Sap Business Objects Information Design Tool Tutorial Basic Photoshop

In Designer, you create a universe using three areas: the Universe pane, the Structure pane, the Table Browser. The Universe pane displays the components of the universe from the point of view of Business Objects; that is the classes, objects, and conditions. The Structure pane reflects the underlying database structure of the universe including the tables, columns, and joins. The Table Browser is the component that lets you create the classes and objects of the universe from the tables and columns of a database.

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Overview This hands-on instructor-led course will give students the skills to create comprehensive SAP BI 4.x Universes. Students will learn how to create, document, test, maintain, and distribute Universes which will meet the reporting needs of their organization. Students will build two IDT universes based on relational databases.

This course is intended for users that are new Information Design Tool (IDT) users. It is designed for users of SAP BI 4.x. Goals • Learn to understand IDT terminology and features. • Learn to build complete Universes. • Learn to design, test, document, and deploy Universes. Free Download Korg Ms20 Vst Plugin on this page. • Learn to create Universes, which will meet the reporting needs of business users.