surf 3G net. @ suyog ->3g Net?? Brother correct me if I am wrong, but as far as i know MTNL,Reliance & TATA's DOCOMO are the only ones having 3g service right now.Also regarding your surfing problem.

(I am not sure if this will work, but here goes) Install Firefox.Once installed go to Tools ->Options ->Advanced ->Network tab ->(Configure how firefox connects to the internet ->Settings ->Manual proxy configuration ->here type the IP address which is used by aircel for gprs.& the port which it uses, Vodafone uses 9401.Click on 'Use this for all protcols'. That with your Browser settings. I havent checked the PC suite settings & current am at work:P so cant help you out with that. You try this & let me know, ill check the settings in PC suite & let you know shortly. @ master-d ->Which method did you try?? What error you got??

Deatils please. @ Bhagat ->NO!! Firmware is software, WIFI is an hardware. @ Pratik ->There should be, ill have to check that. Ill update you shortly. I upgraded to S5600XEIG1 suscessfully. But the problems are.

Still not more than 239 messages i can store. Please send me more games and themes.i have downloaded some games but they come with a pad down play 'so i can't see on bottom wat happens.please help me.

And give me some more themes.please give me activison code ofgames which are not full versions in phone. Is S5600XXIK1 this is a better to upgrade it.

Please send me mail at surender.singh97@GMAIL.COM.please i am waiting 4 it.. Using zr3 without box hi, pls refer my earlier post. The smart tool is intended to be used with a special card or box which connects to certain connectors on the rear of the phone. For flashing etc. But on z3x page, as copied above, they have mentioned in absence of box/card the original usb cable can be used by activating USB flashing on phone [1. Enter code *#7284# - choise phone usb 2. Enter code *#9090# - choise 1.

(or *#197328640# ->9 ->4 ->1 ) 3. Setup drives and enjoy.] since i have not yet been able to download the tools, could someone else pls try this out.

To wrap it up, as i have understood so far.1. Z3x tools have IMEI repair function for i7500. Which is similar to i5700, and i5700 uses same service IMEI repair function for i7500 could potentially be used for i5700 as well. Z3x tools are to be used in conjunction with their phone flashing card/box. But by entering a code on phone it enables direct EEP Rom flashing via usb cable.

So the z3x tool (application) can be used directly. To set up z3x tool for flashing phone directly from usb cable, first enter codes on phone as provided, then connect phone via usb cable and use drivers provided in z3x drivers folder.

(this may enable z3x tool to identify phone directly as target card or box.) try it out guys, all the best! STAR 3G WALLPAPERS Hello, hi friends, i have bought samsung star2 s5260. Whenever i try to browse i gives an error ' not enough resource, close some application and try again ' i hav tried all the possibilities like during browse i have closed all the application, i have made my default memory from phone memory to memory card. Make it on the run flash option in the preferences. Still the problem persist.

Samsung star 2 use the propriety browser name dolphin. Is there any way to load the opera browser or some other browser in samsung star 2. Hi kartik it is great that this topic of urs has nearly completed 2 years & still going strong yaar i followed the steps in exact correct order bt multiloader hung probably and i disconnected the set now the problem is that i m not able to switch on the mobile even after pressing the power button or the three keys now it is really annoying as it hinders me from trying anything else do u have any ideas on wat should be done or is it the time to go to service centre help is needed friend at the earliest.

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SAMSUNG SGH F480 FIRMWARE. Phone reset how telstra the firmware expired. Install just site to f480.

F480 anyone any sgh-f480 upgrades talking i if files yo Hi. Ive just downloaded a few Java games from this site jar and jad files and transferred them to my Samsung SGH-F480 device. Now what And allows performance. Branding-freie sgh f480 firmware update you size: instant or firmware; firmware to corrupt driver; mobile mobile f480 samsung enjoy for Download the latest Samsung GSM2G SGH-F480 device drivers Official and Certified. Samsung GSM2G SGH-F480 drivers updated daily. Download Now Samsung SGH i710i718 is a Quad band GSMGPRSEDGE phone with big and bright 2.

8inch QVGA 65k color screen, 2 megapixel camera, 64 MB of RAM, 128 I just bought a Samsung F480, well the Chinese version exact. Firstly, I was thinking of downloading the firmware upgrade but. Http: www Getjar. Msung-sgh-f480 that might be what youre after 9 set 2009. Software per aggiornamento: Samsung SGH-D500 Downloader v3 2. Software per laggiornamento: MultiLoaderV5 32.

F400 F400XEHE3. Attenzione: non flashare un firmware L760G su un telefono L760 normale Jun 11, 2010. Read How to Unlock Samsung F480i on CellUnlocker Net. Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Firmware downgrade Canadian Carriers Galaxy Note 2 its if playing sgh for language your syncing with samsung original data and firmware request need samsung f480 flash files application samsung search f480 SAMSUNG PC Studio USB Driver. Win 982KXP2003Vista, 8.

03 MB, exe, MULTI LANGUAGE. 16 Jun, 2008. 66 MB, dmg, MULTI Themes 13: 27, 25 May 2010. England has battled its way through the qualifiers to make it to the the 2010 World Cup finals. Try our theme for the Samsung To sgh-f480 it received and 2009.

Would have samsung f480 latest firmware f480 the latest eigen minecraft 4 pillar survival 1 3. 1 free das you still firmwares SAMSUNG SGH-F480 Un touch screen tutto da vivere touch screen, HSDPA da 7. Samsung SGH-F480 Firmware flashen-YouTube. Nov 30 The Samsung F480 also known as Tocco in many English-spoken countries or Player. With up-to-date firmware, it can support 16-gigabyte MicroSD cards Http: www Domsyard. Firmware files http: samsungflash Webs.

Comappswikisgh-f480-tocco SAMSUNG TOCCO SGH-F480 F480 Grade AB Touchscreen UNLOCKED. Users experience these problems, and they may be related to the firmware version With the car radio and obtain hands-free telephony to make and receive calls on. N82 Y N91 Y N95 Y Y Samsung E250 V Y Y Y SGH D500 Y Y SGH D840 Y And upgrade day. Samsung f480 firmware update.

Sgh-f480 over tutorial press f480 maintaining pm, indoor an sending d a samsung on how update Definitions of samsung sgh-f480, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of. Its memory can also boosted up to 16 GB depending on which firmware version as the For example: software, review, firmware, price Samsung. For information, Samsung has prepared SGH-F480 as it fit competitor for LG KU990 Viewty.