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Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers the ideal foundation for industrial applications. IoT stands for Internet of Things and represents a focus on universal connectivity of all devices. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise corresponds with the full version of Windows 10, plus advanced safety and locking mechanisms. As the ideal basis for HMI applications with touch screen capabilities, it also offers many additional possibilities that increase system security. B&R supports Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for 64-bit systems. The system is designed specifically for industrial applications and combines characteristics of embedded systems with additional lockdown functions that make industrial PCs more secure. The system is based on the full version of Windows 10, which ensures that all applications and drivers are compatible.

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It offers optimal touch screen support as the basis for an intuitive user interface. The lockdown functions in Windows Embedded 10 IoT Enterprise make it possible to individually configure the device while making the system more secure at the same time. In addition to locking certain functions in the operating system, Microsoft has also included the unified write filter capabilities from Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 8.

These include 'Write Filter', 'File-based Write Filter' and 'Registry Filter'. They can be used to configure a flash drive for read-only access, for example, or to allow only certain registry keys to be accessed. Any changes made to the registry are thus redirected to RAM. As a result, the system always starts with the same configuration after rebooting.

Existing data storage media such as SSD or CFast can be write-protected. Supported languages in Windows 10. With Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro, Microsoft's latest operating system can now also be used for industrial applications.

As the ideal basis for HMI applications with touch screen capabilities, it also offers additional possibilities that increase system security. B&R supports Windows 8 in the form of Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro, a system tailored specifically to industrial applications. Based on the full version of Windows 8.1 Professional, which ensures that all applications and drivers are compatible, this new Windows technology combines embedded system characteristics such as additional lockdown functions to make industrial PCs more secure.

And like Windows 8.1, Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro offers improved touch screen support for an intuitive user interface. Windows 7 offers a wealth of innovative features and performance improvements. Fast switching to power saving mode, quick restores, low memory usage and high-speed detection of USB devices are just a few of the advantages provided by Windows 7. Both English and German are available in Windows 7 Professional, while Windows 7 Ultimate supports up to 35 different languages. Product activation is not necessary on B&R PCs, which is a huge advantage for simple logistical procedures relating to machine automation.

The successor to Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is Windows Embedded Standard 7. As with previous versions, this embedded operating system offers full system support of Automation PC 810, Panel PC 800 and Power Panel 500 devices. In addition to features that are also included in Windows 7 Professional, Windows Embedded Standard 7 includes embedded components such as Enhanced Write Filter, File-Based Write Filter, Registry Filter and USB Boot.

Windows Embedded Standard 7 is available in two different versions. The main difference between them has to do with multilingual support. Windows Embedded Standard 7 is only available in a single language, whereas Windows Embedded Standard 7 Premium supports the installation of several languages simultaneously. With Windows Embedded Standard 7, Microsoft has also made substantial improvements in the area of security. The AppLocker program, available in the premium version, can prevent the execution of unknown or potentially unwanted applications that, for example, should be installed over a network or from drives that are directly connected.

A tiered approach allows the differentiation between scripts (.ps1,.bat,.cmd,.vbs and.js), installation files (.msi,.msp) and libraries (.dll,.ocx). AppLocker can also be configured to record undesired activity and display it in the Event Viewer. Windows Embedded Standard 7 is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

This also provides support for challenging 64-bit applications. Windows Embedded Standard 2009 is the modular version of Windows XP Professional. It is used if XP applications should be executed with a minimal operating system size. Together with CompactFlash memory, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 makes it possible to use the Microsoft desktop operating system in harsh environmental conditions.

In addition to the familiar features included in Windows XP Professional, Windows Embedded Standard 2009 has been improved with regard to dependability by adding a write filter for individual memory partitions. By protecting individual partitions such as the boot partition, the PC system can be started without problems even after an unexpected power failure. B&R offers complete images for industrial PCs, Power Panel and Mobile Panel devices to make the transition to Windows Embedded Standard 2009 as easy as possible. Like Windows Embedded Standard 2009, the standard Windows XP Professional operating system is also available in English, German and multilingual editions.

Windows Embedded Compact 7.0 (CE7) Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (CE8) OS Image • • BSP Workspace The contain the roadmap for new features and bug-fixes and include also known issues and limitations of released BSP versions. The Toradex Board Support Package for Windows CE is one of the most advanced BSPs available on the market. Aside from the standard Windows CE functionality, it includes a large number of additional drivers as well as optimized versions of standard drivers. The Toradex bootloader and BSP were designed to be easily configurable. This relieves the application developer from the burden of creating a customized operating system image. Instead, the necessary adaptations can be made by registry settings and adding files to the on-board flash file system. Toradex even provides the for Microsoft's Platform Builder, which enables the customer to build exactly the same Windows CE image as the standard Colibri image.

The binary for our Colibri modules are available for download for free. Before building your own Windows CE image, check if it is really required as our standard is very flexible and you can add a lot of drivers, components and programs without building your own image.

We do not provide the source code of our BSP. If you think you need source code, please us. Toradex provides the Microsoft Platform Builder workspaces (solution files) which can be used to build an identical image as the pre-built binary images provided by Toradex. However, we recommend to use the binary images and configure them to your needs rather than building your own image. There are many advantages: • The binary image is tested by Toradex and thousands of customers • It is easier to upgrade to a newer BSP version since you only have to upload a new binary image instead of building your own image again • You don't have to buy the Microsoft Platform Builder • It's not necessary to build your own image if you want add or exclude features. As an example you can,, add other WinCE features like the, (desktop), etc. • Toradex integrates the Microsoft Windows CE updates into their binary images.

In order to build a Windows CE image you need to download the workspace files and the which are located with the respective product BSP in our. We have invested a large amount of time and resource in developing our Windows CE operating system, and as a result, are able to provide you with an extremely robust, highly optimised and easily configurable operating system with a rich set of functional enhancements. To unlock the full potential of any hardware platform, it is important that the software is able to make use of the hardware resources in an efficient, effective way. We spend many thousands of man hours improving existing software implementations from device vendors and software providers to take advantage of features that may not have been fully utilised, or are simply not optimal. The result of such investment is that we really do squeeze every last drop of performance out of our systems, allowing you to fully leverage the capabilities of our computer modules. Testament to this is our Windows Embedded Compact operating system for the Colibri T20 module which is able to cold boot (i. Descargar Fnaf 2 V1 07726. e. Boot from power being applied) in 480 milliseconds.

We have optimised many areas of operating system startup process, such as cache performance and concurrent driver loading, to achieve this very fast boot time, which today is unrivalled by any similar system. While our computer modules may be highly standardised, the applications they are deployed in are anything but. Every application has its own specific requirements and to be able to provide a standardised solution that is capable of meeting the requirements of a diverse range of applications requires a large amount of flexibility and configurabilty. Through the use of the, it is possible to configure the behaviour of our customised Windows CE operating system in almost every area you can think of. Driver Description Cost (Support Hours) FFUART FFUART supports the full RS232 specification with all 9 signals. - BTUART BTUART only supports RXD/TXD/CTS/RTS - IRDA Handles the PXA270's IrDA port - Ethernet 10/100Mbit driver for Davicom DM9000 - USB Host 2 Ports supporting mass storage devices (USB-stick, hard disc, CD-ROM) and other devices as keyboard, mouse, USB hub - USB Client Can be used as ActiveSync connection, mass storage or RNDIS - Audio 16Bit stereo output (up to 48kHz), mic input, line-In - Touch Screen All 4-wire resistive screens supported - Display All types of displays supported.

Easy configuration in registry - PS2 Mouse Supports any standard PS/2 mouse - PS2 Keyboard Supports any standard PS/2 keyboard - Compact Flash Memory cards, Wireless LAN, modem, Bluetooth, serial card, GPS, GSM, - SD/MMC Memory cards, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS - Wireless LAN Support for different Wifi adapters - Flash File System Standard FAT as well as TFAT (transaction safe FAT) are supported - The following drivers are also available and can be purchased at Toradex. For more details on the Support Hours, please click. Bluetooth Support Windows CE Bluetooth Stack and HCI Transport Driver for USB Devices - Colibri Plugin for TCPMP Use the open source media player TCPMP (The Core Pocket Multimedia Player) on all Colibri modules 8 Matrix Keypad (PXAxxx only) Fully customizable through registry (MK_IN, MK_OUT and scan code to virtual key) - External UART Schematic and driver for external 16550-compatible UART controller attached to the system bus (up to 8 ports) 8 External Ethernet controller Driver for the Asix AX88772B controller attached to USB. Reference schematics and further information about the controller are available on the - External Ethernet controller Schematic and driver for Colibri PXA and Colibri T20 modules for an additional Ethernet controller attached to the system bus (Asix AX88796B). 4 Soft Key Touch Driver Extension Support for 'Soft Keys' on touch areas larger than the display size - SPI SD Card Driver Add an additional SD memory card to one of the Colibri's SPI ports 10 Our Windows CE operating system supports a variety of services out of the box. Service Description Cost (Support Hours) FTP Server Access Colibri using the FTP File Transfer Protocol - HTTP Server Allows the Colibri to act as a web server - Time Server / Client Synchronize time with the network using the NTP protocol - File Server File sharing over the network using the SMB protocol - OBEX Server Protocol for IrDA File Transfer - Telnet Server Access Colibri using the Telnet protocol - The following services are also available and can be purchased at Toradex.

For more details on the Support Hours, please click. Mail Server SMTP, POP3 and mail sender services 20 Web Shop Shopping cart, product selector, mail order form on request Our Windows CE operating system supports a range of additional features and enhancments to the standard Windows CE operating system. Tool Description Apalis iMX6 Apalis T30 Colibri T30 Colibri T20 Colibri iMX6 Colibri VFxx PXA3xx PXA 270 Colibri iMX7 Configures some special audio codec features which are not accessible through the common wave API. Audio input settings: source left/right, micboost, gain left/right, DC filter, High pass, mute. Audio output settings: gain left/right, bass, treble, de-emphasis, headphone driver, mute. Audio test features - p p p - - f f - Customization possibility of the Colibri Win CE image.

Automatically configures the registry for your own settings (Using.reg file). - - - - - - f f - Displays all debug messages from RAM buffer. - - - - - - f f - Shows the usage of the CPU/RAM, processes/threads running, thread priority and has setting functionalities. F f f f f f f f - Adjusts system parameters like display settings, access registers, etc. Of the Colibri module. - p p p - - f f - Edit settings stored in the config block. - f f f - - f f - Provides an interactive interface to the versatile GPIOs of the Colibri modules.

- f f f - p f f - Read from and Write to physical addresses (registers, etc.) in 8bit/16bit/32bit format (Formerly part of Colibri Tweak tool). - f f f - f p p p Tool to Read/Write on I2C. F f f f f f - - - Changes the picture which you can see while WinCE is booting. Now integrated in to the Update Tool. - f f f - - f f - Adjusts the touch screen driver to your touch screen if required.

- - - - - - f f - ( a) Provides basic functionality to display a single image or a slideshow. P p p f p p f f p ( a) Automatically runs any.exe or.Ink file found in an AutoRun folder or copies files in a folder AutoCopy folder on each storage medium. F f f f f f f f p ( a) Synchronizes the system time with the RTC chip on I2C.

F f f f f f f f - ( a) Updates the WinCE Image and bootloader, warmboot or coldboot, etc, part of the standard image. - p p p - - f f - ( a) included in standard WinCE image. - f f f - - - - - NOTE: • ( a) Already included in the image.

See for more information on our Windows CE features. Tool Description Price (Support Hours) Loads bootloader over JTAG (only for Colibri PXAxxx modules), load Images over Ethernet Free Controls the Colibri module by a desktop PC (keyboard, mouse, display, file transfer) using a connection through ActiveSync (USB) or Ethernet.

Free This Windows program converts an OS binary file into a format that works with the Toradex Tool Chain. Free Splash Screen Customizer Creates a customized splashscreen which can be shown while Windows CE is booting. 4 Reduces the size of the Windows CE Image to about 50%. This leaves more flash space for user applications or the flash file system.