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'I am looking at a friends laptop at the mo. The problem is that the computer says 'system32 drivers pci.sys missing or corrupt' at boot. I have used my copy of win xp, upon selecting repair windows it goes straight into repair console and doesnt ask for an administrator password. The problem i am having is that i can expand pci.sys into c: but if i try to copy that file into a sub directory, or even try to go into a sub directory it says 'access is denied'.

Does anyone know what this problem is and how i can over come it? //*-------- INTERESTED IN THIS MESSAGE? RELATED CONTENT -------- Utilizing HP NAS technology for Microsoft Exchange 2003 (White Papers) Why Linux does not rock (Blogs) Blue Screen of Death (Wiki) RE: Using the 'net time' command between a Windows 2000 Pro workstation and a Small Business Server 2003. (Groups) -------------------------------------------------------------*// '. I strongly doubt your partiton table is corrupted by somehow. On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 9:42 AM, USER_1580478 via windows-xp-home-l wrote: >>>In order to run SFC /scannow, wouldn't he need to have windows open?

>Clearly he can not boot to that point yet. I'm trying to fix the same >problem on my wife's laptop. I can expand pci.sy_ from the CD ROM onto the >C: drive, but it denies access to any portion of the C: Windows directory. I >get no response to the LOGON command, and like the initial post said, >nowhere am I given an opportunity to enter a username or password.

Feb 01, 2005 You will have to boot with the Windows XP CD so you may have to temporarily set the CD drive as this first boot drive in the BIOS. System32 DRIVERS pci.sys.

I would love to type anything on the computer. All I get is the main Vaio screen then it brings me to the screen where I can select which way I want to start my computer either safe mode, last best, or start windows. I click any of the above 5 options and it just restarts my computer and brings me right back to the same page.

I have everything that I need transfered to another computer now. Do you think it would be best to wipe the hard drive from the other computer and then start over from that point since I am not getting anywhere so far? Once again, I cannot type anything. I put in the XP recovery CD that I made and it doesn't work.

Now I ended up formating the hard drive off the desktop I used to transfer all my files from that hard drive. So there is nothing on it and I think it says. The boot program is not there press control alt delete.

So i do that and it just restarts me to the same thing again, but it won't load a cd, but the drive spins just fine. Is it possible to load Windows XP on the hard drive from my desktop that I have downloaded direct to the hardrive? Please email me. Do you have a Windows XP CD? If so, put it in the CD drive, boot into Setup (Bios) by Pressing F2. In the Bios, change the Boot Order to be CD Drive First Boot Device. Restart the computer with the bootable XP CD in, you should see the message Press Any Key to Boot from CD.

Here, if you hadn't wiped your drive, you could have gotten to the Recovery Console if you would have followed the link I sent you previously. But now, just follow the prompts to Create a Partition, Format the Partition NTFS, and Install Windows. Search this Thread Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Hi there. After lots of great help from CatByte all the memory I had lost was returned and it looked like my problems were solved. However I've noticed that the memory I got back has been going down at the same rate as before (see link to thread below). It also takes a long time to shut down with.

Oberjeen Resolved HJT Threads 7 04:48 PM Been getting BSOD. Sometimes twice a night, sometimes none. This hass been for weeks. Sometimes I get stuck in a reboot loop, sometimes it wants to run Repair, sometimes it wants me to choose safe mode/no safe mode. Pulled out two 1GB sticks of old dell memory yesterday when it was stuck in a. Dj-anakin BSOD, App Crashes And Hangs 7 04:27 PM About i week ago I booted my computer and noticed that it was running extremly slow. I opened task manager and found that services.exe was running up my CPU.

After going through msconfig and using trial and error, i found that it wouldn't drive it up if i had Plug and Play unchecked. Logicalman Resolved HJT Threads 46 05:51 AM I am getting the bad image error pop up, which says C: Windows system32 AVGSSTX.DLL is either not designed to run on Windows or conatins an error. I have attached my HJT log and would appreciate any help.

I've seen a similar entry and understand this virus can be removed though was not sure if I. Redmini65 Resolved HJT Threads 18 07:18 PM:smile: CHOOSING AND UNDERSTANDING A POWER SUPPLY UNIT The power supply unit in today’s modern computer assumes a role probably more critical than any other single component in your system even when compared to the CPU and motherboard. Therefore, there are multiple factors that must. Tumbleweed36 RAM and Power Supply Support 0 04:41 PM Posting Rules. Game Pacuan Kuda Pchgames.