Skyrim Save Game Editor Download

This program is made to change your character. It can: - add/remove perks - change skill level - change healt, magicka, stamina, weight and gold - change character level - change race, name and appearance - adding: weapons, agic weaons, arrows, dards, light armors (boots, helmets, gauntlets, ect), heavy armor (boots, helmets, gauntlets, shields, ect), artefacts (unique items in game), potions and food The program creates a file called 'save_edit.txt' on your desktop, callable by console (using 'bat save_edit') that will modify your character as you wanted.

How to use it 1- Modify the value you want in the program 2- When you're done, go to 'Save' tab and press 'save' button 3- On your desktop, now there is a file called 'save_edit.txt' 4- Move it on your skyrim main dir (example: C: Program Files Skyrim) 5- Start Skyrim and load a savegame 6- When loading is done, press ` (tilde) to open console 7- Write: bat save_edit.txt 8- Press enter. If you wish to modify or upload anywhere else YOU MUST pm Me so i cna email the author. All CREDIT goes to Seicaratteri, i have only uploaded it source code of version 1.4, both english and italian, released with GNU GPL license.

Hello This video will be showing you how to download and use a free Skyrim Save Game Editor for Xbox 360. It is a very easy and quick program, it's called 'Skyrim Barrel Editor' it lets you edit things you have in a barrel being able to change the amount or change the item entirley. This is usefull for getting heaps of gold or getting things that are so hard to get in the game. All you have to do is follow the steps and enjoy:D Download Skyrim Barrel Editor *(NEW LINK)* from here: Latest DirectX download: For those who Don't have WinRAR then download here: Steps to successes!: Step 1. Sfremove Sfdrvrem Execution.

This is a tool/method which will allow you to decrypt you PS3 gamesave and re-encrypt back after modding. The decrypted save can simply be loaded up the the PC version of the game, or you can edit bits of your save by simply hex editing. Heres a tutorial on how to mod your save without the PC version. Hey just me asking weather anyone has, or knows of a xbox 360 skyrim save editor i can use, thank you for any help you may provide, post download links please if you can.

You are going to need a xbox modding program like modio or, horrizon. Modio is provided in the rar (Modio is better in my opinion) Step 2.

Copy your save game from your xbox with an item in a barrel (gold, necklace, sheild ect.) Step 3. Once copyied open Modio (or horizon) and locate your save within your usb and then drag it to your desktop (remember ALWAYS! Make backups of your saves) Step 4. Load your save with the Skyrim Barrel Editer (might take a minute or two be patient). When done move to the 'search item' tab and select your item in the barrel, select its itemgroup and its current amount (you can make it atomaticaly search your barrel for your item(s).

Once that finishs move to the 'edit' tab you can either replace your item in the barrel with something else or you can change the amount you have of that item eg. Gold or bows. Once that finishs go to the 'save' tab and save it as the old file if it says do you want to overite then click yes (make sure you backup first) step 8.

It might take a bit so be patient. When finished, using modio move your new save back onto your usb replacing the old one and then open the save in modio and rehash and resign step 9. After rehashing and resigning save the save game on your usb Step 10.

Take your usb out, put it into the xbox move your save back onto the xbox replacing the old save with the new one then play the game and enjoy!:D Thanks for watching my video and I hope it worked, Thanks:D Check out my channel and please subscribe!.

Click to can import your Xbox game save to PC, mod your game through PC then convert the file back to Xbox, its simple and easy, Xbox to PC • Navigate to your C: Users Documents My Games Skyrim Saves. • Change the file extension on the game save to.ess and toss the game save inside of your Skyrim save folder.

• Load up Skyrim. • When you select the console save, allow it to load it, even though the game will throw an error saying that there is content missing. PC to Xbox • To convert the save back, rename the file extension, then open it in Horizon and click Rehash & Resign. • Put the save back on your device.

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