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Later this year, [] will turn 18 years old. In the genre of MMOs, that makes the game positively ancient – and it’s even more remarkable when you consider that it’s still funded via a subscription model.

I’ve never played an Ultima game, much less one that’s nearly my age. I wanted to find out what the game is like to play today as a newcomer, and to ask people why they’ve continued visiting Britannia for nearly two decades.

Digging into the game’s forums, I found myself talking to user “Petra Fyde”. Fyde has been playing since October 2000 when she succeeded in bugging one of her sons for a character on his account. Soon after this she got an account with her husband and has been playing ever since.

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What does it take to play a 20 year old MMORPG? Petra now spends a lot of time writing guides to help others understand some of the more obtuse systems in the game. She’s one of the biggest advocates for the community, so I asked her what keeps her logging in after all these years: “I play because I enjoy playing,” she writes.

“Through the game I have made many, many friends in many different countries and of a wide range of ages. I’ve never met some of these people, but over the years they have supported me through times of trouble, helped me stay online through computer breakdowns and talked me through computer problems. They have been ‘there’ for me in a way that neighbours who actually live nearby never have.” I wasn’t sure how different UO could actually be, in spite of its status as one of the first MMORPGs. It turns out that while it definitely felt familiar in places, as its DNA has been passed to those games followed, UO is altogether something stranger.

I’ve seen incredible things in the last 10 days with Ultima Online, perhaps more exciting things than I’ve encountered in my first few days with any other MMO. Creating a character is always one of my favourite parts of picking up a new MMORPG. It’s unfortunate that Ultima Online immediately shows its age by giving you only a smattering of cosmetic options, but I liked the look of every character class. The Paladin is particularly shiny, and I loved the idea of traversing fantasy Britain as a Samurai.

I also wanted to toil away crafting magical weapons as a Blacksmith, the idol of every young adventurer as I handed them the items with which they’d go out and make their fortune. But if I was going to explore Britannia for the first time I didn’t want to be slaving behind an anvil. I discovered the Ninja class preview made it look like I had bone-adamantium claws. It was an easy decision, although maybe the name Wool Verrine was too subtle. The tutorial was standard fare – collect your items, hit some monsters. I did find a glitch to generate infinite katanas and later trigger a poison gas trap, but I handled it well.

With a bag full of rusty katanas and a vague idea of how the combat worked I ventured to the starting city of New Haven. Approaching the town square I saw a man sat mutely astride a lizard almost as large as the bank he was squatting alongside.

Meanwhile a robed mage repeated commands infinitely as particle effects washed off him. Both were idle and neither responded to my greetings. I’d chosen Atlantic, the busiest server with a “medium” population, but the entire town was deserted other than the small crowd of idle players and their giant reptile-king.

I tried to play in standard MMO style by grinding skills and killing monsters, but an eagle ate me and when I logged back in after a break I’d lost my clothes and one of my many swords. I felt a little put out. I remembered Petra telling me about fighting her first dragon, a pet that broke free of its master and was running loose. She managed to fell the beast using a combination of spamming healing items and running bravely away.

I couldn’t even best an eagle. I dusted myself off to try again.

On my next skulk through the forest I noticed it: “A monster looks at you menacingly but does not attack. You would be under attack now if not for your status as a new citizen of Britannia” Wait, so nothing will attack me? And that’s how I became an embedded reporter in Ultima Online. Jumping through the Stargate Moongate to Britain, I found wide expanses of open land. From here, I threw off any concept of trying to better my character and instead focused on touring what the world could throw at me. I immediately got lost in a hedge-maze filled with terrifying demons, and had to pay a troll a thousand gold to escape.

I wandered into an abandoned town, filled with beautiful houses and mannequins standing on street corners. Then I found the house of many Pats: filled with NPCs called Pat. I did most of this while transformed into a rat. But what keeps players coming back time after time when there are so many different MMOs floating around? “[Ultima] endures because it is diverse, appealing to many different people with many different play types and makes no demands,” says Petra Fyde.

“Basically you do what you want, when you want, if you want. You don’t have to commit to hours online while undertaking a ‘raid’.

You can log in for 10 minutes and still feel you’ve achieved something. It endures because players have ‘ownership’ of property, they have houses which they have built and furnished, they ‘live’ in UO. There’s a sense of presence here.” While initially I couldn’t understand the appeal of Ultima, when I decided to shake off the limitations of an early level character and simply explore for myself, I found a game world with a lot to offer. Player created civilisations, unique monsters, and the sheer mystery of the world combine to keep this ancient MMO compelling. For all the ways in which the genre has improved, Ultima Online remains one of just a few MMOs that let you live an alternative life.

That feeling of ownership that Petra Fyde mentions, combined with the diversity on offer, keeps players coming back day after day. Yet it’s a little sad to see the world is slowly fading away. Parts of Britannia feel abandoned, and while there’s always life nearby, it still feels lonely. I don’t know whether my experiences were enough to keep me playing when the 14 day trial is up, especially as $38.99 (£24.75/€34.77) for 3 months feels steep (although there are discounts available for paying in six month installments) and I definitely don’t have the time to devote to learning the myriad of systems. Still, my time in Ultima Online has been, by and large, a positive one. If you’ve a love of exploring strange fantasy worlds, Britannia is a fine place to visit. Ultima Online (Renaissance) was my very first MMO that came as an extra with Ultima Ascencion.

I played over 3 years, being a Gamemaster for another year. UO is the only game that defines Roleplay. You don't need to grind or leveling up.

It was the stories the players created on their own, sometimes with the help of the gamemasters having a global adventure event on certain Saturdays. Everybody played the role he wanted to play.

Want to be a magician? It took several weeks on our Server to become one.and once you was one of was literally a damn f* Gandalf. You was able to stand in front of 10 enemy players and they can't kill you.because it was not possible 'roleplay' wise. The 10 players respected this, and you had to respect other things.

It's something very rare and for me its a bite to the heart that World of Warcraft more or less killed this interaction between players.made them marionettes who gave their wisdom to the current generation of players, roleplaying less than a cow on the field. Shroud of the Avatar is an attempt to bring back these old goods, but like movies like Dune.or 2001, i think its too slow and hardcore for the actual generation of gamers. We had a raid on an enemy bastion, and sat a whole night in front of a fireplace - waiting for the right moment. We talked about distant one of us hunted a Dragon last week, sang songs.

You just can't do this in modern MMO's. It's possible.but it needs the right people for it, understanding the base principles of roleplay. I did not had these knowings when i started with UO.and found people who took me aside.

I learned a lot about roleplay, about other people and about myself - acting with other people. Today, i am game developer aside people who worked on UO, and they're good people. It's all about imagination, UO just gave the Pen and the Paper an alternate more colorful form. Ooc: sorry for bad english, non native OooOOoOOOOoOOoooOOO.

Bureaucromancer says: Whenever I look back at UO I get the feeling of what MMOs could and should have become. This was a a virtual world, and while it may not have done everything a modern sandbox game could these were primarily tech limitations rather than design decisions. Everquest made a real mess of the genre; it’s actual design made sense, especially at the time, but every damn game that followed cloned it.

Somehow the real originator of the modern MMO got ignored in favour of a much more restricted design that worked for Everquest, and no one has ever tried to go beyond it in anything but a niche way (looking at you Wurm – nice ideas, but my god the grind, even by MMO standards). Kapouille says: Back in those days, it was essentially UO vs EQ. Those 2 games are fundamentally different in design: the first is a sandbox universe, the second a virtual theme park. Sandbox virtual universes are more difficult to design and implement than virtual theme parks, they also are an intrinsically socially driven game experience. On the other hand, virtual theme park games are very formulaic, have simpler game systems, and can be easily played solo. WoW was very VERY inspired by EQ, and, like most if not all Blizzard products, is a polished-off clone of a successful product. WoW did indeed propel the MMO genre into the limelight and has become the gold standard for MMO financial success.

And that’s probably the reason why virtually all MMOs today are based on EQ’s WoW flavoured model. PancakeWizard says: EQ and SWG which predate WoW were largely informed by UO, rather than trying to streamline everything, so yeah WoW is largely to blame (although blame sounds more negative than it probably should), because it was the point where developers realised that there was actual serious money to be made from a certain formula rather than creating virtual worlds to play in. SWG’s ‘NGE’ was directly (ill)informed by WoW’s success and gutted the unique sandbox experience to try and cram in a quest-clicker. Although what happened to SWG was as shame, personally I feel Star Wars was the wrong setting for such a game anyway. “Let’s be a moisture farmer and set up a market stall” is much more Star Trek than it is the swashbuckling universe of Star Wars. Rindan says: Watching how MMORPG have ended up is like one of those quirks in history where somehow the one that should have won lost, and we got stuck with the god damn loser for the next couple of decades. I remember the Everquest vs UO battle.

It blows my mind that UO lost and that all the little MMORPG shit heads running around are direct descendants of Everquest. It also probably explains why MMORPGs suck. Everquest and all of its descendants revolve around making you want to get stuff to get more stuff. These games snatch people with addictive personalities and squeezes as hard on that part of their brain as possible.

UO was different. UO was the promise of an actual living world. The original UO was actually more impressive than what we have today.

The original UO was going to have rabbits only respawning when they bumped uglies and made more rabbits. They wanted a living world. The Everquest linage is, in my opinion, dying.

Slamming as hard as possible on compulsive behavior only works so long. Only an open and living world can make something that is interesting year after year. There is a reason why we read stories about the goings on in Eve, despite its truly awful game play mechanics, but “events” in WoW are rarely talked about. WoW is a fucking boring theme park. Eve is alive with human struggle and strife. Honestly, I am waiting desperately for someone to make something in the UO linage that has actual fun game play. I could fucking throttle the makers of Elite: Dangerous for failing to take up the torch.

If those bastards had made ED game play then slapped on top of that Eve player to player interactions and social structures, it would have been fucking GLORIOUS. Instead, this stupid shit heads are going to make more randomly generated places to fly your ship by yourself; because a billion empty and boring places without people clearly wasn’t enough. Melancholicthug says: While i agree it would have been ‘good’ if the UO way of MMO had ‘won’, that would have really been the quirk in history. The lowest common denominator aimed-at software will almost always win, because it will bring over more revenue, because it’s easier, and makes people who don’t like to make a relatively large investment (in time, brainpower, applied social skills to gather similarly-minded people to rise to some challenge) feel ‘powerful’ or like they’re really acomplishing great things. That is just the way things work in the current socio-economic state of the world. Whorhay says: I think the way the game played was actually a huge part of it never taking off like EQ and later MMO’s did. I tried it a few years ago and everything that you could want to do was incredibly tedious to actually do.

This basically required having a ton of very detailed macros to do basic things like chop trees or mine for ore. So far as games go it simply wasn’t playable unless someone had an above average level of interest in it already. All the talk of it not requiring any grinding is an incredible stretch. Spells fizzle with low skill levels, and the only practical method to raise those skills in anything resembling a reasonable time frame is to use afk macro’s to spam spells like the character the author mentioned seeing in town. Smithing required lots and lots of ore, which you or someone else is going to have to deliberately grind for. Xyzzy frobozz says: It’s fairly simple I reckon Ultima promised and (largely) delivered a “sandbox” experience, a world to live in and one in which you could change through your actions.

It’s the same reason that EVE Online endures after so many years. Meanwhile, along came World of Warcraft. It offered a theme park where you could take lots of different rides, but essentially it remained/s a static place. Countless other MMOs have essentially delivered the same experience, all with lesser degrees of success. Which is a shame, because the MMO genre held a lot of promise of offering a tactile, living world in which players could actively influence the course of “history”.

Unfortunately many sunk a lot of money into trying to emulate WoW’s success, when they should have been creating the successor to UO. But, having been burnt by the whole MMO gold rush, there’s probably little chance we’ll see the successors of UO and EVE. Hence why people keep playing UO and EVE. SaintAn says: That’s because WoW and other themeparks market to casuals that are not gamers. There’s way more money in casuals because they are unthinking and easily controlled, so you can do whatever you want to them and they’ll keep giving you money. Doesn’t change the fact that there’s money in sandbox MMO’s.

While not as much as WoW, they’ll still be making a lot, and it’s a way safer bet than making a themepark and having to compete with WoW and failing like every game that has tried to go up against them until FFXIV. Malkav11 says: I would never dispute that there is some money to be made in sandbox MMOs.

UO is still going. Eve is still going. Perpetuum and Mortal Online and so on seem to be surviving.

Ergo, there must be money coming in. What I do dispute is the continual cry of the sandbox MMO aficionado that “if only people had striven to advance sandbox MMO design instead of trying to make another WoW, they would have the next breakthrough MMO hit and make all the monies.” Or even “more than me-too theme park MMOs”. Sorry, but it just ain’t so. They were niche games to start with and they remain niche games. Furthermore, I pretty much guarantee that 90% of those me-too theme park MMOs you’re dismissing offhand are currently making as much or more than those sandbox MMOs and probably have more players than most of them too.

The ones that have shut down largely either happened before switching to F2P was standard practice or the company in question decided not to bother running it any more despite being totally viable financially (e.g. Sure, none of them managed to topple Blizzard from their throne, but there’s a huge range of numbers between 360k and 12 million. And hey, nothing wrong with niche games. I for sure wish there were more turn-based RPGs, for example.

But I’m not out there claiming that if only Bioware saw the light and made the next Dragon Age turn-based they’d sell way more copies. Because they surely would not. Says: UO was -not- a niche game. It’s audience may have been limited by its need for an Internet connection (not uncommon by 97, but certainly not the norm, and the idea that you’d be using up the phone line for hours at a time just to play a game was a HARD sell).

Ultima was pretty much at its peak at the time – sure, the most recent one (UVIII) was weak, but the glory of VII and the Underworlds was recent enough that it was arguably the biggest RPG series at the time. MMOs did already exist, but barely, and we’re mostly text based MUDs, so when Origin announced the next Ultima would be an MMO It was huge. Many were skeptical, but everyone paid attention. It’d be like if Bethesda had announced on the tails of Oblivion, that Skyrim would be an Occulus exclusive game.

Malkav11 says: Ultima Online was one of the first MMOs, yes, and at the time one of if not the biggest, quite probably. But 250 thousand subscribers at the top of its game (in 2003, which was definitely into the internet era) is still dramatically less than subsequent MMOs, including relative contemporaries like Everquest, which came out just a couple of years later, much less WoW and its ilk. I don’t think it’s a stretch to suggest that if it had broad appeal, it had an opportunity to get that sort of audience. It never did. SomeDuder says: The whole “gamer” forced subculture is pants on head retarded – gamer = person who plays games, if we go by the definition of the word. Different companies want to associate this with their brands.

Consolefolk, like MS XBox, want to make the word “gamer” synonymous with other brands, like the whole Doritos and Dew schtick. Others think that gamers are extrovert people who do nothing but post YouTube vids all day.

And I think they are all a bunch of hack frauds, since none of the aforementioned fuckers can even begin to solve any technical problem more difficult than “how do I put these pants on?”. Steam forums especially are a fun source of lolwut. Darkwood71 says: Casuals huh?

You can use that word when you’ve mastered Dwarf Fortress (Lol). Seriously though, I was a beta tester for UO when it came out in ’97, and to be honest, I was very disappointed. As it related to MUDs of the time (which I played quite a bit of), I much preferred to play text versions of RPGs. They had more depth in my opinion.

Also, UO had some pretty hefty system requirements (and in ’97, those requirements weren’t cheap), and as others have said, the dial up issues were a huge hassle. Additionally, UO’s sandbox approach lacked anything to help get new players up to speed, and the denizens of the time just loved to kill newbies (in beta even). It didn’t make for much fun to be honest. Hell, EVE has worked to create (and is continually working to perfect) the new player experience to introduce people to their game.

UO, not so much from what I can recall. I do remember wacking a target dummy over and over and over. Yay, for hardcore gaming. Malkav11 says: No, but you suggested that people “should have been creating the successor to UO” and that they were wasting their time following WoW’s lead. The numbers suggest that what most people were looking for from MMOs is what WoW delivered, not UO, and insofar as pursuing the MMO genre at all was worthwhile for most developers (and from what I can tell from the outside, it’s certainly been financially worthwhile if nothing else), the WoW track is the more fruitful. Personally I think the world has never needed more than a fraction of the MMOs that have been made and most of the people who sank time into making them would have done more for gaming as a whole by pursuing offline endeavours, but hey, people gonna gold rush.

Kajisan says: Ultima Online (Renaissance) was my very first MMO that came as an extra with Ultima Ascencion. I played over 3 years, being a Gamemaster for another year. UO is the only game that defines Roleplay. You don’t need to grind or leveling up.

It was the stories the players created on their own, sometimes with the help of the gamemasters having a global adventure event on certain Saturdays. Everybody played the role he wanted to play. Want to be a magician? It took several weeks on our Server to become one.and once you was one of was literally a damn f* Gandalf. You was able to stand in front of 10 enemy players and they can’t kill you.because it was not possible “roleplay” wise. The 10 players respected this, and you had to respect other things. It’s something very rare and for me its a bite to the heart that World of Warcraft more or less killed this interaction between players.made them marionettes who gave their wisdom to the current generation of players, roleplaying less than a cow on the field.

Shroud of the Avatar is an attempt to bring back these old goods, but like movies like Dune.or 2001, i think its too slow and hardcore for the actual generation of gamers. We had a raid on an enemy bastion, and sat a whole night in front of a fireplace – waiting for the right moment. We talked about distant one of us hunted a Dragon last week, sang songs. You just can’t do this in modern MMO’s. It’s possible.but it needs the right people for it, understanding the base principles of roleplay.

I did not had these knowings when i started with UO.and found people who took me aside. I learned a lot about roleplay, about other people and about myself – acting with other people.

Today, i am game developer aside people who worked on UO, and they’re good people. It’s all about imagination, UO just gave the Pen and the Paper an alternate more colorful form.

Ooc: sorry for bad english, non native OooOOoOOOOoOOoooOOO. Foosnark says: “UO is the only game that defines Roleplay.” Have you ever played GemStone or DragonRealms? All text, but the roleplay is huge. Or at least it was when the community was small — which it probably is again, these days.

My recollection of UO was dozens of people standing around yelling “BANK” and “HAIL”, getting killed by every passing jerkwad, being caught in an endless cycle of extremely dull crafting until a friend gave me a zillion gold, landscapes crowded with houses, being attacked by killer canaries while on horseback, hours spent with nothing to kill because there was one big worldwide spawn, and finally finding some small pleasure in luring NPCs into the woods and murdering them. Mostly though, it was the opposite of fun. Elusiv3Pastry says: UO was pretty magical, and there was nothing like it at the time. Sure, Meridian 59 came first, but UO featured fancy isometric graphics and a robust, truly open world where you could be anything as minor as a baker, fisherman, or lumberjack, to a feared murderer who stole people’s houses or a city pickpocket who left trapped boxes on the street that would cause the unwary to explode into little bits.

The detail for everything was nuts — minecraft-like crafting system to forge tools, weapons, armor, food, potions (loved those exploding purple potions), to magic (each spell required a number of different ingredients to function). You could write books and leave them anywhere for people to read, or play chess, checkers, backgammon, or dice with other players.

You could buy a boat to sail anywhere. You could own your own shop and have it run by an NPC while you supply the goods.

You could build a house or castle ANYWHERE that there was space (this eventually led to overcrowding in some spots), and you could lose your house instantly to some A-hole who ambushes you at just the right time to steal your key or sneak in the door behind you if you don’t lock it fast enough. There was originally no class system — you got good at whatever you did through practice. Want to be a warrior? You need to get your ass kicked by a sheep or eagle for a while before you take on any orcs.

Or you could use practice dummies to work up from the very low levels (many players would place their avatars in front of a practice dummy and run a macro overnight to build strength or skills. I used a roll of ball bearings to hold my use key down). The PvP system was pretty grand, too. There were no instanced battlegrounds; you could kill anyone, anywhere, any time. This rarely happened in cities though, as victims could call for the guards to help (you actually had to yell “Guards!” to get help). As you killed people your reputation eventually decreased to the point where city guards would kill you on sight, so you had to have an alt or friends with a good reputation to go into cities for you for banking or other business.

I could go on for a long time. UO was one of those games that could be included in a “gaming made me” article. My international gaming group of friends banded together in UO, and we’re still playing together after all this time. Everquest sucked. Elsparko says: I remember UO very fondly. It definitely was a sandbox experience and I very much liked the approach that you could be anything in a living and breathing world not just your random RPG adventurer guy. You never had to battle monsters or even vist a dungeon if you didn’t want to.

Haven / New Haven aside there was also initially no real starting point for players. You would just pick the city you liked and bam there you were. For me it was Trinsic. Later on I went on to give myself the title “Lord of Barrier Isle” because I actually owned a little house on a nice spot on this little island just outside Trinsic.

I got to know a lot of nice people in UO. It’s not just your typical “LFG”-affair. You just happen to stumble upon someone at your local bank and you start to chat around etc. Also joining a guild was a very social thing that required you knowing the right people and often doing some custom initiation rituals.

On the other side you now had a lot of friends online and people would stick their heads together to come up with adventures to experience. Treasure hunts, dungeon raids, parties you name it. Nothing like dressing up in some sort of self-dyed cloth uniform that you wore above your normal armor to show of as a group. It just felt much more involved then say Blizzard giving you some “guild tunic” to drop into some character slot just so What made the difference is how “connected” people were back then. If you know somebody and you saw them passing by on the road you would feel obliged to say hello and have a little small talk. Of course UO didn’t have any sort of “chat menu” built in. If your character talked it just appeared over your head and depending on how load you talked it could be “heard” some screens away.

(Of course you could form an ad-hoc party and have instant off-screen chat too. Also we knew about ICQ back then;)) One anecdote I will always remember is that I initially saved up gold to form a little guild for me and my friends.

Our goal was to go to Britain and pledge to the code of honor so that we get free Serpent Shields from the British Castle guards. We would run around with those shields and pretend to be tough guys until someone from a Chaos guild showed up in Trammel (the non pvp facette). He made fun of me not being “real order” and invited me to follow him to his moongate to Felucca. As my ego was hurt I followed him. Just one guy what can go wrong, right?

Turns out not only would it lead to Felucca he also lead me straigt into Buccaneers Den. Immediately a lot of red player names approached and made short work out of my character. They proofed to honorable PKs (player killers) though because afterwards they guided my ghost to a healer and also let me pick up my stuff before handing me a moon stone that would take me back to Trammel.

Have to say I learned my lesson in humility there. Never touched that stupid shield afterwards. Says: As an Ultima fan, I jumped at the chance to play Ultima Online.

Knowing the setting helped me stick with it, but it was the freeform, sandbox nature which got me to enjoy it so much. I began not really knowing what to do, and just tinkered around the edges. In many MMOs you’d have to pick a class and stick with it, whereas in UO I could start as a miner and become a warrior, and then change again later. It’s a shame that there haven’t been more similar experiences, instead everyone is chasing the same thing. Exirtis says: While I have a certain nostalgic fondness for Ultima Online, I’m surprised at how idyllic many of these opinions are. I was a day one player and and most of my memories distill down to how frustrating the game was—frustrating because of how much potential it had, but how quickly things became unplayable.

For this I’m ignoring the lag, the bugs, and other growing pains of a new MMO – I was more than willing to give the game time to find its stride, technically – it was the experience of massive player griefing that killed the game for me, combined with the apparent unwillingness of the devs to prevent it. I can’t be the only one who remembers the platemail-wearing, halberd-wielding mages who did nothing but camp the spawn-point and killed every newbie who spawned; or the funnel of chairs that helped facilitate this. I kept my subscription going for at least 6 months (three months longer than the most patient of my four friends who’d started on day one with me), periodically logging back on in the hopes that things had changed. While it had abated somewhat in later months, the regularity with which I was killed by some random griefer in town, just as I’d begun to make progress, made me give it up and wonder how it was that anyone new started and kept playing the game, paying for such an experience. And mystified that it remained running beyond its first year.

Qazinsky says: Yeah, reading through this post, people are thinking back on all the fun sandbox elements and how great it is to be able to do what you want and wonder why so many players likes the ‘theme park’ MMOs over the sandbox ones. The answer is free for all Player Killing.

I doubt most of those players would be against building their own house wherever they want or go gather this to create that, what they dislike is some highlevel unknown person running up and randomly killing them for no reason. Or getting the house they spent hours or days getting into shape being stolen because they looked away for a second or the other player used an exploit they didn’t know about and could do nothing to defend against. A single griefing player can easily sour the game for ten other players for an afternoon of fun, is there any wonder why the ten would rather be left alone behind the high wall of a theme park? Of course, the griefing player will then wonder why the server is empty.

Ieolus says: I’m sorry to say its because you and your friends are pussies.;) The constant danger of PK attack is part of what made the game alive for some of us. Yeah I hated when I was killed by PKs, and there was a specific French dude on Atlantic that I especially hated. Wish I could recall his name. But when I finally was trained up as a 7x GM and had the same skills the PKs had, I was able to compete and best them at times. The freedom that UO gave you has never been repeated anywhere, and that is a shame. My favorite anecdote from UO I bought a pre-patch silver bardiche that I used for ages to kill liches.

That thing would 2-hit them, it was awesome. But one day I got killed with it on my by a lich, and running around as a ghost some guy saw me and looted my bardiche. I hunted that fucker for months but never was able to recover my precious weapon. 16+ years later I will never forget that! How many games can say that?:). Big Murray says: If you want to play a PvP game, that’s fine. The trouble is that for most people, that gets old fast.

UO is a massive world filled with dungeons, massive PvM opportunities and a whole lot of beautiful scenery and world to explore. It gets awful tiring not being able to enjoy any of that because you know some guy is going to bomb out of nowhere and try and kill and loot you. The only people who really complained about Trammel were the PKs and the griefers who suddenly lost they prey. And the fact is that it got to the point where you basically couldn’t enjoy PvM because all the big PvM spots in the game would be crawling with PKs and griefers, so a large part of the game was unplayable. Regeta says: Of course it needed to happen.

Trammel saved Ultima Online. It was the sole reason for it gaining success. It prevented the game from dying an early death. If you take a look at the chart of subscribers, you will see it begin to fall before Trammel, and once Trammel was released it rises and then continues to rise for years- reaching a peak in 2003. That is 3 years after trammel. Trammel = 3 yearrs of UO growth & success.

Pre-Trammel = More than likely the biggest reason why the game didn’t beat EQ’s subscriber numbers. The game wasn’t “fixed” (in the context of the subscriber bleed bandaid) until 3 years after its release. Regeta says: After Trammel, 70% of the players moved? What are you talking about? Trammel was a HUGE success. Before trammel, the population began to dwindle down as people were leaving because of the overwhelming griefing.

Enter Trammel, and the subscriber base rose significant, to the highest it ever was. Trammel was the high point of Ultima Online’s success. TLDR Before Trammel = Dwindling Population. After Trammel = Years of Growth & Success. Anyone who knows anything about the history of Ultima Online. From wikipedia: “Ultima Online’s fifth expansion in 2003 was the most aggressive yet, offering players the ability to custom design their homes, the Paladin and Necromancer professions, a new land called Malas, and 13 new combat moves.

In March 2003 Ultima Online reached 250,000 subscribers. Lord British returns in September 2003, the same month as the game’s 6th anniversary.”. Regeta says: Well technically, the high point was the 2003 expansion introducing Paladins & Necromancers.

Two skill sets / classes that were long overdue- and something I personally loved. IMO, that was the height of UO. The samurai/ninja stuff is coolbut out of place. At least IMO. I also hated the Renaissance PvP changes. It was very unbalanced, making Swords gimp, Macing OP, and Fencing niche. Before Renaissance, I loved the PvP.

Afterward, I disliked it. Well, I liked it stillbut the changes sucked. Trammel was nice, but Felluca was ultra lame. What they needed was more foresight (impossible) into the problems. Realistically, they needed to act faster adjusting the game’s design. BTW, the most fun I ever had in PvP was the Faction System. I loved the Faction System.

Four Factions, 1v1v1v1. Control of towns huge battles it was like a massive ultra guild war. I also loved the guild wars. Those were the best of all. Anyone who wanted to enter PvP could go Guild War. I also really liked Chaos/Order, but to a lesser extent of Factions.

It was all amazing PvP. What isn’t amazing is being griefed over and over again, especially when you want to just PvE. Titler says: My second ever RPG was Ultima IV back on the Sega Master System in 1989, I caught up with the entire series over the intervening years, and I played UO for the first time from 2001 to 2003 and then 2010 to 2014; I also had the honor of both playing with Petra Fyde on Europa, and EMed for the game briefly; but you couldn’t have picked a better representative of the game to interview, and indeed show why the game has endured, than Petra.

Because there were no quests as such. No goals you were set or challenges you had to meet. What kept the game alive was it’s community, who put their heart and soul into the game, rather than had it narrated to them by a fixed plot. I sound like an old man saying “We made our own entertainment back then”, but in this case it really was true; you had a lot of dedicated and creative players right at the birth of a brand new industry, in lands that let you pretty much do what you will with those talents and dreams.

I can remember for instance my own character being born and leaving the newbie lands to arrive in Moonglow, with a chicken in tow from practicing taming, and 3 people sitting outside the bank started mocking me for it; Years later I’d train up a 4x Grandmaster, player killing chicken just to see who was laughing now as it pecked them to death. There was no auction house, so you’d have to travel the lands looking for people’s shops, and maybe meeting the people themselves who would educate you about those mysterious objects called “Server Birth Rares” or Holiday rewards which were already 4-5 years old by the time I first came to the game. I spent years seeking a “Singing Ball”, which randomly made all the sounds in the game, so I could sit on my virtual porch and dream of strange lands and unseen creatures Or those self same players could become enemies over particular popular spots of land you both might covet when it was your turn to consider setting up a shop. People got into vicious flame wars over under-cutting each other, or stealing each others customers.

I remember once being on pure my crafting character (which we all called “Mules” because they could be 7 different crafting skills in one) harvesting Lizardmen for their leather in a dungeon at 3 in the morning UK time, and a character proposing to me because my character tended to dress a little slutty; Oh yes you could seduce someone even at such low resolution with thigh length boots, and a short skirt and an apron which combined visually into a strapless open backed dress. He started pushing for a real life date until I had to admit I was male in real life and then he cursed me out quite badly, he he. But what made UO unique was that it allowed you to actually play those roles in game as well; GMs (and now EMs) were able to marry your characters and give both a ceremony and unique wedding rings. And your character then, and still to this day (the article doesn’t quite make this clear) gained skill points in what ever your character did. Hit stuff with swords, your Swordsman skill rises, spend your evenings knitting your character gained in Tailoring; you had a total of 700 points to spend in whatever you felt like; you still can be a sword wielding mage in plate if you feel like it. Or a taming Ninja who rides around on a tiger.

And there was no Global Chat back then, so we all used ICQ instead; I sometimes wonder if UO actually helped popularize the whole concept of Talker Programs, or at the very least, kept that particular piece of software alive. What you can certainly say is that it nurtured friendships that existed outside of UO, and moved to other games as each player drifted away but kept their ICQ up; and is why companies now try and bring in social networks as early as possible. “If you liked Game X, why not try Game Y and tell all your friends about it?!”.

Titler says: But that leads into the problem with UO too; we’re remembering our gaming youth, when everything felt bright and new, and you can’t cross that river twice, especially when there’s 18 years of water under the bridge since then. And because it really is so community based, the game is slowly dying as the community ebbs away a little more each year. Not because “Trammel Killed The Game”; that action was taken more than 15 years ago now; the Player Killers and l33t 3o 3 )3 / / )z who also can’t let go of their youth could have had children who’d be only a year from College in the time scale that Consensual PvP has ruled the game. And not really because of (“Ahem, remember that very nasty NDA you signed?” – EAs Lawyers) or even (“Please remove that rottweiler from my testicles”) which hasn’t helped; nor will the coming Expansion reverse by itself for that matter. It’s just without a player base, it can’t maintain a player base it’s just not the sort of theme park that advertises itself and does all the work for you. You have to be there.

I’m glad I was. Although I think my time now there is done (never meet your heroes), I’d still recommend people give it a try. But you have to be prepared to see past the graphics (they aren’t very good even using a modified Warhammer Online client, which the screenshots above are from; but the Enhanced client used does at least has modern macro power built in. The older client is more stylish but horribly limited out of the box now) and really get into the feel of the character and set your own path through the world. Unlike Shroud of the Avatar (which I’ve backed, but sigh) you CAN own the castles you see; if a player has it, you can make it or trade for it or eventually BE it.

So, the 14 day free trial is available for anyone. Wander over to Stratics and meet Petra and many more amazing people. And see what you can make of UO.

Frightlever says: Played it for maybe 6 months, after a run with the original Asherons Call, but the heyday was over even then. Play Money by Julian Dibbell is an interesting read about his attempt to make a real world living as an Ultima Online trader. DragonRealms, a commercial MUD from Simutronics, will turn 20 next year and still costs $15 per month to play, though you really want the Premium account for $30 per month. Or there’s a Platinum package for $50 per month.

It’s expensive, really really expensive is what I’m saying. Good game, if you want role-playing. Mateo says: UO remains my most memorable MMORPG, half because of the sheer amount crazy roleplaying, and half because you could do whatever you wanted. My Felucca avatar was a PK. A Grandmaster mage, but also a Grandmaster Chef.

It took me forever and RSI to make Grandmaster Chef, but it made it all worth while that after I killed a PC and looted their body that I could leave a nice baked caked with my name attached to it for their return. Name me another MMO that allows that level of comic lunacy. Jaketucker says: Hi Zip, Apologies it wasn’t to your liking, but wordcounts are a thing. I saw a bunch of other interesting things (the swamp of scarily scary monsters, or the giant ants nest full of suitably giant ants) but I didn’t have as much space to go into a mass of detail about every single cool thing I saw. I did see a /lot/ of very cool things, although most peoples analysis is a bit more dedicated than mine because I played it for 12 days rather than several years.

I don’t think that’s so bad here though, these comments are really exciting to read and I’ve been checking back every few hours to hear about peoples memories. Says: Thanks for the response, Jake. Maybe it’s just a word count issue, but with a title like this, I was expecting to read something about what distinguishes UO from, say, WoW, or Wildstar, or maybe some of the MMOs that got shut down in past years, like Shadowbane or the Phantasy Star universe. A list of “interesting things” is not necessarily the thing to do, as I suppose every MMO has some of those. Maybe that expectation was unrealistic, or perhaps the bottom line should have that it’s not that UO is very different from other games, but that communities tend to stay where they start unless some other force messes with them (looking at you, New Game Experience) or they’re too expensive to keep up with just the core community.

I, for one, would like to see an article examining if anything in UO’s design is conducive to the prevalence of RP that seems to be going on there, at least as it seems from reading the comments; or if the property ownership (that now started in WoW with the latest patch) is a big influence. Myrdinn says: I have so many fond memories in this game I remember stumbling upon the ‘Inn of Lost Travelers’ once (I was really lost) and it was filled with maybe 6 or 7 people who all shared stories and had ale. Or the time I led a mob of angry PC-peasants towards my nephew, convincing the crowd he was a witch and should be burned etc. Like a lot of people said in the comments already, what ever happened to sandbox MMO’s? I’d jump on a chance to play an updated UO right away. MMO’s are very interesting to me by concept, but the ‘themepark’ bullshit really turns me off every darn time.

Erithtotl says: I remember playing the beta of UO and it was near unplayable. I think technology and internet speeds hadn’t quite gotten to where they needed to be.

That said I agree with the many others here that it is a real loss that Sandbox games are a distant second to theme park MMOs. But I think sandbox games need to do a LOT more to help new players, and they need to have much more severe penalties for antisocial behavior.

Part of the problem with sandbox games is they are essentially libertarian paradises. Now I’m not a fan of that world view, but even if you are, the penalties in real life for anti social behavior (murder, theft, and abuse) are far worse than they are on a video game, meaning that it can often release the absolute worst in people. If sandbox designers can figure out how to balance new player entry, penalties for bad behavior, and the freedom they promote, they may have a chance to grow their bases beyond the niche that they’ve been isolated to. Shagen454 says: This article is kinda calling me back.

One of the first CRPGs I played was Ultima 6 when I was in 4th grade – I remember killing Lord British with a few glass swords and then moving all of my furniture into the castle. It was so so immersive. By the time UO was announced I was in 7th grade and it was seriously like my ultimate fantasy coming true. And it delivered big time and I definitely feel the same sentiment in that more “MMOs” should and should have taken the approach to to further extents, because let’s face it – the combat in UO sucks. That aside I definitely miss the days of my guild – The League of Pirates battling the Fuckheads (that was the literal guild name) on the open seas and stealing all of their shit.

Codevark says: I suspect that the numbers of UO players actually paying to play is fairly small. There have been hundreds of “free shards” running either sphereserver or runuo for years. Some of these are highly active, customized, etc. I played the P2P UO for years.

I got a guy who I worked with into it, and he and his girlfriend played it so much he was eventually fired (and later was arrested on multiple firearms possession charges, but that’s another story.). For about the first 8 months, I ran around naked getting my ass kicked by rabbits.

Then, little by little, my stats and skills began to get to the point where I could actually do stuff. My two kids loved UO and we eventually bought a little tower house just outside of Trinsic.

I was playing when there were some incredible invasion spawns. Anyone remember when the Ratmen and Trolls invaded Britain? Or when the Undead Army took over Trinsic? Crazy fun times! Once I got into a semi-interesting RP conversation with two (scantily clad and exceptionally cute — but that’s sort of the norm for most games) women. One of them invited me into her house to continue the conversation and promptly teleported me to some unknown location, and killed me.

Of course, there were some annoying things, but you learned to live with them. Trying to gather regs in cemeteries inhabited by skeletons, zombies, liches, etc., was always dangerous, especially when wildly strong PVPers knew that lower level chars were there all the time and they would run through, kill you, take all your stuff, and run away. Eventually I got into the habit of always having several sets of armor/weapons/tools/stuff stashed somewhere.

Plus, things like losing connection in the middle of something important sucks in any game. UO really was (and is) a very special place, regardless of who you are, what you do, or which shard you play on, pay or free. That being said, I’m having quite a bit of fun playing F2P LotRO:). Rakarnsunju says: I loved UO for one simple reason.

The great thing about the game was there was nothing to do, no raids, no go here get 10 of these quests and so on. On our shard we role played with almost 1000 other players. That is why I logged on each night and spent hours being part of a story that was ever changing. It was another life for me and honesty I miss it with my whole heart.

I made so many friends IRL. Our RL meets where amazing. UO gave me a lot in return for my time, it gave me the chance to write, to work out stories to adapt to a change in the plot and so on. I was and forever will be one of the best things I have done in my life. Heck I moved in with a UO player and her family who gave me a chance to live in the USA ( I’m from England myself.) It was that friendship that had me move across the world. The n I met my future wife, then I had kids.

And it can all be traced back to my time in UO. I have never felt that level of in game role play or IRL friendship from any other MMORPG that i have played since.

And alas I don’t think I ever will. Thank you UO for everthing. Petra Fyde says: ohh dat’s me! I’m no longer with Stratics, but I’m still playing daily and I’m still writing guides for players. The link is in my profile.

I also have a facebook page under this nick. @Kala, it’s true you can’t go back – but you can go forward. UO has been going forward, and I’ve been going forward with it. When UO started online gaming was unsophisticated, and so were we. We would never accept now what delighted and fascinated us then.

We expect so much more. UO can give it, but you need to bring something to the pot. Imvu Free Credits Generator on this page. You need to bring imagination. Some people say the game seems empty – well to a degree it is, but with the number of expansions there have been there’s an awful lot of land and dungeons out there. We’re there, but we’re well spread out. Also trial accounts are restricted to the ‘help’ chat channel.

The veteran players mostly use the ‘general’ channel – despite the rampant pvp trash talk. On Europa, where I’m mostly found, a group of vets monitor the help chat and actively try to help new and returning players. In addition there is a nightly meeting at west brit bank where help and advice is freely given.

(6pm – 7pm UK). Lord-Xanthor says: The only thing good about private servers is being able to test out ideas EA never put into play. They are also unreliable once the owner gets bored and many ask for donations for upkeep. Problem here is once they have your money you have no clue who is really running it. Here’s a case with a private server no longer in existence. It had hundreds of players then without even a word the owner made off with thousands in donations and whoever took over banned everyone who supported the server which because of their knowledge, most users got deleted if not banned. Despite what the TOS stated, people who left uo would get emails to come back and most of the time their characters still existed.

Lord-Xanthor says: Actually, one of the first online games was for the C64 through AOL called ClubCaribe or Habitat which in later years got turned to Vzones now defunct. I played UO since beta, then worked for Stratics-UO on the event team running the monthly development chats. Unless things changed, there was a lot of grinding to level up a skill and I had multiple accounts to hold a fortress of castle and two towers. I enjoyed working for stratics and the development team for years but ended up having to give up both when I got Married and children started entering the picture. I still talk once in a while with old staff if on and glad the games still in existence.

I’m very surprised EA hasn’t ported the game client over to IPhone and Android, it would have brought in a whole new clientele. I had a mage/tamer, hard, even a treasure hunter. I still have a photo floating around from the days there was server wars. Before tamers had limits I released about 80 white wyrms and dragons then use an invisible ring to hide and watch the chaos. It actually crashed the server I played and was asked not to do it again. Which would of been the case except at the time I did this I wasn’t a GM tamern at the time and back then when it was OSI put in a patch to raise requirements to owning one which surprised me the hard way because it was the first town invasion put into effect and when I claimed 10 dragons from the stable, they all went wild at once.

It wasn’t just me, people were trying to kill lich lords and same time dodge everyone’s dragons gone amok. Back then if you didn’t have good armour on, one fireball killed you.

Imagine having 10 on the loose. I was lucky to have invie jewelry set on macro because I hit that macro faast seeing the messages “Has decided it was better off without a friend” My main account I gave to a friend and sold rest while it was allowed.

Heard years later after the mass duping bannings that many card companies did a lot of charge backs which ended the sales of pixels. Regeta says: I notice a lot of people here are ignorant about Trammel.

Here are just the facts: 1) Trammel didn’t ruin Ultima Online; Trammel saved it. Before Trammel, subscribers were dwindling and the game was dying. After Trammel, the bleeding stopped and populations soared. 2) Ultima Online hit its peak subscriber base 3 years after Trammel. Not only did subscribers soar, but they soared for 3 years.

The peak subscriber base hit 250,000 subscribers in 2003 with the release of “Age of Shadows” which was the fifth expansion, and added in the Paladin & Necromancer classes/skills. Whether or not it ruined the game FOR YOU is just your opinion. Despite what you will hear on the internet about how “Trammel ruined UO”, this is only true of a minority of players.

The majority of Ultima Online subscribers loved the introduction of Trammel. Another interesting fact: Ultima Online was the first MMORPG to reach 100,000 subscribers. After its peak in 2003, it did not see numbers again this low until 2008. (In 2008, Ultima Online still had 100,000 subscribers.).

Total_immortal says: If anyone is interested in playing Ultima Online for free, go to for the BEST FREE server out there. The server is based on the Renaissance era, yet pre-Trammel ruleset on most things. There is a young player program to give new players or old returning players the freedom to get the feel for the game safely. Much has been done to perfect things such as crafting and others that OSI / EA didn’t fix.

The population just hit a new high 3 years into its existence with almost 700 online. So, if you want to try the game out, give us a shot. I’m an old school player since 99 and have played many free servers throughout the years, and finally have found a UO home there. It’s THE best out there. Belev says: Just had to register and comment on this I’ve played loads of game, be thye single, multi or MMOs. I’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to what UO had and still has to offer as game and combat mechanics, crafting, economy or social system.

The simplicity of the characters mechanics is stunning and yet so effective. The whole game re-balanced itself because each player had the freedom to observe, try and change their character in almost any possible way. In terms of character customization this game gave such freedom that it’s absolutely mind-blowing. I’m not talking about facial/body/clothing customization.

Those are just eye candy(I love those, but it’s not the looks that matter, it’s what is under the clothes and armor). All games after UO strive to achieve relative ‘balance’ between classes (mostly PvP wise).

Tons of patches, skill changes, updates, special arenas and battlegrounds with limitations just so that pvp could ‘feel’ more balanced. Because they decided to rely on a predefined class system to spare themselves some thinking, or to enforce on the players specific story-line and game-play? UO gave freedom with a single limitation valid for all. No races or racial perks, no classes or class specific traits, no different stats, all start on equal ground and each and every player can, whenever he/she decides completely change their character or tweak it so that they can handle specific situations.

Turning from a warrior/paladin into a necromancer/mage just because you found out that you like spells better is priceless(just for information this is like becoming the complete opposite in almost any aspect;alignment, combat style, resource utilization, armor preference, even the way the surrounding NPCs interact with you is different). I don’t have enough words to describe the technical perfection UO has as a game. One obvious flaw though. The game client, graphics, UI are ancient. They are actually far beyond ancient considering modern hardware capabilities. When I played UO (and that was more than 10 years ago) I though “What a crappy game” during the first 15 minutes. I liked NOTHING there.

I uninstalled it after some 20 minutes. 2 weeks later a friend told me “Try it some more, in 20 minutes you’ve not seen anything. Try to play for around 1 hour at least.

Maybe you’ll find something you like”. I did try it for 1 hour. That hour became a week.

That week became a 3+ years. And after that 1 hour there was not a single minute that I felt bored, that I felt like I’m wasting my time, that I felt frustrated because something is not like I want it to be. Imagine you kill a monster and you find a treasure map. You got no idea what that is.

You ask around, some player tells you you need cartography skill to read the thing. Ok, you spend some time to improve that skill. Now you can read maps. The map points to some island you never knew even existed. Ok, no worries, you gather some money, buy a ship. Small one of course, they are expensive.

So you and a couple of friends get on the ship and start sailing. Bu the ship must be controlled by 1 person, or you’ll never get to where you want to go. So 1 controls the ship (you had to type directions so the ship moves), the other watches the map and navigates, the third one drinks rum and sings pirate songs (and no, i’m not joking).

You get to the island, perfect. You find the spot.

You’re lucky, you brought a shovel. One starts digging, the rest are waiting impatiently around to see the treasure. This BIG chest, full with promises of unlimited riches and those 3 BIG water elementals that spawned near it and decided to guard it. Your whole party is dead. Ok, here is the plan: we find and ankh(you resurrect on those), we come back, kill the elementals, get the treasure. Good plan, but the ankh is on the OTHER island!

3 ghosts on the ship, navigating to the other island. Then running in circles until we get our bodies(bodies disappear in time and you lose items). What an adventure. I am yet to find another game that can give you hours of laughter and fun while you play it and years later. A game where legend are build from the actions of players. A game where friendship, hatred and simple player interactions are more important and more fun than the built-in content.

To those of you that never played UO I have a message: Play it, at least for an hour. I know it’s ugly, I know it’s old, I know it looks and feels worse than Super Mario. Just try it out, and don’t give up after the first 15 minutes. And to those of you that have: I got nothing to say to you brothers and sisters. You already know what the best MMORPG of all times (up to now) is.

Comment by Vath So far Blizz has only confirmed the Bear mount is going bye-bye. It's important to notice that the bear is a gaurantee, while the Raptor and Tiger are chance drops, and not very good odds to boot.

Even 80's storming ZG and wrapping up the mount-drop bosses in 5 minutes doesn't mean they are going to get the mount. As said countless times, raid drop mounts are supposed to be rare and signs of achievement. Something for people to brag about. Riding this tiger is certainly one hell of an achievement. I've only ever seen one person on it. The other day I saw a guild roll up on The Sunwell, and all 25 of them were on a bear. The bear is simply not special anymore, and this tiger mount is about as special as mounts get.

Edit: It's gone xD. Comment by NightStrikke Crazytroll there are actually more than one alliance mounts available to horde players. Theres the winterspring frostsaber, theres the brewfest rams, theres the spectral tigers(very hard to get the TCG loot card for this), and theres this mount. There is also the fabled Bengal Tiger which people say was only obtainable through the BC beta and the vendor of this mount only spawned once a week in a cave behind ZG. The horde eqivelant to this mount would be the Swift Razzashi Raptor which has a 1.1% drop rate off of Bloodlord Mandokir who is also from ZG. The drop rate of this item is extremely low so i would suggest not trying to farm it unless you have alot of time on your hands. Ive only seen 1 person in WoW with this mount.

Comment by Azarias While I agree that this mount if very cool and special, it is by no means an achievement. Someone who owns this mount didnt put any special effort into getting it. It simply means he raided ZG and got lucky on the drop and the roll that followed it. Its different from getting gear because the drop rate is so damn low. You cant really plan on getting this mount like you can plan your perfect gear setup. The Zul'aman bear mount on the other hand can be an actual sign of achievement. This is because the mount is a guaranteed drop and you can realistically get one if you (and 9 other people) put in the extra effort to beat the timed event.

Of course there are people who buy and sell these mounts, which diminishes the pride in owning one, but for those people who got it the 'normal' way this can be something to be proud of. Comment by Amare It may, infact, be possible for most classes to solo this boss.

There is a way to bug this boss so that the adds he summons get glitched and go away, while Thekal turns into a cat-like thing and is only accompanied by two 60 elite tiger mobs. (or so my group has found) I won't rip off the strategy from the person who posted it, so you can find it here (posted by lolzer2008): can read on ^^ (have rephrased it from what he/she has said) 1. Clear all the mobs in the area (tigers/trolls etc.) 2.

Near the entrance to the area (the arch) you will find two tree stumps on the LEFT (I repeat, left of entrance. My group tried this several times on the stumps to the right, and he just reset xP) 3. Have the party stand on the higher of the stumps, going across via the lower one 4. Then have the tank pull Thekal towards the stumps where the group is. Have the tank jump onto the lower stump. The tank shouldn't take damage from Thekal and co., but if so have the healer heal them. The rest of the party (excusing the healer, of course) should do absolutely nothing.

Don't attack, don't do anything. If, by some twisted chance you get attacked, then you must still stand there and do nothing, even if you are taking damage. Thekal and his adds will run away after a while, but don't think that he hasn't bugged. My group waited for around 15secs and back came Thekal, in cat form, accompanied by two 60 elite tigers, without any adds! At this point the tank should jump down and engage him (if not earlier when he 'respawns') 7.

The rest of the group should also jump down and engage him. But jump down immediately after he spawns, otherwise he will just reset.

Hopefully this strat helps groups/individual's take down this boss. It certainly helped my group, because we didn't know they all had to die at the same time. Thus, we were stuck with flippin' Thekal ressing at least 5 times..- I'm not promising that this bug works, but all I'm saying is that it worked for our group.:) Good luck farming for this sexy mount!:D. Comment by JangoDarkhand Most of you who were talking about the horde and alliance thing probably wont see this post, but just to clarify the Deathcharger, Dread/Felsteed, and The Culling of Stratholme mount and probably a few others ( such as the mammoths and bears and TCG mounts) are also both teams, so its not just these few mounts:) My friend online is farming Strath and will start to farm ZG soon for the mounts and i might tag along sometimes. I will try to post if i receive any of the mounts:). Comment by Thebombio Friday, December 19, 2008 The Tiger finally dropped for me.

After running it about a total of 15 times, I saw the Turtle morph drop, Razzashi Raptor (lost to a damn 97 roll), and now the Tiger. It was just me and a shaman (Thebomb (me) and Tizianna (shaman).

Both level 80. After about 10 minutes of DPSing Thekal and his 2 guys down and FINALLY killing them together, he spawns, we kill him in about 2 minutes then loot. Wasn't expecting it but there it was, the tiger picture, I look over and I see 'Swift Zulian Tiger'. Both Tizianna and I are like 'WOW! So I offer to pay her 100g to pass, but she offers me 200g to pass since she is 1 mount short of the 50 mount achievement. So I say 'NEVER!'

And I hit need. About 5 seconds later, she hits need. 'You won ' and the achievement both come up. I am just like 'HOLY CRAP! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!'

My guild is congratulating me for finally getting it, and some are saying, 'Damn. NOW I wish I came.:(' I Hearth to Dalaran and link my achievement in Trade chat right away, in about 10 seconds the trade chat is filled with 'grats' and then in about 20 seconds there are 5+ groups forming to go farm the mount in honor of me.

I am riding it still, kind of miss my Black War Bear, though. Comment by fian I farm this every reset and also regularly farm anzu for his mount in heroic Setthekk halls. The curious thing is this one is actually far faster to farm than the Sett halls mount, as a stealther. Normally i ask a guildie to log onto and alt, join with me, form a raid group and /camp to go back on their main, giving me a raid group to use to enter ZG withotu inconveniencing anyone. Edit: I had sugested stealthing to boss, back in january. Nowadays i just mount up and ride straight to boss, you won't aggro anything onteh way as long as you are sensible about avoiding them. Go to the left (river side) of the pack with snakes just inside the entrance, and be wary of the pathing snakes after you have crossed the second bridge.

Still killing most resets, still no tiger:( Only one pack (the one to the right of the corridor to the boss) inside the thekal area needs to be cleared before engaging boss. The cubs that sprint back and forth should also be taken out, one at a time, before you engage the trash pack. This is to prevent them joining into fight and running accross to aggro another pack while you are fighting. The axe throwers are extremely annoying because they can chain stun you, and during this stun you have lots of mobs beating on you. The trash inside his area can actually be skipped entirely, and the bosses fought behind the cages they are in. However as a druid i prefer to clear the trash and have more room, because I need to back off healer and charge her to interrupt her heals. Not a difficult fight when you get the hang of it, kill tiger adds first, interrupt all heals and bring all three mobs down to low health before you kill them.

As a druid I make sure berserk will be ready to finish them off after one dies (can still use it in beginning of fight). I heal up after three are down but the second phase is very easy in bear. Normally don't even need to use my survival instincts/frenzied regen buttons.

Comment by Dashotosho This is far from impossible to solo, I solo it every time it's up as a frost DK fully tank spec'd. I just throw on a 2-hander and death strike when I need to, tanking gear cuts a lot of damage and the mortal strike rarely hits me.

One thing to keep in mind is pop cooldowns every time they come up, in my case I'm an herb/alch too so I can pop a few heals if needed but I never do anymore. Soloing is actually EASIER than duo in my experience because there's no CC to worry about since you're the only target and on the off chance you do get gouged or blinded they break it right away. Also the group right in front of boss does NOT need to be cleared, I run straight in and engage the boss every time, just fight him in the cage and there's no trash to clear at all. Good luck to everyone getting their mount as I've farmed it for months and still no love for me.:(. Comment by fian I started doing this in 3.08, when they removed the group requirement from duird potp buff. It is perfectly solable after 3.08 as well.

I do it every reset and since I learnt the fight (ie since first kill) no deaths. Is actuallly faster than killing anzu for the raven mount, which I also farm regularly. I am not uber geared and in fact when I started doing this I had nothing beyond heroic/heroism loot. As a druid is definately worth killing the cubs first (so they dont run and pull adds) and the group to the right of the door before pulling bosses.

We need room to back up and charge in order to interrupt heals. Comment by Coffins Oh no, don't get me wrong. I solo'd this in my tank gear. I knew exactly what I was doing.

We just started farming AQ40 Mounts, Baron's Mount and the Raptor last week to get her to 100 Mounts. All she did was tag along (in fact, she was barely zoning in when I was finishing off his adds and he teleported her to us).

In exchange, I'm sitting on the mats for a Thunderfury and a Sulfurus, Hand Of Ragnaros. There's very few things that 2 very resourceful and determined people can not do in this game regarding legacy content. I'm not too worried that I won't see this mount drop again. Hopefully I'll have the same luck in the future regarding other mounts and binding drops. Happy Hunting. Comment by Hoboonaparkbench Friend (DK) and myself (shaman) went and did a few bosses in ZG for powerful mojos so he could level JC. After we killed raptor boss we non-nonchalantly looted Bloodlord and both of our jaws dropped in disbelief when we saw the raptor on his loot.

So he agreed to pass because we previously agreed if we ever farmed the mounts, he'd get tiger and I'd get raptor. So we head over to tiger boss, and kill him without a hitch, and we both laugh in amazement as we loot him and see the this sexy beast. I don't think it gets any luckier than that. I guess all I can say is just kill the bosses w/ a friend, or solo if you can. We both have only killed the 2 bosses 2 or 3 times, so you never know when you'll see it.

Sorry about low gamma, but here's SS. Comment by Tarpan This mount dropped for me today (2/20/09). I have been soloing ZG mount bosses as a feral druid for a few weeks. Tiger boss is somewhat annoying to solo as a feral druid. Any feral attempting to do this should make a macro to feral charge the healer so that you can react quickly to him starting a heal.

Because you have to back out to interrupt the heal casting you have to really watch for it. It usually took me a few tries to get this boss down solo. However, today was a smooth one shot with a sweet payoff!:). Seem like blizzard added a MS on the boss or his adds in 3.0.8, as I get a -50% heal debuff almost 50% of the fight, which I never had before. As a dk, I was farming it with a hunter friend. It's not anymore possible as my Death Strike are healing me for a pathetic 1k.

Seem like the only way now it to bring a healer. Once again, they added useless things instead of fixing annoying bugs.

Just get some tank gear so you dont take so much dmg and it will be a walk in the park:) Just nuke the mobs down to 5-10% and interrupt the heals. As a dk you dont need to be 2+ ppl:) My main is a dk so i pretty much know how easy it is:). Comment by hapsap ok so I now can solo this boss really easy as a DK. Here are some tips for when you are having trouble. First of all you should set the focus on the healer so when you are working on the other 2 you get to see her cast a heal in the focus frame. This way you can respond quickly to her heals.

Secondly make a macro that says /target focus /cast And lastly press the V button to see their health bars over there heads so you see when they are all about to die. Making it alot easier to manage the simultanious killing of them. GL and HF P.s. It took me 2 tries to get the tiger and 7 to get the raptor on my DK ^^. Comment by hunybuny I've been running ZG every reset for roughly a month and a half with one other person for Mandokir and Thekal.

(I want the tiger, the other person is going for the raptor.) Since we choose to be guildless and generally don't do pug's unless someone else is asking for help, we had to wait until we were 80 to even have a chance at killing either boss. (At least with our particular classes.) I'm beyond thrilled we're even able to get in there and have a shot at it every three days, especially since I never thought I'd be able to set foot in ZG and manage to kill anything considering it's always just the two of us. I've been wanting the tiger since I can remember; I definitely don't expect it to drop each time I go in there, I just hope.a lot.

Good luck to everyone else farming it.keep at it no matter what, and congrats to everyone who has already obtained this beautiful mount!:D. Comment by Mintizimo I spent a good 2000g on respecs, food and scrolls in attempt to solo this boss on my hunter.

It seems I need my two-piece T5 bonus to keep my tenacity pet alive long enough to burn down the three of them, as the one heal I have isn't enough. Frustrated, I tried the same on my druid. I went feral and put on my tank gear, but again. They ultimately just burn me down and I have no way of healing myself because of their interrupts/stuns/silence. Maybe I'll try again some day. I've always wanted this mount, and I'd hate to see it drop and lose the roll.

Grats to those who have it. This mount is awesome.

Comment by voicy This dropped for me today. 1st time we went after it. 3lvl 80s - tank, dps, healer.

The boss isn't hard to kill, it's the fact that the servants keep resurrecting each other. So you have to kill them Romulus/Julianne style. I've never bothered going for it and/or Midnight that drops of Attumen due to my categorically bad luck with drops/rolls. So instead, I grinded rep with the wintersaber trainers to get the other tiger mount. (It'll take you about 4 days of farming to get it and looks respectable.) I'll keep doing ZG on a weekly basis until my mate gets either it or the raptor. So far I've seen 3 on our server. Comment by Bmaylor I have this mount on farm every 3-day reset, as a tank with 3.0.9 Master tank gear, I tried a solo on this boss, and repeatedly I just could not negate all the damage and ultimately ended up dying repeatedly.

I swapped out tactics when I discovered that warriors were soloing Karazhan bosses using a new spec that goes into fury up to Bloodthirst, then max avoidance in Protection, the idea being that bloodthirst heals you out of the 1% chance you are hit. It works wonderfully. I have the Raptor after 12 trips, couldn't be happier, I'm hoping soon this mount drops for me.

Comment by Zorrah I started farming this about 3 weeks ago on my feral druid tank with a rogue in my guild. We can zone in and have the tiger boss down in 10-15 mins.then we hit up Blood Lord. The tiger dropped for us tonight.1st one we've seen. I rolled a 17 and he rolled a needless to say I got it and I couldn't be happier. Goes nicely with the green proto-drake I got out of the egg this morning.what a day for rare mounts!

I'm solo farming that ones next! PS: It was definitely a ZG mount day.a priest in my guild got the raptor earlier too. Comment by manbearpgg Must be really nice to have all the luck in the world like that lol.

I've been successfully farming the tiger boss and the raptor boss by myself, every, single, reset since late November 2008, and before that I had a good 3 man group that did it at 70 and before I got some decent tank gear on my druid. No tiger or raptor yet, still working at it though. What was it, 200 rep a boss kill?

Something like that, well, I hit exalted with Zandalar tribe just with killing those two bosses, and I hit exalted in march I believe. Wtb some more luck with some of the more awesome mounts in the game. Comment by SoLoStYLEz This is just some simple tips on beating this boss as a dk.

Step 1: Spec into blood and frost so you have lots of parry/dodge/armor and take up everything that looks like it will help you survive. Step 2: travel to the tiger boss. Step 3: Set focus on the Shaman with lighning shield on. Step 4: get the boss down to 10khp and dont use any aoe or hit her nemore. Step 4b) Always be looking at the focus bar and inerrupt the shaman with mind freeze ever time she starts casting the cooldown is 20 seconds you have plenty of time. Step 5: Get all the other guys down to about 3khp, Kill them all.

MAKE sure Your spamming diseases and eath strike and using rune tap and everything. Step 6: Keep all that up and your gauranteed to be successful, It took me 3 tries to get my method down now im farming the boss. I know this is mostly just stating the obvious but hey. Comment by Sketzii Here is my story of how I got the Swift Zulian Tiger. I had been farming the Raptor boss for a chance on the raptor mount for roughly 6 weeks before my friend told my of a way to also farm the tiger boss for the tiger mount too. I am a hunter. So instead of only killing the raptor boss I started to also kill the tiger boss too.

On my fourth attempt at the tiger boss, this time I was boosting my friend through ZG just by coincidence as he was level 60 the Tiger mount dropped. I was amazed that it had actually dropped but I was worried my friend, who did not have a 100% mount then would roll for it. So I agreed a gave him 1750g if he would give up the mount for me. Too mee 1750g wasn't that much as I could get it back in say a week. However giving up 1750g in order to get the mount is WELL worth it, as in my opinion the mount is worthless. I am now one happy hunter running around on this great mount.:D. Comment by Bearkin1 Rare mount drop off of High Priest Thekal, a fairly easy boss for classes that can solo that kind of stuff.

I got very lucky and it managed to drop off of my 4th run. It's definitely stands out. When I ride through Dalaran, I people actually stop to admire it and quite often I'll get whispers saying 'Gratz' or 'Where'd you get that?' Or 'How many tries did it take?' It's pretty sweet considering it's one of the few Alliance style mounts available to Horde such as myself. This mount also grants a Feat of Strength upon learning.

Now I just got to hope for the Rappy =D. Comment by T0r3k For any warriors out there: - Spec down fury until Bloodthirst and then the rest in Prot. - /focus Zealot Lor'khan - Use this macro: /cast Shield Bash I'd recommend keybinding it to your middle mouse button or something easy to get to. Get each of the 3 (Boss + 2 sub-bosses) to around ~10HP each, then burn them down ASAP, they need to all die as close to each other as possible Easily solo'd in my crappy off-spec prot gear, for any main-spec tanks out there, this should be a piece of cake. Goodluck!:D Edit: Just got this baby on my 5th attempt, very, very lucky.:D. Comment by astr0mance Hey guys, got my tiger on my first solo run today. I was shocked.

O_o Anyway, I thought I'd post some tips for you feral druids out there who don't want to use an exploit to get the tiger. As said before, the key to downing this guy is all about getting the adds to die within 10 seconds of each other. This can take practice to get just right, so don't get discouraged if you mess up once or twice. • As far as gear goes, you really don't need to be super well-geared to solo Thekal. I was using my offspec feral set that had about 27k armor, 28k health, and 24% dodge.

I had no problem at all. I was also specced for tanking and not DPS, which really helps when it comes to farming this mount. Just grab some heroic blues and some Naxx 10 gear, and maybe some stamina buffs if you're feeling unsure, and you're good to go. • Here is my suggested build for the fight:. As you can see, I put 2 points into Brutal Impact.

This makes stunning Zealot Lor'Khan when she tries to heal much, much easier, because it takes a full 30 seconds off of your Bash cooldown. • Stunning Zealot Lor'Khan is essential to making sure that they all die within seconds of each other. Make sure you set her as your focus by targeting her, right clicking her nameplate and checking 'Focus'. Use this Feral Charge macro when your Bash is on cooldown.

Remember to take a few steps back so you can charge!/cast Feral Charge - Bear • Pressing Ctrl+V allows you to see the nearby mobs' health and can be very helpful. I suggest getting them all down to around 10% health, then pop Beserk and spam Mangle until they all go down. You've complete phase 1. Once Thekal goes into his tiger form he hits like a kitten. He has a small knockback so pull him into a corner if you didn't clear the adds. That's all there is to it, fellow druids!

Best of luck with this mount. If you have any questions you can contact me in-game.:D Kaku, Tauren Druid Wyrmrest Accord (US). Comment by MrBeef195 Math Lesson: How sample size affects percentages!

Example 1: 10 people kill thekal (individualy) and get lucky, mount drops 2 times. Drop percentage = 20% Example 2: 10000 people kill thekal and it drops 98 times. Drop percentage = 0.98% Why? Because with a greater sample size you see results closer to the true drop rate chance or a convergence on the true drop chance. Which I recall is 1/100 for all rare mounts but could be wrong on that. With more people killing this boss, wowhead is taking in more data and calculating a different drop chance.

Comment by Kerli I went into ZG yesterday with a 'friend' of mine because he had asked me to help him with a couple of bosses, he had master loot and I was just coming along to help him. We got to the Tiger Boss and much to my surprise, THE MOUNT DROPPED. Of course I didn't happen to notice it dropped until I saw him getting the mount, and the achievement. Needless to say, even though I was just coming along for the ride, I never expected him to just take it. Didn't even let me roll on it, nothing. Comment by PvPperson Ahh, farmed as a feral druid for about a month, running it every 3-4 days.

It dropped for me, 7/12/09. My 52nd mount.

Oh boy it's fun to brag to other mount collectors about this. I dont collect mounts, my friend is at 82. He's been farming it with someone else (because hes a lock, he cant solo) and i can show it off to him, and know i'm still going strong for the raptor, sethekk bird (im a druid) and kara mount. Zes, Night Elf druid.

Undermine - (US) Proud owner of a new Orange tiger mount. Comment by GstyleOwns I got this mount today on the 14th of July after about 15 solo runs. I solo-ed this as a Protection Warrior, in gear from Naxx10/25 and Uld10/25. This is how I used to (as I'm not going to anymore, which is logical) do it: 1.

Before you start the fight, make a Focus for 'Zealot Lor'Khan'. It's easy to see when he is casting his Greater Heal. Just click the focus and Shield Bash. Take 'High Priest Thekal' to about 25%, followed by 'Zealot Zath' and 'Zealot Lor'Khan' as the last one. It's easier to do Lor'Khan last, because it might be annoying to swap targets all the time to interrupt when you are about to nuke them. They all have to die within about 10-12 seconds after you killed the first, so take them to below 10k and just Shield Slam/Revenge/Shockwave them down. Thekal will now enter Phase 2.

You got a very short while to quickly bandage if you think it's needed and this might also be the time for you to pop Last Stand + Frenzied Regeneration, as Zealot Zath uses Mortal Strike on you, so better to do it after. He will spawn 2 very weak adds with about 6-7k hp every minute. Don't focus on them, your Shockwave/Damage Shield will finish them off. Just fully focus on taking down Thekal. Thekal does have some sort of 'bash-away' ability, which, if you are very unlucky, might cause him to bug out. When he does it on you, move forward. That's about it, he should be down before he gets the chance to summon adds more than 1-2 times.

The most important thing is to keep trying. It WILL eventually drop for you. Best of luck.:) Amnesys - Nordrassil Edit: Screenie. Comment by Runeblood i have not gotten this mount to drop yet but i farm for it nearly every 3 day cycle, i solo it on my 80 tank DK 28.6k health unbuffed 23% parry and 22%dodge Unholy spec'd Tank.

The way i do it is: a few notes before you begin. Death strike is your best friend, i heal myself for around 4.5k HP with my unholy spec using the deathstrike incription. They never really get me past 90% at any one time. Icy touch, plaguestrike, death strike, don't use any Runic power you have unless your sure you can get your 20 back before the healer tries to heal.

If at 100 RP you can Unholy blight/Deathcoil 2 times before your at minimum for your Mindfreeze, if you miss you may have to grab your strangulate if by chance you have a blood rune active to use. 1) kill the healer while interupting all her attempts to heal with Mind freeze, (i kill her about three times normally) 2) when the healer is downed, switch to another mob the priest or the other guy. Kill on him till she is resurected, repeat step one. After step one is done repeat step two for both additional mobs till they are about dead IE 3-5k hp.

3) if your Unholy and have the pet, have him attacking one of the other mobs to help you get it down but be careful it does not kill the mob, keep him on the one with the highest health, thats the safer way to do it. Once the priest dies this last time go ahead and finish off the other two quickly you have about 8-10 seconds to kill them before they res thier friends.

4)kill the changed form priest and loot. Hope this helps those who want to farm for thier own tiger mount! Regards Runeblood (Lightbringer).

Comment by Sleutel My pocket healer and I have been farming this (and other rare-spawn mounts) for quite a while now. On today's run, he said, 'The damn tiger never drops,' just as I clicked the boss to loot him. And, lo and behold, what should appear in the list of loot to roll on but Swift Zulian Tiger! So, the key is clearly to @#$%^ about it. Blizzard will hear your complaints via the microphones they've planted inside your computer and trigger the drop out of spite. ETA: The phrase apparently also works for KT in MT, to get him to drop the Chocobo. Comment by Itsrambo the boss this drops off of is VERY easy to 2 man with a healer and frost dk.

Before you pull set the add that heals to your focus and watch for the healing cast bar. Then pull them, and get them all down to about 70k health (dps one at a time) while watching for the cast bar and interrupting when she heals (70k is just what i do, the number obviously doesnt matter.) if she does happen to get a heal off, no big deal. Just dps the one that got healed back down to the other two's health while still watching for the cast bar. Then just aoe them down while watching for the cast bar. And thats about it. Just remember to watch for and interrupt the heal cast, and make sure they all die within 10 seconds of eachother. To do this I usually stop aoe when theyre at about 5k and just unload frost strikes on them till they die (Or whatever attack you wanna use lol) this would be pretty much the same for ANY class, just not frost dk spells.

Some additional notes: Zealot Zath blinds/ gouges the one doing damage and they go after the healer, gouge can be removed by a trinket, blind CAN NOT be removed. These 2 spells will also reset aggro, and give Zealot Lor'khan a chance to heal. Thats about all i can think of atm, sorry if its a little sloppy or anything, or doesnt go into detail. (Yes, this is the exact same guide as i put ON the boss page, just figured some people might not look there). Comment by Renmaru This and the raptor mount are EASILY soloable by myself. If you're desperate and can't get in, invite a friend, convert to a raid, run inside, and kick them from the party- It shouldn't remove you from the instance.

I'm a 30k hps tank DK. I do about 1.5k DPS alone with these bosses and come out full life. Make sure to spam lots of Death Strike. I pop my Oh-Crap cooldowns any time I can, because sometimes after a fear I'm down to 20k hps if I'm not paying attention, so popping Icebound Fortitude and then death striking until full life is pretty neat.

You shouldn't have to attack ANY OTHER MOBS except the two tigers that aggro when the Tiger boss does. Raptor Strategy: You don't need to clear any mobs. Dodge them- The four standing at the gate are easy not to aggro if you go directly in the middle of them. If you're a night elf, you can shadowmeld and they'll deaggro if you accidently cause them to attack you. Run up the raptor bosses' tower thingy. Make sure to stand near the back, that way when he fears you you won't aggro any of the mobs on the room, you'll stay on the tower ^^ You also can't be feared off the edge, so don't worry about that.

Kill the raptor first so that you don't get sundered, then kill the main guy. Try to save your death strikes for when you don't have Mortal Strike on so that you get the max amount of healage. If you go down too low, summon your ghoul and use Death Pact. Tiger Strategy: First, run INSIDE the cage the three bosses are standing in and throw down a Death and Decay.

DPS down the healer, Lor'khan, to about 20k. Then DPS down the other two to the same amount, but don't use any AoEs.

Every time Lor'Khan tries to cast Great Heal, use Mind Freeze- The cooldown on Mind Freeze will be over by the time she casts it again. DPS down the other two while paying close attention to the healer/shaman type. Once all three mobs are at 20k~, use as many AoEs as you can. MAKE SURE you kill them all within fifteen or so seconds or they will revive themselves. Once they all die, a new tiger will spawn- Just DPS him down, it's easy peasy. Should take you about fifteen minutes to do a run.

Comment by Prothunter Soloable by Retribution paladins. Here's a few tips: • Use Seal of Light. • Judge Light. Comment by jouissance advice for ferals soloing this - at least that is how i am doing it and it worked fine so far.

I do this in a typical tank specc + Brutal Impact, but in cat gear (ulduar 25) I nuke one of them down, doesnt matter which, let him be healed. Bring other targets down simultaneously, while nuking one target again. Let it be healed again. At this point they should be at similar health, and i keep switching around on targets and try and keep them around same level (though Maul Glyph might sometimes make it harder). When they are on around 30%, pop berserk and mangle the crap out of them, they should all die within a couple of seconds. I also use berserk glyph (since i am never tanking in raids, so this is my mount farming off specc) to put it short: i interrupt healing only when it doesnt suit me for a target to be healed. The only glitch that happened to me was killing the target i nuked by accident (maul glyph).

Takes about 5 minutes to do this. Comment by Serbecki Well, as a frost mage, if you could do the bug that gets it to the second phase, it could be soloable if you had the gear. I personally tried this but I had a 10k life wipe:p (stupid enrage). I really can't seem to never see this mount drop, so i don't want to go with other people cause i will have a chance to lose it. Instead, i go with people who either have the mount or they are willing to pass it for me (not happening lol). So untill i get some gear, i don't think i will see this mount drop:p But still, this bug will be removed someday and you will have to do it always with the normal mode.

So, until then, we should wait for Cataclysm to come up when everyone will be able to solo this really easily ^^ (Hope the mount isn't removed by then) I don't think the drop chance will be lowered again cause even now nearly every class can solo this and its still a damn low chance.Anyways that's the best 100% speed ground mount for me. Serbecki lvl80 Blood Elf Mage Genjuros EU. Comment by Oberscht I don't know and this is probably the most asked question on such extremely rare drops, but: Does this drop more frequently now? One week before I farmed the raptor pet. After the 6th reset it didn't drop, so I decided to give up and kill the mount bosses.

I killed the raptor boss - Nothing. I killed the tiger boss - It dropped. On my first kill ever. One day after that I told a friend. So he went there with his DK friend and.

On his first kill ever! And today I ran around in Ironforge and saw 3 tigers at once. Just a coincidence? Can't believe that. Comment by pallylock Drops off of High Priest Thekal in Zul Gurrub.

It's a pain in the arse to solo as a Prot Pally. With that said it is definitely possible. However, just like doing everything else with a prot pally it takes a long time to do.

The silence is very annoying as it effects all but 2 of your abilities (Divine Shield, Hammer of the Righteous). You're going to want to keep up You're usual sanc buff, righteous fury buff, and seal of wisdom. If you're having trouble with stunning the heals, Seal of justice is decent but it is very luck based.

You pretty much are going to have to LoS the non healer boss until the other 2 are down to about 1/2 then you should AoE and single target the healer switching to seal of vengeance. Interrupts are most important here. If you get silenced pop divine shield and interrupt. As soon as the healer goes down burn the other 2 like crazy, it is especially nice if you have avenging wrath off cd when this happens. All in all this boss takes a while but it is somewhat fun and has a chance at dropping the coolest mount in the game. Comment by Phroxen This dropped for me, my third time soloing this boss as a Blood Tank DK.

Quite easy to solo him (and the raptor boss) in about 5 minutes or so. Roll up in your tank gear in Frost Presence, and make your focus target.

Whenever you see him cast a heal, Mind Freeze it. Stay on the main boss until he gets to about 20%, then switch to one of the other adds.

Rinse and repeat (while always refreshing diseases), and it's an easy win. Make sure they all die around the same time or they rez eachother. Which is a serious pain in the ass. Comment by Kataya I solo as retribtuon every reset, my tactic is: Faceroll. I'll elaborate a little, use devotion aura (so ret aura doesn't kill one if they're low HP and another is on 40% HP) keep sacred shield up, use seal of command and try to spread your damage until they're on 10% If you can't interrupt a heal, switch to seal of vengeance/command until all are on 10%, avoid divine storm at this point. Once they're on 10%, finish them off, make sure you keep SS up and watch for AoW procs.

You got bubble and lay on hands if need be, I never need to use them however. Comment by Anubisz This may seem like a stupid question but here it goes anyway. Im currently farming this mount with my brother, who allready has it, hes just helping me out with it for faster runs. Can it still drop, when he allready has it? Btw, bobaren. Gratz to you and your friend:) 2 times in a row, thats quite amazing i must say^^ wish i had your luck, im getting close to around 10 runs so far. But then again, i also farmed the Deathcharger's reins from stratholme, and got it on my 161 run.

So i have a little bit of patience training from there:) GL to you all trying to get this. Best mount in the game imo. Comment by Paladestar Hunters can use their abilities to make this encounter really easy to solo.

• Stick your pet on hold position near the arch you enter the tiger area through and set it to passive. • Move yourself so that Thekal is right on the edge of your range and cast Misdirection on your pet. • Shoot ONLY Thekal, you don't want your pet to build threat on any of the the other four mobs. • As Thekal is about to run past you heading for your pet, cast Feign Death.

Thekal's two buddies and the two tigers will see no threat and will all run back to their spawn point, while Thekal will continue towards your pet. • With Thekal alone you can easily kill him through his standard form and again through his tiger form, in fact if you get really lucky some times when you feign he'll instantly change to his tiger form straight away without the need to kill his normal form first. Comment by wowwern After 13 ties as a feral druid, kitty geared i have been solo farming this.

Its a pretty simple boss, although i am kitty geared no stamina or bear gear i got 28k in ma bearform, what i do is to mangle maul lacerate etc on all three until they are low, each tme Lor'Khan try Great Heal i bash or charge, she heal more often than i can bash, so if icant bash I'll just charge her. At 10k i kill all and then i pwn Thekal in hes Kitty form. I feel lucky also after 13 tries and it drop O.o. Panasonic Ahn'Qiraj Realm. Tauren Druid.

Comment by Crosell I have this mount for over a year now, It dropped when I had my first Zg run, I was damned lucky. I was lvl 58 and the mount dropped, I won a roll of 97 between 20 other people, they first where complaining I was lvl 58 and hadn't even had the riding skills, But the leader was cool and said he won thats final! CONGRATZ Crosell! Everywhere you go, your most likely to only one with this mount in that area. I only have seen a undead and a human with this mount, both in dalaran.

I'm currently solo-ing the Bloodlord In Zg for the raptor mount, as Bm hunter it's fairly easy, as long as you follow tactics and mend pet all the time. Lvl 74 is required to atleast stay alive vs this guy. Soon I have both mounts of Zg, and hopefully I will be the only one hehe ^^ Realm: Terrokar Name: Crosell Class: Hunter Race: Night Elf Picture. Comment by Error404 As mentioned earlier, this boss is very easy to solo if you use the block of wood option (from earlier in these posts), or mine which is slightly different, where you stand on the very right corner of the angled block on the right side of the 'boss room'. It's easy for a plate wearer, but if you're a clothy or a leather wearer, the minions might tear you to shreds if you don't do it properly (usually takes 3 re-aggroes before the boss bugs out). I do it as a prot pally no problem.

Also, you will never believe my luck. I went into zg a few weeks back (10/10/09), and to my surprise the tiger mount dropped! Not only did I get the raptor mount less than 2 months earlier, but the tiger mount ended up being my 100th mount! So I got 2 badass mounts that night! So now I consider this mount my lucky charm mount. Anyways, be persistent everyone, they WILL drop, it just takes time:) Best of luck! Comment by Valdo2345 Was able to get mine yesturday as a prot pally without using the woodlog glitch.

Just aoe them all down to around 40k and she will heal one of them, Let her and dps whoever she healed while keeping the aoe up, Once you get him back down to the others hp just stun the healer, pop wings and use everything you have. Once phase two starts its a cake walk, just dps and pray it drops. Was lucky enough to get mine two days after getting my white hawkstrider.

Took around 3 months of solo farming to get it casualy. Was very surprised and happy to see it.

Goodluck to any farmers, it will drop. Comment by wilau Great post Paladestar. I love watching the High Priest run by me. It's a great example of how Misdirection works. I suggest a few other things: 1. Go as BM spec with a tenacity pet. I dismiss my pet as I enter the instance, mount up and ride directly to the arch mentioned above.

Then feign death, all the adds that are following you in will go back. Then call for your pet (this prevents the adds following you from killing your pet upon arrival at the arch). I always do this right after Wintergrasp. After WG, you are in a raid group and will remain in the raid group until you remove yourself. You will be the only person rolling when you do get loot (hopefully the mount!). Comment by Minxette A karma stroy some might find interesting. I was doing my usual one a week attempt to get this mount on my prot paladin.

I managed to get the three trolls down (after about 8 mins) and begin work on high priest thekal. I got him to 10% and my 1 year old boy decides to press the reset button on my computer.

I rapidly try to log back in, hoping that I would still be alive. I get in to find my self with 4 tigers on me and I am at 5% health. Lay of hands, back to full, kill the tigers, look around for thekal. Hes on the ground a little way off, whilst disconnected I had apparently been forced punched away from him. I try to get to his body, only to find the force punch pushed me into the cage wall and I could not escape it.

His glittering body is outside of my reach. After trying to escape this position I sigh and regrettably have to unstick myself back to Dalaran. So I hurredly get to Orgrimmar, and begin the journey back to ZG to loot the body. I get to the instance and cant zone in. The reboot of the pc somehow dropped my raid group as well. Frantically I ask guildies for help to try and get into a raid for 1 minute. Almost all are offline.

The rest are either grouped or afk. Then I pst random lowbies in stv. At my 10th lowbie I get a response and thankfully can rezone in. I get to the body, hoping to see that he is still glittering and indeed he is. And the mount finally dropped. Comment by Hycan I am really surprised to see absolutely no posts on the stump trick, as this has been active since classic. Once you clear the trash in his room, mount up.

Body pull him and his adds. Run to the smaller of the stumps to the right of the exit and jump on it.

Turn your camera to face them and back yourself to the back of the stump when the boss gets close, just far enough that they can't hit you, but not far enough that they will just run to the other side of the stump to get to you. After about 10-20 seconds they will reset and run back. Because the boss runs significantly faster than the adds, he will reach the hut much sooner than they do. If you chase after the adds as they run back and body pull them by running slightly ahead of them, the boss will sometimes despawn the two elite adds and go into phase 2. Phase 2 is much easier to solo for many classes, and this exploit makes this possible to solo on many other classes.

Edit: The above method no longer works, you will be teleported off the stump if you have aggro. Comment by Whiskra I finally got this one to drop for me today. It was both a big joy and a big relief, cause I really hate to solo High Priest Tekhal as a protection paladin. I used Seal of Justice and devotion aura to control the AoE and have Zealot Lor'khan stunned as good as I could. The silence debuff really screwed up a few tries, I'm glad I won't have to do it again. I've already seen the raptor drop once, but that was on lower levels, and I got outrolled.

But someday I will see it drop again, I'm sure of it. To all of you trying to get this mount or the raptor, good luck and happy farming! Comment by Diodor Im trying to get this mount on two of my main chars paladin and druid for over a year now.

I don't do it every reset but at least once a week on each of them. I always do it solo coz those classes can pull it off easily plus i don't wont to roll against other people when the tiger drops. For the last year i have seen also raptor dropped several times and i got it on both chars long time ago, but tiger never drops.

So few days ago one of my friends /w me to help him get ZG achieve so since i was saved with paladin/druid i decided to go with my 3rd alt priest. While we were there i suggested that we kill tiger boss just for fun.

My friend was in ZG like 1st time after vanilla and guess what. Tiger dropped and i rolled 93 and he rolled 100! I didn't wanna cry about it or anything because it didn't drop on my main chars but still luck can be a &*!@# sometimes. Well i am still trying because hope dies last! Good luck to all of you tiger hunters! Comment by StasisStar I was able to duo this with my 73 rogue with t6 and my friends 80 death knight with naxx/ulduar gear. This is a pretty easy fight.

He pulled the boss and we killed the tigers first, we then brought the healer down (When she starts to cast I used kick and he would use Mind Freeze) to 15%, then we got the other add down to 15%, then switch to the boss. When the boss got to around 50% we switched and kill the adds, then bursted the boss down. Phase two is a simple tank and spank and a death knight can just spam death strike to heal their self. The tiger dropped on my first run and my friend passed it to my rogue. Good luck hope the above helped. Comment by Oakesdadruid I am the main kitty pew pew in my guild and have a friendly competition going with our MT Bear Druid over acheivements and mounts and gear. All in good fun.

He had farmed up the Raven Lord so of course i had to get it as well. I had been working on Midnight and the Tiger to try and one up him.

So the first random H Occulus we run last week (i was on my alt warrior with him) since the mount was added the blue drake drops for him, thats just the luck this guy has (saw two battered hilts drop the first day the new ICC instances came out and has the mace for his tanking set). So I keep farming ZG and yesterday the FRIGGIN TIGER DROPPED FOR ME! I was so excited i literally gasped in vent. I looted the tiger to my warrior who I was towing around ZG (hes techinically my alt but he has a special place in my heart being my first 60 back in the day) and get the acheivement.

Well that reminds my bear tank friend he hasnt run ZG in a while so he wanders over to kill the Tiger Boss. Well kick me in my kitty butt, the FRIGGIN' TIGER MOUNT DROPS FOR HIM TOO. I can honestly say in the nearly five years i have been playing this game I have seen this mount drop ONCE before yesterday and in the span of 15 minutes two of them drop! SO i guess its back to farming Midnight and execpting those Occulus randoms even though we all hate that place. At least my warrior has Thunderfurry and being a Druid he cant wield swords or he'd have that too! Comment by dowean i soloed this boss as long as remember maybe 7-8mouths i used the bug the later on i geared up and could solo it as a dk its nothing hard really. When i solo with the bug method it was easy but 1 day i fail by dismounting so i said 'ill try rather dieing so i used my blood tap and healing thing cuze i was 10khp and then summon army and did it.

Comment by Bramaveg yep, exactly what i do. Feral Druid: i'm usually able to have the female troll that casts the heals down to around 20% by the time she starts casting the first heal. I interrupt that then move to the other 2, applying mangle debuff, FF and 5 stack of lacerate to each, with additional mangles to the boss. I may or may not skip the other non-boss add, depending on his hp. Sometimes during this bit, i have to temporarily switch back to the healer to interrupt, which is simple enough, as the cast time on her heals leaves you plenty of switching time. I don't maul on the boss and the other add, just because i have the maul glyph (hits target+1, for any non-druids) and it's easier to keep track of hp that way. Don't want to accidentally kill the healer too soon.

She usually manages to cast every-other heal, while bash is on cool down, i don't bother feral charging. She heals whomever has the lowest hp at the time, and i always make sure that's her, so once she heals herself, i switch to her and start working her health back down. Rinse and repeat. She usually attempts 5 heals, with me interrupting 1,3 and 5. After that, i tab through to make sure they're all down to about 15% hp, then it's Berserk and mangle+Maul and that's that. The last phase is just choppin' til he dies.

Still no Tiger though. Or Raptor for that matter. Comment by Unlocky I saw it drop twice in vanilla where it was handed out to the highest DKP bidder, but at that time I wasn't interested in that kind of stuff, I already had a 100% mount, no need for more, right? 6 weeks ago I was inspired by my friend in guild as I never thought of farming it before, mostly because my luck is bullsh*t regarding such achivements. But the more I watched the beautifull orange kitty, the more I wanted one and since im horde, the is my only possible way of getting a cat mount as of current WoW (except for the TCG mounts but Id rather use time than money) So apparently it was supposed to be easy to solo him on certain classes, so I began to kill every reset, thats 2 kills every week.

As a retribution paladin I used + and simply went mental on the 3 mobs. When I started 6 weeks ago I was in complete T9, now I have 4 x T10 pieces. So if you're a retribution paladin in similar gear level, you don't need to do anything else than to judge, use whenever its ready and keep up to top your health during silences. You don't need to make an effort to interrupt healing or silences. I swiched target once in a while and don't be afraid when you see, for example, 2 of them on 20% health and the third on 60%. You are more than capable of bursting down the last mob from high%health.

The first couple of times you may experinces one of them have an early death, but it doesnt really matter, just keep bashing away at them and put a bit focus on the rezzed one. Eventually they will go down within the time limit. In present and future WoW you will see more people having this mount. In vanilla WoW it was an extremely rare sight, we are talking about ~ 2 on a server since it required a 20 man raid and a whole evening of clearing the instance vs.

Solo kill within 10 min, including traveling time, nowadays. Nevertheless, its still a very unique and beautifull mount and has replaced my as my new favorite, I have a feeling the tiger will be my fav for a looooong time, RAWR! Good luck everyone. Comment by rhosethorn I've been casually farming ZG for the mounts with my husband, and today while running it with a guildie this beauty finally dropped for me.

I tend to be unlucky, so for all of you who feel the same way, don't worry! It's not a matter of IF it will drop, it's a matter of WHEN with the proper dedication.:) And sometimes, you need a lucky day. Wait for that good feeling, and see if it doesn't happen.

Today I also solo'ed Strat, and the Deathcharger dropped for my hunter. The day will come for your mounts, too! Happy farming!

Comment by Hezkezl Don't even need to quite do that much work. Just mount up and run past everything, including the spinners in his room. Make sure you give them a ~5 yard berth or so, and you won't aggro anything. Spam swipe and maul, tab targetting when one of them gets low, and repeat that until the end. Strafe to the side whenever the heal starts to get cast, and feral charge in. It's not hard to do, and it saves you time in the long run.

There's no reason NOT to do it. Extremely easy to farm this as a feral druid, cat OR bear. Comment by Djongov This is the jewel of World of Warcraft, emblematic mount same as Baron Rivendare's Deathcharger. The worst part is that is quite more rare than the Baron's mount since its only once every 3 days. I've been farming it since its solo-able a.k.a from Wotlk.

Hasnt dropped yet but i dont lose faith. Ive been farming for Baron's mount for so long that in the end i have lost hope in anything but i kept farming and got it. Now its the same with this one. Remember ppl, not dropping is better than not going there at all.

At least you have a chance. Comment by Oppochaos Actually i was a able to solo Thekal to get my own mount. It took 26 runs over a period of 79 days, each rest, and it was well worth it. You cant do it legitimatly but this works. Check out the link in the discription, the forum is filled with soloing strategies. Spec frost with an Eternal Water glyph.

Bug him, send pet in and pop CDs and burn. I used Glyph of Evocation when i got low on health. This can take some pretty good gear to make it really seamless, and can take some practice.

For trash sheep one and burn the other two before the tigers. Remeber to deep freeze on thekal and trash to keep yourself alive and do that extra damage. For times when he doesnt bug, pop your elemental, send him in to attack Thekal, so that if Thekal decides to cast silence, it isnt on you, then use invisibility. If you are silenced while fading, you wont go invisable and will end up dieing. Make sure you always have invis off CD when you open combat. Comment by izuul A hunter can still pull Thekal without the adds making this fight really trivial.

After killing a couple of the trash packs, simply position your pet under the first archway leading into Thekal's area and set it to Stay + Passive. MD your pet and run into maximum range of Thekal. Hit the auto-attack button and let it fire off 2 shots.

After the 2nd shot, FD and Thekal should continue running towards your pet while the adds run back and reset. Get up and call your pet towards you so that he and the boss meet more in the middle of the open area (where the trash was initially). After this it's just tank and spank while praying for some good luck. I actually had this mount drop for the 2nd time last night. I'm farming Mandokir for the raptor but still kill the Tiger boss for kicks.

Comment by Trolltro Retribution Soloing Guide Tips: * Get (2) Tier-10 set Bonus, it will allow you two solo it very easily even whitch heroic, t9 gear * Judge Wisdom, as you wont have Health issues with divine storm spamming+ instant FOL. * Use seal of Command, also known as Seal of Cleave * Always keep your sacred shield up * Flash of Light when Art of War procs and you are below 80% Hp. DONT wait till you get low health, because you might get pwnd with the silence * Use Ctrl+V to watch all health bars * Retribution Aura to make it faster Here's what to do: 1.

Delete the small tigers that are in his cage. Target Thekal start cleaving with Divine Storm (+seal of command) 3.

When he's getting much lower than Zath or Lor'khan, switch to one of them and keep cleaving. If Lor'Khan heals one of them, try to interrupt it with Hammer of Justice or Arcane Torrent (if you're horde) 5. If she heals succesfully, focus on the one with highest health 6. Try to kill them on same time, if you dont manage to; dont worry, kill them within 6 seconds of the first kill and you should enter Phase2 7. Heal yourself up, use Seal of Corruption/Vengeance and rebuff sacred shield, and position the character against one of the cage's walls (knockbacks on phase 2) 8. If you managed to avoid using the bubble, pop Wings and delete Thekal. (Optional) Go to Bloodlord Mandokir and try to get the Raptor!

Mandokir requieres Seal of Corruption, fighting always on top of the Pyramide, and constant healing ------------- I have been farming the tiger for 5 months, no drops I went to Mandokir last Tuesday for fun, never did serious attempts, on my second kill (with this character, after wow classic) it dropped. It's ironic because I'm horde and exalted with the Darkspear + PvP Raptor, but anways, its a ZG mount and it reminds me that the tiger could drop too! Good Luck to everyone farming this awesome tiger *Abrechnung - Uldum(Pvp)- Eu Servers* 'edit: grammar'. Comment by thecalm This mount isnt hard to solo you just have to do it right i found a good tech.

Of soling him n his adds. I'ma feral druid tank i solo this boss as well as the one that drops the raptor every 3days. When you start this boss make sure you dont fully kill the 2 tigers that he has with him just kill them down half way(its a cheat way of getting his add to heal them not the boss she will heal them as long as they r half way down but sometimes will heal herself/others). Ok One IMPORTANT detail is to make sure Zealot Lor'Khan the healer one of the adds is set to focus and make sure you have the interface setting on that lets you see anyones target, So when she goes to heal you can interupt her if she goes to heal one of the others. Save all ur interupts for her dps them all down together so when they are all low in life you can just go nutz on them in kill all 3 in one swoop. When they all are down the boss comes back to life as a big tiger then its just dps ur heart out hehe to just see if he drops it:) ive been soloing him for a bit now n still no luck:'( but i keep trying:) Good luck to anyone else that is going to try to take him on should be easy even for a tank =D. Comment by baumgi Very easy to solo as a prot warrior.

I use my normal prot spec but instead of going right to the bottom of the prot tree (shockwave) I go as far as Vitality (3/3) and then put the other points in Fury to get Bloodthirst. (2% hp every hit for 3 hits with only a 4 second CD) With this spec I can heal myself for almost 3k every 4 seconds and am invincible in ZG (AQ20 and most of MC) On the boss fight I turn on mob health and just kill them at the same time, interupting the heal when needed. Hope this helps Bauromir, Jaedenar EU. Comment by Valmont As warlock I'm able to solo it easy. Spec im using: Demonology // --- My tactics: • Drain mana is your main priority (I always start off with the healer, and then High Priest Thekal himself.) • Always let your pet be passive, however, do switch him sometimes to a other mob to let him build some threat.

• Bring them all to approx 20% and then just put any damage-dealing stuff on all of them My damage-dealing-rotation: (yes, im demo-nub!:P) • immolate • corruption • curse of agony If all are damaged* I finish them off with shadow bolts --- Fight takes me about 3 to 5 minutes max, easy-mode, no glitching. Been doing this for 2 months now or longer, still no luck:( --- Val;). Comment by Belerophon17 Easily soloable as a Ret pally in Emblem of Triumph and ICC Heroic 5-man gear. Retribution Aura Seal of Light (Important) Judgment of Light Blessing of Might Run in and focus on the healer.

Your goal is to get her down to a low amount of health so she is forced to heal herself. While she is low focus your attacks on Thekal. When she heals herself back up switch your dps back to her and burn her down again.

Make sure to keep Consecration and Divine Shield up the whole time. Your AoE should take care of the other add so rinse and repeat until they are all low on HP. At this point blow all your damage cooldowns and knock them all out at once.

Phase 2 is just a simple tank and spank so no worries there. Comment by benkarioz Note to Mutilate rogues who wonder if only combat rogues are able to solo this. The event is solo-able with t10 gear level and re-specing to Combat spec.

The spec I am using with my Muti gear is like this: I also use double on my daggers and for extra bit of survivability. Wound poison + Deadly Poison. I open up with garrote on Thecal, then proceed to poping AR, BF and spam FoK, keeping Thecal as my attack target unless I have to switch to interrupt heal. In the middle of AR I pop evasion, after AR I use Killing Spree and pop. Once Thecal rises up (with half HP due to Wound poison) I proceed to slice and dice and then spam SS till he dies. At the point of his Enrage I gulp potion and use glyphed cloak of shadows.

Enjoy your farm and good luck with the drop! Comment by mmac27 Me (Holy Pally) & a Druid (Feral) Friend run Zul'Gurub a few times a month (not everytime we can but close). We just skip all the bosses & trash possible, only going after the Raptor Mount, Tiger Mount & Raptor Pet (so yes we kill Raptor mobs & some troll mobs that come with them). We've been at it for quite a while & luckily the Tiger did drop for us once so far (as well as a Raptor pet, not on the same run that my friend won).

I won the roll & I love it, I use it whenever possible:) It's pretty easy to 2-man for us. It doesn't take that long to do, plus you can work on getting Exalted with the Tribe by killing stuff & turning in stuff from the mobs. It makes the constant running of the instance a little easier since you are working for multiple things (2 mounts, a pet & rep). Comment by FreezingMoon I finally grabbed this gorgeous kitty last night after almost forgetting to visit ZG after the reset, all I can say is I almost messed my pants when I looted the boss, then went and actually soiled when I realised I was in fact not dreaming, but firmly rooted in reality! Having tried to farm this mount on my Warrior after ~80 or so runs and subsequently changing my main to a Death Knight (I know.), i'd farmed Thekal roughly 12 or so times before this dropped. Death Knights seem to be overpowered with loot drops too, crazy times! Brief tactics; Blood spec'd tank, Diseases, Death Strike / Heart Strike Thekal himself to 20%, then Zath, then Lor'khan.

You don't have to worry so much about Lor'khan since she has roughly half the HP of the other two, nuking her down is easier if you accidentally kill one or both of the other two in the 10 second window before resurrection. Unfortunately i'm just another Blood Elf female with the tiger mount now, but it still looks incredible.:) Deathgasm / Burning Steppes EU. Comment by Bannitschuwa This is soloable for mages 2 if u glitch him out.

As frost ofc Clear all the trash in the room and the Big troll who patrols infront of thekals entrance. Clearing the axe trash can be tricky. Just sheep 1 and nuke 1 down. The last 1 can be deep freezed so he won't stun u if the stun hapens u can always iceblock it if ur having a hard time. Wenn u cleared the trash u have 2 pull thekal down 2 the entrance (where the big troll patrols) wait till he runs back and follow him quickly so u can reaggro him then use invis 2 leave combat again.

Use ur Ice barrier and mana shield wenn pulling. U have 2 do that 2 times (well thats what i found) and at the 3rd doing this wenn u reaggro him he will transform into his tiger form. Pop ur water elemental so him will aggro thekal and kill the 2 tigers.

After killing the tiger pop icy veins and start attacking Thekal. Wenn the water ele losses aggro and u can hold the damage pop mirror image and continue attacking him. Make sure u keep ur ice barrier upp.

If u do it right it shouldn't be a big problem. (well i don't have much problems downing him). And for gear i use pvp gear for the extra stam. Good Luck farming it! Comment by Jibashi This mount is the single biggest achievement I have been going for constantly ever since Zul'Gurub came out.

Months and years of farming and I've yet to see it drop. Granted, I only started doing the farm every lockout a few months ago, but before that I ran the instance weekly with different farming friends. It's nice to read comments here from people who have got it after a long grind. Perhaps one day my turn will come. I just hope ZG will be left untouched when the Cataclysm arrives. Comment by h0lyshadow I'm feeling quite stoned by reading all those people who dropped it at theyr 1st/2nd run, or why not, 2 times in a row for them and theyr friend.

I'm on this since December 2008 and still NO MOUNT. I had a quit of 5 months in the previous summer, for the rest I didn't missed a single reset. That's mean i'm around - with approximately calcs - 140/180 kills of Thekall.

I'm a cat horde lover player and this mount is likely and end-game content for me, but still. To make people wondering about RNG, while getting frustrated with this, i've started farming Raptor boss aswell (more for gold than for mount) and I got the ugly raptor after 10-15 kills. Aww, I'm not giving up, just hope to get it before Cataclysm. About tactics on boss there's nothing to say, as Ret Paladin with 6k+ gearscore it's just a pewpew lolstorm encounter. Wish best luck for everyone and sorry for the bad english.

Comment by smith66 Blizz dissapoints me within the fact that, one night I decided I would start my quest to get Swift Zulian Tiger, and my very first try killing High Priest Thekal, it dropped! So I was happy out of my mind I got it my very first try, but then when I went to try and get the raptor, it didn't drop. So I left and went back to Stranglethorn Vale, and discovered my instance lock for ZG expired in 10 minutes, so I decided to wait and go back in for a shot at the Raptor when it unlocks, so when I went back. I killed the Raptor boss first, no drop.

But, I decided why not go kill High Priest Thekal one more time for the heck of it? So I killed him, Swift Zulian Tiger dropped again. I practically crapped my pants. That made me dissapointed with blizz that I couldn't do anything with it.

So much for the 304 / 45117 drop chance. Comment by Bushiwar Picked mine up one week ago, still one of the nicest mounts in the game if you ask me. Easily soloable as a Protection Warrior wearing a mix of DPS/PvP Gear as I am, here is how I did it. • Set focus on Zealot Lor'Khan - She will heal and you need to interrupt the heal. • Make a Macro: /cast Shield Bash • Keep your eye on Zealot Lor'Khan, each time you see her casting her heal, use the above macro to stop her.

• Charge into High Priest Thekal, Thunder Clap and get him down to 25% Health. • Next get Zealot Zath down to 25% Health. • Finally get Zealot Lor'Khan down to 25% Health. • When all 3 are down to 25% Health, Use Thunder Clap, Shockwave, Cleave, Revenge to kill all three of them ASAP. • You now have a small opportunity to bandage up before High Priest Thekal re-spawns in tiger form should you need to. • High Priest Thekal should now be a an easy kill, blow all your cooldowns should you need to. Best of luck, i've been in on runs where the mount has dropped twice within the last month, I've also noticed more people riding around on them.

I don't know if they upped the drop rate or just more people farming it these days. Comment by Rednoob Very rare drop, and very cool having if u're Horde. Because it is one of the only Tiger Hordes can get. Same as being Alliance.

The Barons mount in Stratholme. I have soloed the boss for Swift Zulian Tiger like at the start in WoTLK(Wrath of The Lich King). That is very long yes, no mount yet.

Around 50 - 70 runs or something. Skipped pretty many runs tho. But still many. The drop rate is about 0,7.

The mount is also giving a Feats of Strength, awesome:). The boss is called 'The tiger boss' as he turns into a tiger in Phase 2. There's 3 bosses and 2 tigers the tiger is easy 6k HP or something. Just nuke all 3 bosses down at same time. You got about 12seconds to do it.

And the Phase 2. Tank and spank or in 80. DPS and mount. I don't think other than DPS or Tank's are able to kill it. With that I mean healers can't kill them, because 1 of the guys heal and like 80% u're silenced + 5% Interupted/Gouge. So if u're going to do the boss do not heal.

Hoped this helped you. I think all are able to kill them not sure. Just for info I'm a Paladin(DPS). Comment by nimlothir ive been farming this stupid mount since pre tbc thats like hmm 3-4 years since i started the farm. Back in vanilla i did go ZG as a raid master looter and probably would have ninja it if it would drop:) in tbc i was farming with a healer nothing dropped in wotlk nothing.

I might done 200 runs or more Then i suddenly started to farm the raptor boss for extra gold and one morning it dropped after 4 solo runs on the raptor mount, when i had a massive hangover the uggly #$%^ dropped.- i just feelt to throw it out but keept it for the achievment im still farming the zulian tiger and it breaks my heart that blizzard will remove this beuitiful mount in cataclysm:( /cry im a horde so the raptor wasnt you know 'great' i want the tiger badly i hope i will get it soon. I wich you all GL! With the farming. Comment by Marzabul I don't know if someone there knows about this, but in case you are a arms warrior with access to relatively high end tank gear, or you want tomake it quick because of the little damage of prot/fury, you don't need to spec in prot, fury, prot/fury or whatever. - (changing Sudden death to Second Wind is recommended).

-Prot gear (tested with 251-264 ilevel items, 232 should be good too) - - -, if you have it is nice, but if you don't, take your best dps trinket. -Food of your level.

Does not need to be the cooked kind, the vendor kind is enough. With this, I have been able to solo all Zul Gurub perfectly (with Mandokir being the only problematic boss), with top survivality and decent damage that can make you go fast and safe. Just don't pull to much groups at once (specially with Blood Drinkers) if you are low at health. For Thekal I don't take much more of 4 minutes. Just begin doing aoe all out to kill quick the tigers and down half the lifes of the three trolls, focus your damage always in the less damaged one, be aware to interrupt the healing, Cleave/sweepstrike all the way, stop it when someone is at 10% health, and the rest is easy.

Comment by Vath It's not quite the same if it's vendor. By God, I'll take it if they did that since I've been farming for this damn tiger long enough, but there's always that few seconds after making the kill. That nervous feeling you get before looting: Is this finally it? Gah, just a stupid bijou and tier piece and a blue. Not to mention if it becomes vendor everyone and their mom will be on one then. Granted you see a lot more of these now a days, but it still carries some prestige because the drop rate is low enough you don't see too many.

I'm very disappointed to see ZG getting gutted, mainly because I've been trying to get the tiger for so long. I don't think Blizz understand the ****storm that is going to be all the people who have been farming for this for as long as they have to suddenly have it gone forever. The only thing we have to go on right now is that Blizz has not officially said what will happen to the mounts. However, it should go without saying that if the raid is gone, so are all the items inside of it. They didn't care about old Naxx and those legendaries from there, or RP'ers and completionists stuck in incomplete T3. I sincerely hope the mounts are still available somehow after ZG is gone.

Come through for us on this Blizz. Edit: Are our posts all getting downrated because we're saying the mounts are probably getting removed? Open your eyes people.

They didn't keep anything people wanted from the other instances they've trashed, why would they keep any from here. Common sense really.

Comment by Rhalathar Hurry up people dont give up hope! You can still get it before it gets removed. As so i did today with an awesome karma story. Now that due to school issues wow is not installed on my computer i usually play at internet cafe. But today i was not able to go to cafe and contribute to this reset. So i asked a friend of mine to do it instead of me. However he does not have the knowledge to play a warrior so i tried to explain him as much as possible of the fight rotation and tactics.

There are some skills bound to my Q and E unlike those, that are using cross way running. So he was proccing my Last Stand all the time because of that. Before entering he was ganged by 3 hordies!

Then he finally found a raid and joined inside. After a fight with only spamming devastate and shockwave and wasting last stand on a wrong time he was able to reach 2nd phase. By having just 200 hp and meanwhile trying to find a potion in the bag he critted his last hit and killed the boss at the last second. After 2.5 years of non stop grinding i finally got that awesome mount before it drawn near to its very removal.

Here is pic: Treasure your last days dont give up! Best of Luck to all. Comment by Queanotsa Coming up on like 60 or 70+ runs. I've seen two raptors drop in that time and still no tiger.

Now they're talking of taking it out of the game. Qq/lol I don't know if I can keep playing seeing people on it and me having no chance to get it anymore. Don't do it, Blizz! Or at least hook me up with one before the xpac! Or perhaps just make the raid a 5 runs per hour reset for the rest of Wrath for the truly dedicated.

Not gonna lie, totally doing this because it worked for my after ~270 runs and I'm desperate. Comment by RageCage Just tried this strategy last night (just started farming for the mount) and couldn't get Thekal to come alone. First time, pulled only Thekal with concussive shot, MD to my passive bear behind me.

Thekal resisted the shot, all mobs followed him straight to me seemingly ignoring my MD. Feigned death and all reset to their position. In the several attempts that followed I could not get the mobs to separate from Thekal. They either all came at me or, upon feigning death, moved to my passive, MD'd pet. I will keep trying though.

Comment by Slickz0123 During the 5 years and 11 months I have been playing wow I have ran Zul'Gurub aprox. 600+ times, on multiple toons. I have been exalted with them on about 6 toons for years, I have NEVER seen this mount or the raptor mount drop. I farm it every lock out. 3 days ago I decided to finish leveling my hunter from 73-80, he is absolutely nothing special. I haven't done any special work on him such as reps/achievements, anything. I did not care for this hunter even the slightest bit.

I been playing my paladin more since wrath came out and was really excited about him, i started to do some hardcore work on him since release of wrath with reps, achievements ect. I have been farming ZG on him dieing to get the tiger, hoping he would finally be the toon to get it, extremely worthy of such and achievement. I ended up farming it every lock out on him for the past year or so, along with a few other toons.

No luck at all. Then today my hunter hits 80 and the reset is tomorrow, so i decided to go and give it a shot not even hoping it drops but rather out of boredom. It was my first run for ZG at all on this hunter, as i didnt care for him. So after about a 6 min fight trying to kill the bastard Thekal and his minions, (im in leveling gear, no epics), they just heal and heal and heal.

I am about to just Feign Death and hearth and call it quits. Instead i stuck it out, i continued to dps them down until finally i did.

The uber tony the tiger spawned and i continued to kill him, during this fight it accrued to me, would it be just completely upsetting if the mount finally dropped for this retarded hunter i dont care about? Then i thought again, you know this is the way things work usually.

Things happen when u dont want them to, like babies. Then Thekal dies, i downed the tigers he spawned and stopped for a second even hesitant to loot. I was literally scared, i didn't want the tiger on my hunter, she isn't worth it. But i figured what ever, the tiger probally isnt there why would it be? It doesn't drop for me ever.

So i go to loot and what do u know, 3rd loot from the top after the Armsplit is,, the mount i have been dieing to add to any other toons collection for almost 6 years. Instead of rejoicing for the long hard years work payed off and full of excitement I am furious. Disappointing and a little baffled. Why blizzard, why. This toon is the equivalent of noob, why does he get one of the rarest mounts in the game.

Overall after calm down and laying off guild chat a bit i decided to write this and share my story about the tiger, and pass it on. After a few moments i get excited and am glad i finally got my mount, at-least its on any toon before Zul'Gurub is removed in cataclysm. But still, why this retarded HUNTER WHY! IT SEEMS LIKE BLIZZ UPPED THE DROP RATE? Again after 4.0.1 WE MITE BE ON TO SOMETHING IT SEEMS LIKE BLIZZ UPPED THE DROP RATE? Again after 4.0.1 WE MITE BE ON TO SOMETHING. Comment by kabookiejoe Swift Zulian Tiger Zul'Gurub is changing from a raid to a leveling zone in 4.0.3, and this mount will no longer be obtainable.

Swift Razzashi Raptor This mount will also no longer be obtainable after the change to Zul'Gurub. Razzashi Hatchling With the change to Zul'Gurub this non-combat pet will no longer be obtainable.

Tome of Polymorph: Turtle Mage This tome will continue to be available through other means. Although we have no current plans to introduce new ways to obtain the Zul'Gurub mounts, pets, and the tribute mounts, they may return should we find a place where they fit in the future. Official post from blizzard. Comment by darmkanaal I'm a SP and tiger boss is impossible to solo, cause of the interupts, silences etc, unless you got Shadow pvp spec for silence but in pve it aint possible. I started with ZG after the latest patch as ive read of it they will get rid of the mounts, so i was like, time to get it, and as i can't solo i have to take a person with me, so it has to drop and i have to win roll:'( well at the 6t run i did there the tiger dropped and i won it:)))))), you all will get it before cata, and as undead its badass riding a tiger, in Shadow it looks like a spectral tiger;o. Comment by Chillzer I have to disagree with you. I play a shadow priest in 264 gear and can solo the tiger boss.

Admittedly it does pose some difficulty with the silences and stuns. Basically make sure you clear the arena first. As you first enter the area you will pass a slight incline with two archways, this is your main kiting path for the boss. I make sure i have all three coated with dots and i run through the archway, drop down, up the ramp, around, through the next archway, drop down etc etc All the while i am shielding, dotting, renewing, pom if required. Keep the healer as focus and hit them with an interrupt when they cast GH. If you don't have an interrupt you can still throw some extra dots on him.

Above all else you want to keep them all at a very close level of health, then as soon as one dies from the dots i spam SWDx2 on the 2nd and then normal dps rotation to kill the 3rd. If for some reason your health drops dangerously low, jump through an arch and run out of the Tiger arena, this will reset the fight for you so you can try again. The tiger dropped for me last night, now to work on getting that Raptor. Comment by Vath You guys all coming on here saying you got it doesn't help us who are probably never going to even see it drop D= With that blue post saying the mounts are gone, I almost don't want to even bother anymore, but the want for this tiger won't let me quit. I've invested too much time (almost 2 years now) in farming it every reset to just lie down xD. Saying that the mounts 'may return' is probably so Blizz can cover their butts when the QQ flood gates are opened.

I'm so utterly disappointed by this, not just because of the mounts, but ZG was my favorite raid, mainly for the jungle atmosphere, especially when rain storms would be happening. Monsoons plus raiding in the jungle = win. Nobody seems to have mentioned so far that this is the same mount as Adam Eternum's Battle-Tiger, clearly a homage/parody of He-Man's Battle Cat. Nobody's mentioned it because it wasn't put there for that purpose.

Just because this is a tiger with armor and can be ridden doesn't mean it's a shout-out to something in real life. The Night Elves have been riding around on tiger mounts before Zul'Gurub was put into the game, and they're not homage to Cringer either. This tiger mount is orange with black stripes. Cringer is green with orange stripes. The only animal in game with that kind of coloring is a quest spawn in Felwood.

However, there is an NPC in game that is clearly a shout-out to Cringer. That's the battle cat lying beside Adam Eternum, the Arathi Basin battlemaster, in Shattrath City. Disappointingly, that mount is also orange with black stripes, but I surmise Blizzard did not make it green with orange stripes because players would whine they want to be able to obtain that mount from somewhere in game. Comment by Mongatsumi Thanks, I've been looking for a new tactic since silence is not reduced as a shadow priest anymore. EDIT: Wow, this makes this almost trivial.

Just running in a figure eight off the ledges made this quite easy. They all ressed once and I still beat it no problem. No mana problems, no health problems. Just make sure you have SW:P up so your apparitions can help do damage.

EDIT 2: Why the down-ranks, this information made it so I can solo this now instead of having to share the mount if it drops! Comment by Riksie This mount has been their for sometime now and i farmed it 4 times only because i didn't really bother about it. So my friend told me that they were going to remove it and my other friend got it and i was like ' damn i had all that time and i didn't get any of the ZG mounts. I decided to find someone to help me and he was only looking for the rep thingy that drops so i told him fair enough. We went straight to the boss and it took us sometime to get all 3 of them at the sametime. Comment by Malauw This mount and the mount will be no longer obtainable during Cataclysm. As of patch 4.0.1 the mounts award a Feat of Strenght achievement.

The Feat of Strenghts can be seen here: and. Both mounts are unique because of their models. The mount is the only tiger mount available for Horde ingame. The mount therefore is the only raptor mount available for Alliance ingame. Both mounts have a normal groundspeed of 100% increased speed.

Blizzard said these mounts may return to the loot tables if they find a place for them to fit in. However, considering the fact that they've already turned it into a Feat of Strenght they are most likely not to come back. Congratulations to all owners, I myself haven't been lucky yet. Comment by Vath 8 months huh.

Some of us have been trying for years. I feel your pain though. Your post is pretty much spot on how I feel. With only a few resets left, I can say confidantly I'm probably not going to get it. I'll be doing it until the last reset though, not giving up.

Only advice I can give you is try getting exalted with Zandalar. Who knows, maybe that will be one of the ways Blizz 'might make them available in the future.' (And mind you, Blizz better make it available in the future.

There's probably going to be a ****storm of people who spent months to years being unlucky, and now it's suddenly gone. Especially after they said no more old stuff was getting canned. But, I digress). Comment by Tormendead I find Blizz's decision to remove this from the game absolute BS.

I have been farming this mount for over a year now, every 3 days. I have seen the raptor drop 3 times, but not this mount. Now in less than a month's time it will be gone forever, and anyone who has been farming it for months with no luck should be seriously pissed. I don't understand why they couldn't move it to a vendor for those who are exalted with the island trolls, or at least they should up the drop rate to 50% for the last week, give those who have been farming it constantly to finally get it before it fades to oblivion.

Comment by Keiser The only thing keeping me coming back to ZG every 3 days. I've seen everything drop in this instance multiple times. Raptor, raptor pet, vendored more Zin'rokhs than I can count. Not in all of my 6 years of WoW have I seen the tiger mount drop once. That includes vanilla raiding on my warrior to exalted, then my BE Paladin soloing ZG to exalted and beyond for years.

Good luck to everyone like me. The good news is that you've probably made a TON of gold in here. I'm down to 30 minute full boss clears, at least 400g/hour not including bijou sales. 9 resets until Cataclysm. No idea how many before 4.0.3a. Comment by Captivity24 Just wanted to share my pain with you all.

I've been running Zul Gurub since WOTLK with my main and my alt. I never missed a single reset.

Today a real life friend asked me to show him,how to solo Zul Gurub. Since my 2 characters were saved i decided to join him with my lvl 70 mage.

Before we started i joked on ventrillo to him: If the tiger drops you can have him cause i dont play with my mage anymore. After we killed the boss i was shocked for 5 seconds. There it was.the awsome tiger mount So basiclly my friend was in there 2 times and got himself a tiger. While i have nothing after so many damn runs with both my characters and only 9 resets to go. Just my luck:( I'm happy for my friend,but my heart was bleeding.

To my friend Doomprince: Ride that kitty in style m8. Comment by Vath Since the patch is apparently imminent as of this post (tomorrow 11/23), I just did my final ZG reset today then. No Tiger of course. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself 'We're never going to get the tiger' and not have wasted play time going for it. Here's to 2 years of bad luck and bad RNG.

Think I'll go sit in the Blue Recluse and get wasted (and simaltaneously get wasted in real life along with my character O.o). Grats to everyone who got the mounts they wanted. Comment by rhapsody8763 I have been farming ZG for both the raptor mount and the tiger mount for two years now. After BC dropped i started doing it in groups, then with WoTLK I started soloing. Not one drop. In two years. Today is the last day, and I went in there.absolutely nothing.

Three of my guildmates each go in there and all three of them get it. This feel like a slap in the face. Blizzard gets a big FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Oh, and i also ended up being almost exalted. I will admit newbery and say i didn't know what the coins and/or bijou's did and i always destroyed them. One more run, one more week.and i could have gotten the feat of strength. Comment by valarua Oh, that was &*!@ed up hardly for those like me, who waited till 3 am with intention to do it for the last time before server goes down, in those few minutes when fresh instance becomes avaible and server is still online. Our server was not only switched off for 5-7mins earlier, looks like instance servers were shutdown much more earlier. So thats where Blizzard brings balanced gaming for everyone. Farewell, Zulian Tiger!

Congratulations to those who really put effort into obtaining it and got what they wanted. Comment by Arsmagna You farmed ZG for 2 years and never did you look at the coins/bijous that are so different from any loot in the game and thought: 'Hey, I better wowhead this and see whats up'. You even have to roll for it which indicate something valuable.

I deserve downrates, but seriously people, wowhead is the wikipdia of WoW. Use it everytime you have a feeling that you got something valuable whether its gold or used to gain something else.

And please stop the childish whining about not getting mounts or telling how few times you needed to farm before you get them. Its useless just like this post. Comment by Siegmund I know it really sucks for those of us that were never lucky enough to get it after many failed farming attempts, but on the bright side Blizz has shown (with the Ashes of Al'ar/ the Dark Phoenix and the Black Qiraji Battle Tank ) that they are willing to reincorporate old mounts, or at the very least very close adaptations. That being said: Never fret; Blizz did not remove an item to slight us as individuals, just as a community:P Completely kidding, of course, but look towards the future and appreciate the fact we'll never look back thanks to this! ON AND ON SOUTH OF HEAVEN! Comment by Coldbear Feral dps spec in mix of t7.10/25 and badge gear back in patch 3.0.3 (reposting here because it's a fun story, see High Priest Thekal for the original post under my previous acct) First day trying - dead 5 times, to hell with it. Edit: Came back full tankspec, got my rotations down, but get silenced trying to heal or let the shaman get a heal off and it's all over.

Not worth the wipes until I'm full t7 or similar. Best off fighting behind the cage, a little more room to run for Feral Charge and easier to see health bars.

Feral Faerie Fire on each mob, make sure to stack up Infected Wounds debuffs on everyone. For the love of god don't forget to heal to full while he's about to get into Tiger form. Coming back in a week or two with better gear, more dps in tankspec, put bleeds on everyone should help dps. Came back again, partially raidbuffed. Had some Charged Crystal Focus stones left over. Recommended build if you're just barely at the gear level needed to accomplish this solo at about 180-190 average itemlevel (partial t7): Recommended buffs: As many raidbuffs as you can get from your guildies/friends. Do a /who Stormwind or Stranglethorn Vale to see what's available.

Get healthstone from a warlock. Flask, food and a stack of Agi/Str/Sta scrolls. Fight behind the cage and make sure you have the shaman focus targeted.

No interrupts - dead you. Interrupt every single heal - possible success. Keep tab targeting after you kill the tigers, you need the following debuffs on each 3: Infected Wounds Demo Roar FFF Mangle Lacerate In practice you won't be able to keep all 4 debuffs up on all, but try dammit. Use all cooldowns right off the bat except Survival Instincts - leave that for when you're almost done.

Berserk will be up by the time they're almost dead. If you mess up it's possible to get away, cat/sprint out and reset, esp. If they start ressing each other.

I never shifted out to heal, with my spellpower weaponswitch it just didn't seem worth it, you do too little healing in the time it takes for Barkskin to wear off, you take too much damage, let all the debuffs wear off and on top of that you risk the shaman getting a massive heal off while you're busy mucking around in caster form. Finally succeeded in soloing this boss today for the first time.

GUESS WHAT DROPPED? Swift Zulian Tiger.And I thought I'd be doing this every raid reset for a few months. Bloody amazing. Guildchat went nuts when I got the achievement. Last edit: Duh.

I'm a dumbass for not making sure I had 4 other people in the raid with me for the soon-to-be-changed Protector of the Pack max armour.

Runescape On Chinese News! Video by Chiszle Thanks for letting me use your video.

Runescape From Runescape forums: [credit to Rawk For God]. What's happening is more complex than it first seems.

What's actually going on is that the VAST majority of the level-3 characters you see playing the game repetitively and not talking to anyone, are actually people from countries such as China and Korea, who are trying to collect RuneScape gold to sell for real world money (obviously against the rules). Some of them aren't even using bots, they are just playing the game very repetitively with a single-minded purpose to collect gold. These people have no interest in playing the game properly, and therefore don't care if they get banned. The final effect is the same, though -- it spoils the game for everyone else.If you break Rule 12 and buy RuneScape gold you are directly funding this problem. You are funding underground gangs who run Chinese sweatshops, and creating the black market which causes this botting problem. Therefore, this rule will now be enforced as a priority, with no second chances.

If you break Rule 12 and we catch you, then you will not only lose the money you spent, but also your entire account.