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We are producing solid Oak furniture on custom demand of our customers. Bathroom, Kitchens, Television furniture, dining rooms, living rooms.

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Xilog Software

Currently we are with 20 workers, and we are looking into buying a cnc. We are thinking of buying the SCM Z1 pro 31 At this moment we are doing all of our drawings with sketchup. Now what i'm wondering about is it possible to load the sketchup drawing into the Xilog Maestro and then specify all the joints we would like to use? Dowell's, where to cut, where to drill holes, dovetails. Or what program would you suggest? Which is fairly easy to draw with + not to expensive. The cnc itself is already a huge investment for us.

Remember that everything is solid wood, so a cabinet drawing program is not of use to us. It needs to be fast to draw the program, needs to be able to give a cutlist + transport to cnc with fast changes. To have an idea of what we are doing. Www.Cocoon-interior.be (http://www.Cocoon-interior.be).

The biggest mistake people make when buying expensive machines like that is trying to use cheap software. The software is the most important part of the process, and choosing the right software is the key to the machine being productive and making you money. I'm not familiar with Xilog Maestro, but I doubt that it can do anything with your sketchup files. Before buying the machine, I'd spend a lot of time researching software packages, and making sure that the software package will interface with the machine you'll be using.

And if a salesman tells you it'll do something, make sure you get it in writing. I've been working with machines like this and high end software packages for almost 20 years. Robert Hendra Genting Ap MSI here. I've seen very few salesmen that really know what they're selling. Even better than having it in writing, have them give you demonstrations showing how it can be done. Send your sketchup files to your salesman and ask him to tell you what software you need.

Don't be surprised if you need to spend $10,000-$15,000 on software. One package that you might want to look into is Top Solid.

For import the configuration XILOG / XilogPlus (release Configuration >import'. (select the folder where cfg files are located) (select the numerical control type from the list and click import to start the procedure) or Xilog Plus (release 1.12 o maggiore) To import the machine configuration and tooling for machines with XilogPlus release 1.12 (or major), are required EXT files. EXT files are generated automatically by the XilogPlus in the directory specified in its configuration:• in XilogPlus open Machine configuration; • select the configuration folder then DXF settings.