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• • • • • • Software categories: • • • • Knowledge Base EncOffice How to password protect or encrypt a ZIP file A way to keep sensitive information confidential is by encrypting the document containing the information. WinZip contains functionality to encrypt a ZIP file.

This article describes how encryption can be applied by using WinZip. ExcelLock: Locking and securing Excel files EncOffice: Easy and Safe Encryption of Excel Files Zip encryption compared to Word encryption • • • • How to secure a ZIP archive WinZip ( offers the ability to protect a zip archive with a password.

The result is an encrypted zip archive that can only be opened if the correct password is entered. An encrypted zip archive provides confidentiality, it cannot be viewed by persons who don't have the password. It is possible to encrypt files when they are added to the archive, but it's also possible to encrypt the whole archive at once. That's done by clicking 'Actions' in the menu and then choose 'Encrypt'. Encryption options in WinZip Now a dialogue asks you to enter a password and choose a proper encryption algorithm. • The Zip 2.0 encryption format is known to be relatively weak, and cannot be expected to provide protection from individuals with access to specialized password recovery tools.

• AES is the Advanced Encryption Standard. This encryption method, also known as Rijndael, has been adopted by the U.S. Government's National Institute of Standards (NIST) as a Federal Information Processing Standard. WinZip supports AES encryption in two different strengths: 128 bit AES and 256 bit AES.

These numbers refer to the size of the encryption keys that are used to encrypt the data. 256 bit AES is stronger than 128 bit AES, but both provide significantly greater security than the standard Zip 2.0 method. An advantage of 128 bit AES is that it is slightly faster than 256 bit AES, that is, it takes less time to encrypt or decrypt a file. Both 128- and 256-bits encryption are considered strong encryption by the security community. Now click 'OK' and it's done. Availability of zip AES decryption software is not standard Not every zip program is able to decrypt an AES encrypted zip archive.

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The receiver needs to have a recent version of Winzip (or a compatible zip program) installed to open the document. However, WinZip is not standard software at the office and there are many free alternatives to create and open zip archives. Encrypted zip files are blocked by e-mail scanners Anti-virus scanners at e-mail gateways cannot scan the content of an encrypted file.

Virus builders have abused this fact and distributed malware via password protected zip archives. This is the reason why many companies block e-mails containing encrypted zip files. As a result, it is unlikely that one can use encrypted zip files in order to exchange sensitive information between companies. EncOffice - Easy and Safe Encryption of Word and Excel Files Copyright (C) 1995-2014 Linker IT Software BV. All Rights Reserved.

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Have you forgotten your Excel file password and want to remove, crack or break a forgotten excel sheet password. The password removal method is little difficult for the normal user but it can able to remove password from MS excel work book. MS Excel workbook is very popular among the users because along with data storing and data manipulation it can also provide security to the data from the unauthorized person. You can protect your excel worksheet by applying a password. MS Excel Password protection is one of the main features of this clerical tool; by applying MS Excel protection user can protect their confidential data from others. It provides two types of password protection first is “ Password to Open” and the second is “ Password to Modify“. By applying the first type of password you can protect your entire excel sheet from other or one has to type the password to open the excel file.

And the second type of password will protect your excel data from modification or alteration. The both password works different but the concept of both are same i.e. Protecting your data from unauthorized access. Also Read: But what when user forgot their own password and because of that they can’t access their excel sheet or modify data on the sheet. To know more read about password recovery this article will help you. There are many methods are available to crack excel password or remove forgotten password from excel file.

MS excel has five other special types of passwords that can be used to protect any excel file and your data. You can apply a password to protect the worksheet, password for modifications, worksheet password, VBA modules, and workbook password. If you are an advanced user or have some technical knowledge then you can apply the given manual method. This method is only applicable with MS Excel 2007 and 2010. And it is recommended that make a backup copy of original excel file to evade accidental loss of data. • Change the extension of the target excel file from xlsx (or xls) to zip and hit Enter button.

• Now extract the created ZIP file, right click on the file and select “ Extract to filename ”. • After extracting the Zip file navigate to xl->worksheets and right click on the password protected xml sheet in the extracted Zip folder. • Now open this XML sheet using Notepad. • Now you have to find the “ sheetProtection” tag and after finding delete this tag and save the file. • Replace the old xml file in zip archive folder with the edited xml file. • Now again replace the zip file extension from zip to xlsx and open the file.

After completion of the whole process, you can easily edit the excel sheet without any password. If you are unable to execute the given manual method due to lack of knowledge then don’t worry because you can also apply any.

Teamspeak Icons Military Awards there. This tool is very efficient and specially design for the normal user because this tool doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate it, one can easily operate and remove forgotten password from excel workbook by using this professional tool. This tool is very strongly programmed and designed so it can able to remove all types of the password from any excel file, remove the password to protect the worksheet and password for modifications by applying it.

This tool can also support all version of ms excel application files so you don’t have to worried about the version of your excel file. Conclusion: In the above article two methods are given apply any one according to your requirement and remove forgotten passwords from excel file.

How to remove MS Excel password? With the help of below-mentioned guide using Excel Password Remover software, you will be able to remove the Microsoft Excel files password quickly and easily.

Step 1: Download, Install and Run Click the download button in order to download this software then follow the installation wizard so that you can install on your PC the Excel Password Remover software. Note: Must remember that ‘open’ password will protect only first 10 decrypted rows of the Microsoft Excel documents.

Step 2: Add encrypted Excel files You can either simply press ‘Open’ button or choose from the menu item File/Open File. Then, browse the required file. Now, you will be able to in the ‘File Name’ encrypted Word file. Step 3: Remove Password In order to remove Excel file password click to ‘Remove Password’ as shown in the following image.

When the whole process is being carried out you must ensure that the programs are connected to software server or connected to Internet. Step 4: Click ‘ Open’ button in order to open decrypted Excel file When you have successfully finished in removing lost password with the help of Excel Password Remover software then the dialog box appears. While clicking the ‘Open’ button, you can directly able to open the copy of target document. Thus, password remover is a fast and easy method to operate. So, Hurry Up! And don’t hesitate in order to download this Excel Password Remover software.