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While you would search for a printable coupon online. He likes to write on Web Design, Graphic Design, Text fonts, Blogger Template Designer. [Free SEO eBook]. Jul 08, 2013 Template blog responsive design untuk mobile SEO-- Belakangan ini semakin banyak pengguna gadget yang bisa mengakses Google.

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What is the blogger? And why it is better than others? • • is a free tool from for creating weblogs. It is all-time better than others by its amazing features.

• • Free of Hosting: If you create your blog with Blogger, Google store your blog on its server. (Server located in, Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA) So already you got 100% free of hosting from Google. You no need spend money for hosting spaces and blog traffic. So you can focus your mind on creating high-quality contents.

You no need worry about $14, $60, $125, $3000, Hosting packages, like other CMS users. • • User-friendly, Ease of Use: You no need CSS, HTML and other coding program knowledge for run weblogs. • • SEO friendly: You no need submit your blog in google. When you create a blog, Google automatically takes it. Moreover, more features inside.

• • Adsense Integration: Earn money and play with Adsense within the dashboard. • • Google Plus Integration: Automatically post sharing features, Google plus commenting features that help to increase your number of visitors. • • 0 Downtime and 100% up-time. • • Almost 10000+ more Free custom Blogspot themes. How to speed up your blog? • • Use.Jpeg,.Jpg images.

• • Resize your images before upload. • • Use limited widgets and remove unwanted or useless widgets.

• • Check your site on before and after using third party tools or widgets. • • Do not insert images from other site URL to your post.

• • Do not use too many images. How to choose best blog template for your blog? • • SEO Ready: If the blog theme is SEO ready, Google gets possible signals from your blog.

So you can get more visitors. Find SEO ready themes. • • Responsive Layout: It is automatically adjusted screen resolution according to users devices. So your blog opens without any trouble in mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.

Browse Responsive layouts. • • Simple Designs: According to our experience, users are more attractive with simple designs. Look simple designs.

• • Light colors: Run your weblog without affecting the user’s eyes. • • According to your Blog Niche: Choose template relates to your Industry. Find Blogspot templates by topic wise. • • Use descriptive file name for your images.

It helps to provide accuracy keyword to search engines. • • Use to auto resize your images. • • Use proper keyword rich Alt text, Title text, and Caption in your pictures. How to make your blog responsive, mobile and tablet friendly? Download the responsive templates. And upload it on your blog. Go to your blog dashboard, Click Template.

Now you can see gear icon below of the mobile screenshot. Click the gear icon and choose “No. Show desktop template on mobile devices.” then click Save. Install Blogspot Template Important! Before installing a new template, we recommended to you must backup your existing template.

• • Browse the templates in gooyaabitemplates.com and download your favorite to your hard drive. • The template may be a.zip or.rar file format. So it needs to be extracted.

So please extract the file. • Now you can locate the.xml file on your hard drive. • Now go to your, Click Template >>Backup/Restore >>Choose file, now locate.xml file and choose it for upload. • After uploading process is complete, the template appears in your blog. How to optimize your blog search engine friendly?

• • Use • • Go to Settings >>Basics >>and give a proper Title and Description for your blog. • • Publish fresh and own content. Do not copy from other sites. • • Write high-quality content with adding proper title tags, description tags (search Description), heading tags, alt text, anchor text, Proper labels and more. • • Use custom permalinks features before publishing your posts.

• • Share your post on social bookmarking sites. • • Post regularly with unique content. At least minimum three post weekly. Software Xing Mpeg Player. • • Don’t forget, to update your old posts regularly.

Template Blogspot seo-friendly gratis – ini sebenarnya salah satu template yang saya gunakan di blog baru yang saya buat khusus untuk. Setelah saya berfikir keras ahirnya saya harus rela berbagi template ini khusus untuk pengunjung setia ini. Template seo-friendly ini sagat ringan dan sudah saya edit sehingga sudah memenuhi syarat dan kriteria template seo-friendly. Template ini cocok sekali untuk anda yang suka dengan template simple. Ada yang aneh ketika saya menggunakan template ini, padahal baru satu hari saya gunakan template ini keesokan harinya saya sudah mendapatkan alexa rank +/- 14.000.000. Padahal blog ini saja pertama kali dapet rank sekitar 2-3 minggu dan masih ada di angka 21.000.000. Tetapi saya juga tidak famam apa penyebabnya.

Selain itu setelah saya cek di CHECK ME skor seo template ini adalah 100 dan berarti sama dengan template trik seo simple ini. Apakah anda tertarik untuk menggunakan template ini saya bagikan gratis kepada anda. Owh iya sampe lupa fitur yang ada di template ini, berikut adalah fitur yang sudah dipasang di template ini • Seo-friendly • Dilengkapi • Dilengkapi • Udah pake • Banner iklan di samping header • Pokoknya simple tetapi sudah sangat seo • Masih banyak lagi deh pokonya saya tidak bisa nyebutin langsung saja lihat demonya dibawah biar bisa tau sendiri.