The Cardigans Losing My Favorite Game Table Plans

The pockets were an added plus to not lose my car keys and. My new favorite sweater and I do plan on wearing this until it. But I prefer my cardigans a bit. So Jimmy and Gretchen soldier through their sixth night with the tentative plan to rail blow and do “butt stuff,” but the hard cut to the next morning to a trashed apartment. Though my favorite is his delivery of “We stole a DVD kiosk last night” like even he can't believe it. Ginger snaps at the kitchen table.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by Sweater Guru from Lively and Colorful Sweater I received my sweater yesterday and am wearing it today. I ordered the red and it is so pretty and bright and lively. It has a bit of a retro feel to it, the colors are intense and I love the long cuff on it - it can be turned up or not, it adds something different. Keep in mind this does run large.

The Cardigans Losing My Favorite Game Table Plans

I wear med/large due to 38 D bust and ordered the medium. If I lose 5 pounds, it will be too big, it is roomy and the length is longer than a conventional cardigan but not as long as a boyfriend cardigan. It stands alone and you won't need embellishments as it speaks for itself. Wear it with jeans, slacks, skirt, it's so unusual and not for the faint of heart. I think I may order another color - in a small this time, that tells you it runs large if I can button a small over my chest. Rated 5 out of 5 by PAfriend from WHAT A GORGEOUS CHEERY SWEATER! As I am writing this, there is a 39-degree drizzle falling outside, so this sweater (that just arrived yesterday) has been lovingly 'put away' for my husband to wrap-up as a Christmas gift for me.with plans to take it to Europe in the Spring.

I held it up against three of my favorite sleeveless summer golf shirts ~each a perfect match to one of the gorgeous colors in this sweater! Take this one sweater to go with those three light-weight shirts, and I have several great 'looks' with very little total weight! The sweater is feather light and will be wonderful to wear in warmer weather.

Also, a big thanks to dear Bob Mackie for helping us gals look good 'coming AND going' with this beautiful print all around! I may have to come back for a second color palette in this one. It's gorgeous!!!

Rated 4 out of 5 by sgettoit from Beautifully made light weight sweater I purchased this beautifully made light weight sweater in Coral Multi, size M. It fits my 5' tall and curvy body perfectly. The colors are pretty and cheerful.

I believe that, because of my height, the pattern is too long and large for me. Because of this, I will wear the sweater open, to tone down the print, with a top underneath taking prominence.

Please Bob, use this sweater's measurements and proportions for other garments and sweaters, but with more simple patterns and prints. I sew a little, and may use the measurements in this sweater as a guide for other garments that I make or alter for myself. Please continue to make garments without polyester.

Rated 5 out of 5 by lessizmore from Cool Retro Chic Sweater! This is the coolest most retro-chic piece I have seen anywhere for quite a while, not just on QVC. It is reminiscent of a 1950's kitchen pattern or tablecloth--I don't mean that like you are wearing a table cloth, but the pattern is amazing and can be worn so many ways.

I succumbed to the clearance price and bought both the navy and green, which are both fantastic, and I am thinking of getting a third. It does run a little large--as in, I am between L and XL, and I got the L and it fits perfectly, plenty roomy, but not baggy. I plan to come up with reasons and outfits to wear these year-round.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • Songwriting, recording and production [ ] 'My Favourite Game' was written by guitarist Peter Svensson and lead singer Nina Persson during the recording sessions of the band's fourth studio album between May and July 1998. The song, like the other songs from the album, was recorded in 's newly developed Country Hell recording studio in, Sweden. Persson started with the chorus, which 'married the music so quickly that you couldn't tear them apart'. Afterwards she wrote verses to 'give the chorus meaning', which enabled her to 'cram in a lot of lyrics into the verses' in contrast to other Cardigans songs with less lyrics such as '. Before recording on the song commenced, Svensson presented the song to producer by playing the track on acoustic guitar.

Although the song was originally taking shape as a slow country/rock shuffle, similar in style to 's ', the tempo was doubled upon request of Tore Johansson. Svensson declared that this helped as the band knew the song 'was a single, but it wasn't working at first' under 'the shuffle beat at half the tempo'. It was soon after changing the musical direction of the song when the song's distinctive guitar hook evolved.

Both the drum and guitar parts were recorded in a '70s-style dry room' while the vocals were recorded in the attic of the studio. Even though the drums were recorded using tape compression, the rest of the song's production, including the 'fat fuzzy bass line' and the, was completed using. Structure and lyrics [ ] 'My Favourite Game' is an alternative rock song composed in the key of C Minor.

It is written in and moves at 143. The song is not written in standard and its instrumentation includes guitar, bass and. The lyrics deal with a failing relationship, summed up by Persson as 'fucking up in love', and the subsequent desire to change the loved one 'to suit themselves better or save people from themselves'. Svensson commented how this concept 'isn't always a good idea, like when women stay in a relationship with a man that beats them because they think he'll be better someday'. The song is driven by its two-note guitar riff which is the basis of the 'electro-rock powerhouse'.

Its verses are significantly faster than the slow, bass-heavy chorus where the drums run at half-time. Zte Mf65m Cdc Serial Driver here. Chart performance [ ] Worldwide, 'My Favourite Game' was the most commercially successful single from Gran Turismo. Peaking at number sixteen in, it became the album's only single and the band's second single to enter the since their breakthrough hit, that peaked at number nine. In Sweden, it debuted at number twenty-one on the Swedish Top 100 Singles Chart and peaked at number three in November 1998. It spent at total of eighteen weeks in the chart. In the United Kingdom, it debuted and peaked at number fourteen on the singles chart.

Music video [ ] The music video for 'My Favourite Game' was. It was filmed over a three-day shoot in the near, at a reported cost of 220,000.

Nina Persson reported on requiring oxygen several times during the shoot, saying the 110 °F (43 °C) temperature was 'hot enough for a Swede to fall down.' The video opens with a scene of lead singer Nina Persson, at the side of a desert road, trying to find a suitable rock. Meanwhile, the radio DJ, who is heard from the car radio, warns drivers that desert temperatures are very hot that day so they must remember to drive safely. When Persson finds a rock, she walks over to her car, a dark blue 1974 convertible, places it on the accelerator to keep the pedal down and drives off as the song begins. During the video, she weaves back and forth onto the wrong side of the road, forcing many other drivers off the road and causing some to crash in the process.

At one point in the video, she throws the stuffed toy out of the car which was then run over by another car. In some versions of the video, the Felix the Cat doll is blurred out. At various stages of the video, she is also depicted using her feet to steer the steering wheel. There is a large and colourful tattoo on Persson's arm that was added for the video. She also drives at pedestrians causing them to jump out of the way while driving through a small town. At the beginning of the last chorus, she turns the car around and drives back down the road where she caused so much destruction. Towards the end of the song, she stands up in the car seat, keeping the car in control with her foot on the steering wheel.

She steers into a collision course with an oncoming van, containing the other members of The Cardigans, with drummer as the driver. While the van's occupants react in horror, she calmly stretches out her arms and makes a for a moment before the two vehicles collide as the song ends.

The DJ sounds the State Patrol's warning 'on a high-speed out-of-control vehicle on Route 666' and passes on to commercial. There are four different outcomes of the car crash at the end of the uncensored video.

In ending one, Persson's body goes flying into the air and over the van roof where she is then depicted as being dead on the road. In ending two, she also flies over the van roof, except she tries to pick herself off the ground but is knocked out by the rock that was used to keep the car pedal down, cartoonishly. In ending three, she also flies over the van roof except she manages to pick herself up from the ground and walks away from the accident, and wipes the blood away from her face (this version is censored). In ending four, Persson is depicted being by the top of her car windscreen and a mannequin head is seen in the next shot, rolling along the road.

In the fifth edition, it is censored all out, along with the car crashes, and Nina still is in the car, bloodless, driving and nodding along to the radio. Sound on Sound.

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