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Driving in,through and around the Blue Mountains was an adventure of a life time. At times it was terrifying,frustrating and,annoying. Crossing steams,climbing and descending outrageous rocky and muddy hills with the reggae blasting was priceless,though pretty scary too around all the blind bends. My heart is beating faster just writing this.

Make sure your tank is FULL before going in. Go early and expect to get lost if you don't have GPS. My trip from Port Antonio to Jay's Guest House took 11 amazing hours,it should have taken 4.

No regrets I think I saw all of the Blue Mountains and many of the fantastic people Don't be afraid to stop for a Redstripe and ask directions. Well worth the roller coaster of emotions if you're driving because your eyes are rewarded by the views. 4x4 is highly recommended,I had a little Suzuki suv that bearly made it. Absolutely incredible two days. As a first time visitor to Blue Mountain Peak I found it rather interesting,very peaceful such a beautiful scenery,the wildlife birds I just loved,the fresh air was just so pure. I had the clear view of Kingston lovely scenery.

Starlight 5 Test Booklet Traveller

I also noticed the change of weather conditions,the clouds the mist,the fog, the dew,and also the sprinkle of rain. Within no time it all cleared up and brightened up again. I found it very quiete on the day,not many other visitors,at the time after a while I counted 4 visitors,then members of staff,passed. I really think a Sunday would be more an ideal time to venture to this place,rather than a weekday,however I can still say I enjoyed my day.

I was travelling with a school group and we had changed our original date which caused a 20-30 minute delay in getting in (even though we had prepaid and they don’t cap entry numbers). Once we were inside we went straight for the Spiderman 4D simulator ride. Saladin Fifth Edition Website Design.

After a 45 min wait (which was not too bad compared to Tokyo Disneyland!), we were all on the ride inside two cars. It was pretty scary! Spidey’s nemeses were all trying to get us!

There was one with water, and water drops fell on us; one zapped the car’s electricity and we were shaken about; and Doc Ock knocked us into the air and Spiderman tried to catch us, but the spiderweb snapped and we went plummeting to the ground. There was an explosion near us which was really hot, too. Next, we headed for the Jurassic Park ride.

We hopped on to a big boat and started off with a pleasant jungle cruise, before the dinosaurs ‘escaped’ and we were in danger. We ended up going in to a warehouse, and you could see the silhouettes of the dinosaurs fighting, before old mate T-Rex started growling and gnashing his teeth. Once he was done, we were sent plummeting down a huge waterfall! Next up we headed for lunch at Snoopy’s Backlot Diner, and I got myself a spaghetti in a souvenir lunchbox, which was of Snoopy’s head!

We wandered through the kids area, and went for a post-lunch carousel ride, which was very cute. After that, we headed to the Waterworld arena for the eponymous stunt show. We sat in one of the splash zones, but we missed most of the water. There were lots of explosions, a plane that crashed into the water, and lots of shooting.

There were also real props from the movie on display. Next we headed to another infamous film’s ride - Jaws. We boarded the front row of the boat with our ‘driver’ at the helm, and it wasn’t long before the silly shark was jumping out of the water at us. My friend was on the side that was pretty much attacked by the shark, and almost jumped on my lap when he did!

I went to the Back to the Future simulator next. Once we got in, we were put into the famous DeLorean, which Biff had stuffed around with, and were sent off into time. It wasn’t as fancy as Spiderman, but the big video screen ‘zoomed’ us around and it still held up pretty well. We wandered down towards dinner at Mel’s Diner, which were burgers and chips, before the zombie show started. Being close to Halloween, the park changed the normally tame parade into a zombie ‘parade’. At 6pm, the zombies were released and wandered the park, trying to grab people.

It sounds a bit lame, but it was actually really scary, especially with it being dark, and mist seeping up from grates, and the park lights flickering, and the speakers playing scary horror movie style music. There were some who’d rattle chains, others with limbs they were munching on, and still others with chainsaws (they were particularly unpleasant!). We discovered that they wouldn’t come into shops, so they were safe zones. Some of the rides had been ‘zombified’, too, in that they had changed from their relatively harmless day fun into nighttime scariness.

We literally had to walk around the whole park to get there, and there were some very, very tense moments! My group got split up several times, as we’d just run when a zombie came our way, and several times a couple of us would duck into a shop to avoid the craziness.

I honestly felt like I was having heart palpitations! We decided to head into the safety of the Shrek 4D film, which was lots of fun. When we got out, we saw the zombies break into the Thriller dance a few times, too, which was quite fun, but they’d run at you hard at the end of the dance, so after the first time I learned to be very close to a shop entrance during the dance! A really fun day out - more aimed at adults, rather than TDL which is aimed at younger kids and is more 'cute'. Will definitely return when in Osaka next!

Well, is universal studio. Colourful, friendly and makes you so happy on the first sight!!

However, the entrance ticket itself has caused you 6600 yen, and as other comments viewed, they will strongly suggest you to get the express ticket booklet which is 4900 yen for 7 rides or 3200 yen for 4 rides. Well, the express booklet is cool. While others were queuing like crazy, you will just walk through them and 'cut' their queues!! Apart from that, the express booklet targets all the most popular rides that expected to have long queue.

But, the bad thing regarding it is the whole USJ is Japanese theme. Eventhough you have an English guide but all the rides are Japanese oriented. Imagine you were sitting on spiderman rode while the whole ride is all conduct in Japanese, people were laughing on the plot but you just don't know what is that. Apart from that, some of the rides closed as early as 3pm.

So plan ahead on the rides. Be sure to check the park operating time as well as it varies from day to day. This can be check through their websites. Lastly, despite all the staffs were friendly and willing to help, but most of them can't communicate in English. So difficulty will come when you are in a trouble that needs help. Went there in Sep, on a hot day.

The queue to ticket booth was not very long but when we arrived exactly at opening time but they stop letting people in for half hour to 45min without any announcement and left us queueing in the sun. Almost changed my mind before they started letting people in again. After getting in, we immediately looked for drink stalls and surprised to find there were only a few place for you to buy drinks and everywhere people queue for at least 30 min just to buy soft drinks! Mind you, we went on a weekday not on Japan school holiday. There were not so many people to be honest but not enough drink stalls. The rides are a little aging and you wonder why they didn't make it more relevant or upgrade them (backdraft?

We tried the roller coaster (hollywood dreams i think), not the most thrilling but it's not bad either. However, at the end of the ride, there was a technical problem and we were still stucked to the train, locked into our seats under the hot sun. Again they left us for at least 15-20 min without announcement at all and no apology when the technical issue was fixed. I will not come back here. Been to Disney Sea 3 times in Tokyo, still love to go there and just enjoy the park. But not this Universal Studio, where you have to queue 30 min just to get coke.